Black Friday Information and Resources

Black Friday isn’t for everyone, but for some of us, it’s the first fun event of the Christmas season. If you treat it like a family event or something fun to do with friends, you’ll have a much better time than treating it like a chore. The one thing I can’t stand about Black Friday is when I hear stories about people getting hurt trying to reach for the Nintendo Wii or whatever. This is absurd, people! It’s just stuff! Have some fun shopping, and if you score a great deal or a door buster, be happy, but don’t turn into a pack of wolves trying to get a door buster.

Black Friday Resources For Preparation


There are numerous others, but these are the ones that I check the most often. Instead of waiting until Thanksgiving day for the ads, you can look at them early, and this is important because knowing exactly what you want to get on Black Friday and being prepared is the key to scoring a deal.

Stores To Avoid

Avoid the small boutique type stores that try to ride the coat tails of the Black Friday frenzy but don’t have the resources to offer really good deals.

Avoid Most Door Busters

Door busters are meant to stir a frenzy and get people in the door. But, many door busters aren’t really a deal. If you look at them closely, it’ll typically be a model or brand that wasn’t expensive to begin with or it’s a model that’s being discontinued.

What To Look For

The best deals are usually on toys and items for kids, yet they don’t garner as much attention as the laptop or television. Also, I love bundle deals. A lot of stores like Target and Wal-Mart will offer an item with a free gift card. I like this, because I can either buy more stuff with the gift card or sell it on eBay or Craigslist for cash back.

Up next, we’ll discuss the Frugal Chat on Twitter that gave Black Friday tips and information and we’ll also discuss Cyber Monday.