Five Businuesses To Start With $200

Professional Consulting

Are you an expert at something?  You may be able to start a professional consulting business by giving your expert advice.  Some examples of successful consulting firms are business, financial, computer, advertising, and tax consulting.  This is a service industry so start-up costs can be very low.  There is no inventory and if you already have a computer and basic office software, then all you need is a budget for advertising and a web presence

$100 for web domain and web hosting package

$100 for printed business cards, brochures, and direct mailers

Computer Repair

Let’s face it, if you are over the age of 40 years old, chances are that you struggle with maintaining and updating your computer.  Younger generations have a great opportunity to capitalize off of their technology savvy expertise.  Computer repair is a hot industry, because almost every household in North America owns a computer, and nobody knows how to fix it!  The average computer repairman can charge anywhere from $40 to $100 an hour depending on the problem.  The start-up costs are limited to advertising and a computer repair kit.

$100 business cards, flyers, and brochures

$100 computer repair kit

Personal Tutor

Did you get an “A” in math or science courses while in middle school, high school, or college?  Then, you have the capability of starting your own personal tutoring business.  Thousands of middle school and high school students in your community struggle with math and science courses every year, and parents are willing to pay BIG money to see their kids do well in school.  You can set your own hours, and sometimes you can get your students to come to you! 

$100 advertising materials

$100 web hosting and domain registration

Ebay Consignor

Are you an Ebay junkie?  Do you like selling things on Ebay MORE than buying things on Ebay?  You may be able to make money off of other people’s stuff.  An Ebay consignor is someone who sells other people’s items for a commission.  I make a 30% commission on every item that I sell for someone else.  Recently, I’ve started to get serious about this side business, and I have already recieved 3 or 4 clients looking to sell off their hidden gems.  The start-up is limited to owning a computer, a digital camera, and getting your name out. 

$100 website

$100 advertising 

Personal Trainer

Are you a health nut?  Do you obsess about eating right and exercising daily?  Why not start making money from all of that hard earned sweat.  America is getting fatter and fatter every year with McDonalds continuing to make big profits and more video game systems coming out.  If you are an expert at getting in shape and staying in shape, then you can make big money whipping people into shape.  A personal trainer can charge an expensive hourly fee, and older people will pay for the one-on-one attention. 

$100 advertising

$100 basic exercising equipment