• super

    CharcoCaps do wonders when you have gas. I have tried the cheaper activated charcoal capsules from the vitamin store, and can really tell the difference. I leave a single pack of CharcoCaps in my purse as a just-in-case for bad gas.

  • Tushar @ Everything FInance

    Wow, I had no idea what activated charcoal was before (let alone it’s benefits). So interesting. It makes sense that charcoal cleanses the body – charcoal filters are common for home filtering, too.

  • jim

    i took activated charcoal (distenil 6 tabs a day for a month). This completely altered my gut flora. I am suffering since (2 years) from IBS. Please tell me how to reverse this damage.

    • junior

      drink kefir…use probiotics , drink macro greens

  • Wyman Esse

    Ever since I learned that charcoal will knock out a cold or flu (several years ago) I won’t be without having handy access to it. Haven’t had the flu or a cold in all these years. Just pop a few caps downed with a glass of water at the first sign of scratchy throat or hot nasal and poof….it’s gone. Excellent results on black widow bites also. This stuff is GOOD…and unbelievable cheap remedy too. I never have had to repeat dose…and do not believe in regular usage…nor take within a couple of hours of other meds.or vice/versa. It is not only effective, but works FAST…in comparison to useless over the counter stuff…or anti-biotics so many people rely on (useless and compromising).

    • Danielle

      Wow its funny you say that about flu and colds as this just happened to me. When I first learned about the charcoal I was suffering from a severe sinus cold. After 3 days of torture I went and bout some charcoal. By the next day, the pressure was gone and by the second day, my fever broke and I was able to smell again lol. I decided to do a body detox and already feel loads better. My hair is not so weighed down and my skin is looking better. This stuff is really amazing. I will be using it for my teeth and skin once my detox is completed and will do a detox once a year. :)

  • Kenn

    been using it on my teeth since i was a kid its part of our culture in SOUTH EAST nigeria .chew a handful if u have heartburn or gastro problem it stops instantly works like magic

    • mahendran

      its very true I used to brush with it in my childhood and stopped when grown up… now i recall that.

  • Missy Divine

    It is also good at neutralizing allergic reactions from sulfur based products like NAC. I was using NAC as a companion product for Nascent Iodine and started having bronchial swelling and asthmatic symptoms and I took 3 caps and it stopped it within minutes.

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