Earth Day Travel Deals

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earth day travelIt’s Earth Day’s 40th anniversary this year, and it’s become more of a relevant day than ever before. With the growing awareness of protecting our environment and being good stewards of it, Earth day is a time to reflect on what we can do or change in our daily lives to lessen our negative impact on the Earth. Retailers know that Earth Day is an important day, and many of them are doing something good to commemorate the day. Mummy Deals has a good post listing some freebies on and around Earth Day. For some reason, I didn’t get the free tote from Target yesterday! We bought two small items, but apparently you had to buy more? I don’t know. Anyway, there’s a lot of cool promotions going on in the travel industry, as well. Gives Back

On April 22nd, anyone who books a flight, hotel, or car rental with, they will give 100% of their revenue from that booking to a local food bank in Central Florida, where their headquarters is located. RezHub is a leader in identifying eco-friendly hotels and educating the consumer on what makes that hotel eco-friendly. They wanted to make an impact on Earth Day by supporting their local community, and they chose a great cause, teaming up with Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida to help feed the hungry. You can find GREAT deals comparable and sometimes even better than the other major online travel booking sites, plus you can feel good knowing that your upcoming travel helped feed the less fortunate. Learn more and book on April 22nd.

Travelocity offers up to 40% off on eco-friendly hotels.

Travelocity recently started identifying eco-friendly hotels in their booking searches, and in honor of the 40th Earth Day, they are offering up to 40% off on green hotels on their site. You can get a great discount AND book a green hotel that helps sustain the environment. To learn more and book a hotel, go here.

Travel Zoo offers deals on LEED certified hotels

Travel Zoo has also recently started identifying hotels with sustainable practices and educating customers about ways to travel greener. In honor of Earth Day, they are offering heavy discounts on LEED certified hotels around the country. LEED is a certification program by the United States Green Building Council. The LEED program certifies buildings for water and energy efficiency, green materials and environmental friendliness. Go here to check out the deals.

In a recent survey, roughly 90 percent of travelers indicated they’d be weary about paying more for travel just to help the environment. Well, now you can book your summer travel knowing that you saved money AND helped the environment. We like the trend that is occurring in the travel industry, and we think that eco-friendly initiatives in the airline, hotel, and car rental industries will continue to pick up momentum and ultimately help us and the planet.

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  • David/Yourfinances101

    Great stuff

    I think we should also keep in mind that a lot of the things we do on a daily basis that we may do for money-saving reasons only also have good effects on the environment.

    For example, recycling, making household cleaners at home, etc.

    I always try to keep this in mind as well when I am contemplating whether to do it or not.

  • Traci

    You should also consider smaller properties like inns and B&B’s which tend to have lower rates, and have a smaller carbon footprint. I found these properties which offer “green” amenities like vegetarian menus, organic linens, and programs like bird watching and nature preserve excursions.