5 Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets to Save Money

uses of dryer sheetsDryer sheets make your clothes smell nice, and come out of the dryer all warm, fluffy, and static-free. But did you know they have many more uses than just for laundry?

For as little as $2 for a box of dryer sheets, you can clean, store, and refresh so many different items in your house.

Ready to save money and be wowed? Check out this list of five alternative uses for dryer sheets.

Other Dryer Sheet Uses

1. Pack Shoes in Your Suitcase
When you’re packing for vacation, and you put your shoes right next to your clothing, everything comes out smelling like your shoes (yuck!). To remedy this, put a dryer sheet inside each of your shoes. It will make both your shoes and other clothes in your luggage smell great. For an added bonus, you can use those same dryer sheets to shine your shoes before you wear them!

2. Car Air Freshener
Granted, those little dangly car air fresheners aren’t too expensive – or maybe you just spray your car with Febreze. Regardless, at just pennies a sheet, it’s still cheaper to put a few dryer sheets underneath each seat in your car. Ta-da! You have a built-in car air freshener. Another bonus? You can also use these dryer sheets as dashboard wipes to clean the interior of your car.

3. Eliminate Static Electricity Shocks
In the winter, I get static electricity shocks from so many different places – my car, my home computer, even shaking hands sometimes. Get rid of these shocks forever by sticking a dryer sheet in your pocket. Sounds crazy, but it really works!

4. Easily Clean Baked-On Messes
You know when you bake lasagna and you’re left with a dried on, gooey, crackly mess in the bottom of your pan? There’s an easy solution: Fill the pan with hot water, drop a dryer sheet in the water and let it sit overnight. The next morning, that cooked-on mess just slides off the pan.

5. Repel Dust
Forget the feather duster. Use a dryer sheet the next time you dust your plasma or LCD TV, your computer monitor, your blinds, your ceiling fans, and everything else you dust in your house. Not only will you remove the dust, but your items will accumulate much less dust over time. Whatever magical powers are in the dryer sheets actually help repel dust.

Final Word

It’s always great to find multiple uses for common household items in order to save money. As you can see, dryer sheets have plenty of uses around the house! And if you want to save money on dryer sheets to begin with, cut them in half and use only half a sheet per load.

Do you have any additional uses for dryer sheets? Please share them in the comments below.

  • http://change-is-possible.net Heather

    Dryer sheets contain a wide array of VERY nasty chemicals. Whether you use them for the dryer or some of the other things listed, please don’t use them on cookware or dishware.

  • lostAnnfound

    If you heat with forced hot air, attach them to the underside of the floor vents. Every time the furnace comes on and blows warm air, the rooms will get a fresh smell, which is especially nice in the middle of winter when everything has been closed up for so long.

  • http://www.moneycrashers.com David


    Great point–thanks for adding to the conversation