The Best Of Money #108: Meet Your Personal Finance Champions

champion seaIntroducing…the 108th edition of The Best of Money!

Like them or not, the challenges of life can be extremely rewarding – they drive the mind, the body, and the soul, and push winners to the top, giving them the recognition they deserve.

Well, here are your top personal finance champions of the week.

Personal Finance Champions

  1. This week’s champion among champions, the best of the best in personal finance, is Robb Engen of the Canadian Finance Blog. Robb’s weapon that helped win him a spot among the elite is titled Home Alarm Sellers’ Shady Tactics. Having seen the damage that unethical practices in the home alarm system business could do to friends and family, Robb armed himself with information and set out to spread the word. Just because a company is supposed to protect your home doesn’t mean they actually have your best interests in mind. Be careful who you trust to watch over your loved ones and valuables.
  2. Our next champion joins us from Wallet Blog and packs quite the punch with his article, How Much Does Watching TV Really Cost You?. John writes of the dangers of letting something as trivial as television watching consume your life. Opportunities will be missed and health will slip if you bow to the glowing master as much as the average person does. Be above average and use your time wisely!
  3. Miranda takes to the fight from Financial Highway and wields 6 Tips for Working a Career Event. These hard-hitting tips will knock even the toughest job scouts off their feet and can help put you in the job you’ve always dreamed of.
  4. Some say that the best offense is a good defense, and that’s the battle plan of champion Glen Craig of Free From Broke. Armed with How to Recession Proof Your Life, no recession or rainy day will phase you as you push forward towards the life you choose.
  5. Around-the-clock Evan proves that there’s a lot more to simply being in the right place at the right time to fighting the good fight. At My Journey to Millions, there is no such thing as being off the clock when there are opportunities to pursue and money to be made. What Do You Do at Night? I Try to Make Money cuts through some of the common excuses that people have against moonlighting.
  6. Down through history, many champions, truth or fiction, have been accompanied by a sidekick. Kelly from Wallet Watcher enters the fray with her canine companion. In Dog-onomics: The True Cost of Owning a Dog Kelly details some of the major costs and responsibilities associated with such a comrade.
  7. Your body is a diverse and powerful weapon in any battle, even one against the great foe of debt. Jacob, on his Personal Finance Journey, discovered the power and ability found in the opposite sex. Women can do a lot of things men can’t, and one of those is to have children. In To Donate or Not to Donate? Financial, Ethical, and Physical Concerns of Egg Donations, Jacob discusses some of the ways that the ability to bear children can bear other fruits of a more financial nature.
  8. In any fight, there are bound to be casualties on both sides, and in The Tale of Two Friends those casualties include one of two friends losing her job. In situations like this, a person’s true colors surface and Melissa of Mom’s Plans tells a story of friendship and sacrifice – sacrifice even the most weathered corporate soldier will appreciate.
  9. Miss. T, wielding a credit card and green intentions, wins her spot at the champions’ table with How Can I Be Eco-Friendly with a Credit Card? Is it possible to use plastic and still save the environment? At the Prairie Eco Thrifter house it certainly is, and you can easily follow her example to win your own battle for mother nature.
  10. Finally, winning a battle between convenience and price, Steve of Grocery Alerts Canada lays out How to Save Money Eating at Restaurants in the United States. Sometimes eating out is your only option, and when that time comes, arming yourself with ways to cut your restaurant costs will be a great benefit to your bank account.
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