Top 5 Group Buying Sites for Daily Deals and Online Coupons

group buying sites shoppingIf you read my Groupon review and have become a fan yourself, you won’t want to miss out on these sites. Group buying is growing like crazy and there are lots of new sites bringing you deals every day.

In addition to Groupon, these sites are particularly useful if you are looking to save money on holiday gifts for your loved ones – or yourself!

Top 5 Group Buying Sites

1. LivingSocial
If you are living on a budget in a big city, this site is a great resource as it offers deals in as many areas as Groupon. LivingSocial also offers LivingSocial Escapes in many cities, which is an offshoot that offers deals on inns, hotels, spas, and other destination packages. Their referral rewards program includes two options: If you purchase the daily deal and then send your referral link for that deal to 3 friends who also purchase it, you’ll get yours for free. You can also refer friends without linking to a specific deal, and when  they purchase their first deal they’ll get $5 off and you get a $5 credit. This option is ideal for referring people who live in other cities.  Also, LivingSocial offers a wide variety of online deals and, so anyone can purchase them, no matter where they live. Check our LivingSocial review for more details.

2. Eversave
It covers a pretty wide variety of cities, but more importantly, Eversave usually has multiple deals every day and many of them are online. Eversave deals make great presents, and you frequently have more than a day to decide whether or not to purchase a deal. Their referral program is also worth noting — you get a $2 credit just for signing up, and $12 for each new member you refer. Many of the deals come with bonus coupon codes just for Eversave members so you can save an additional few bucks on your purchase. Eversave includes a mix of in-person and online shopping deals and good discounts, usually 50% or more.

3. Roozt
For the eco-conscious among us! This site offers online discounts — up to 80% — from environmentally responsible companies on items that make for excellent affordable green gift ideas. Each company includes a profile telling you why they are “Roozt Approved” — community-conscious, ethical, humanitarian, green, and so on. Most of the deals are for discounted gift cards and are usually available for a few days. Roozt doesn’t offer much of a referral program, but the deals are noteworthy!

4. Jasmere
Now here’s a concept that group-buyers can get behind: The more people who buy a daily Jasmere deal, the lower the price gets! Then, everyone gets charged the lowest price of the day. Brilliant! Deals are new every day and are for an assortment of online stores featuring food, clothing, services, housewares, and more. Sometimes a specific item is on offer (such as a lovely pair of pajamas that were featured recently) and sometimes you’ll receive a “voucher” for a store — essentially a gift certificate. Even if you’re the first to buy, your credit card will only be charged the lowest price of the day. The items are always high-quality and make terrific presents. You can return physical items but not vouchers. Word to the wise: Make sure to sign up with an actual account instead of just joining the email list to avoid confusion later.

5. Mamapedia
If you have young children, this is the site for you. Mamapedia features deals on stuff for kids, from art supplies to clothes and activities. Many of the deals also make great gifts for kids and parents, so if you know a birthday is coming up or need holiday gifts, check the site. There are usually multiple deals on offer,  and they include national brands like Nick Jr. An additional benefit is that they donate 5% of proceeds to schools, and you can pick a school near you or a relative’s school to get a bonus.

The Runners-Ups

Plum District – If you have people, especially women, on your gift list for whom you find it hard to shop, most anything from Plum District would make a memorable, unique gift.

BuyWithMe – This is a newer site that hasn’t expanded into many cities yet — but hey, it’s free to sign up! The site does include online deals and is rapidly expanding. Sign up now and you’ll get an email when there’s a deal in your city.

Are there any other group buying sites that you’re a fan of? What’s the best deal you’ve ever snagged?

  • HenryTalksMoney

    I haven’t really used any deal sites yet, but I’m excited to start. Thanks for the great post!

  • Nora

    More and more daily deal and group-buying sites are popping up, and it gives consumers a great way to save on all kinds of different products and services in their area or online.

    A great site for consumers to use to find the deals and sales in their area is, a site that will email you daily with a list of the best buys from all the sites out there.

  • deals

    I have used LivingSocial and I was very happy with their offers and customer service. No problems whatsoever!

  • Johnyaeger85

    Almost everywhere online daily sites are sprouting and I’m getting overwhelmed on lots of deals available. I’m just glad that you’ve shared some of the top Choices. TY

  • Mitchell Johnson

    ‘Groupon’ & ‘LivingSocial’ are Renowned sites in group deals and coupons. There are other good sites as well offering online coupons like LavishCoupon and CouponsRain. For clothing & apparels, “ClothingRIC” is an emerging website to watch.

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