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    Sounds like an interesting career choice, no doubt! What made you decide to get out??

  • http://personalfinanceschool.com/ Einstein

    The more science the better, I always say. Having a good background in quantitative study and mathematics will help you no matter what path you choose. And – hey, have you seen the data? More and more C-level executives boast engineering degrees!

    What’s good for business is good for you; any student should consider some engineering studies as a degree that really sells itself.

  • Guest 4

    Hello Cathy am from South Africa and I have a Btech in industrial Engineering what stream would you sugggest I take if I am not Keen on manufacturing.

    Its not as fulfilling as I thot it would be

    • Casey Slide

      Have you considered healthcare or the hospitality industry? What about supply chain management or logistics? Or what about consulting or sales? Traditionally, IE was manufacturing, but it is now found in all industries.

      • Guest 4

        Thank you for your advice

        I have, but in South Africa there arent as many opportunities of entering other fields except manufacturing as industrial engineering is still not fully understood by most entities. Plus we do not have much exposure to the various job opportunities you speak of. Is there a website that I can get in detail what IE’s do in the alternative sectors ?

        • Casey Slide

          I would suggest that you do a Google search. I don’t know any websites off the top of my head. Good luck!

        • paras butani

          hello please suggest me.

  • Alyssa Slaymaker


    I really enjoyed reading your post about why IE. Those are a lot of the same reasons I chose to get a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on the job hunting front? I graduated last May and am still searching for that first job. I’m very interested in learning more about what projects you worked on as an IE at the hospital in Atlanta and how to go about searching for IE jobs in the healthcare industry.



  • Yashwant Rahul


    I want to do my Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering. To be honest, I had always wanted to BME(Biomedical Engineering). But, I was told that there might be no growth in the field and that finding a high paid job as a biomedical engineer is hard. So, if I do Industrial Engineering and do an MBA degree later on, will I get opportunities to work in the Healthcare department as well?

  • Yoni Harris


    Loved the article. I have been out of high school for years since I enlisted into the military and was hesitant to enrol in IE for my B.A. After reading your explicit article I am content and excited to go learn in that field. I love solving problems and feel that IE is the most well rounded useful and interesting degree out there. Thanks!


    it was very informative article.pardon me if my English isn’t so good but i need your help.i’m going to graduate high-school this year and i decided to chose IE and i was curious that how can i get an scholarship in one of american universities an what is required for that.and how can i contact someone to talk about scholarship.i’d be glad if you help me.

  • guest

    Hello Casey,
    I have done Undergraduation in Electronics and Communication and now doing job in software company, Is it good for me to do masters in industrial engineering in US, I am very good at mathematics and statistics…

  • Soumith Shroff

    I’m already pursuing my Bachelors in I.E in Bangalore. I want to study further and pursue M.S . Which branch or stream would you suggest ?

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