How To Get Free Gas (Seriously!)

I end my three part post party with a reality check. If you were wondering if the end times were upon us, the following should set you straight: is your answer to rising pump prices, and will also visually pollute commutes across America. And though I may sound like I am above putting graphics on my car for gas money, I’m not. I scoured this site for information in the hopes of never having to pay for gas as long as my black/gold paint job holds the vinyl stickers on my Saturn.

My ’96 vintage disqualifies me from the savings, but maybe you will qualify.

To get free gas you must:

  • Own a vehicle that is between a 1998-current model year. (they take classic cars too)
  • Drive an average of 1250 miles per month. (Urban Areas, University Campuses, and High traffic areas earn bonus points)
  • Be the registered owner of the vehicle.
  • Have a valid driver’s license.
  • Have valid insurance.
  • Have a clean driving record.

I would also mention that you may have to be ok with your vehicle plugging the local topless joint at your children’s soccer games.

So maybe this isn’t the best way to beat the system, but it’s good to know you have some options. Obviously, the current way we do energy business isn’t working. Erik may not agree with my hippie views on this one (I recently moved to Los Angeles) but these high fuel prices may be just what we need to leave fossil fuels for good. Usually, major market trends start with a group of well connected evangelists who find and adopt new ways to practice and, thus, preach it. I don’t have the answers re: global warming, MPGs, free market woes, and why the media loves BO, but I know that we MoneyCrashers can be the crazy street preachers that come up with innovative ways to beat broken systems.

Who knows. You may just see Erik’s face on every shirt in Urban Outfitters someday.

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  • Living off dividends & passive income

    thats brilliant.

  • Mac

    I seriously considered this option when the gas prices were sky high, but glad I didn’t do it. They say everyone has a price, and my price was too high to make me advertise some random business all over my car. Honestly, I’d be embarassed to drive the thing out in public. However, if it was for a product I really believe in, then we may have something.

  • Bwalden

    Site is fake. The forms finish with an error.

  • dirty

    good job! a dead link :)