Netflix vs. Blockbuster

Netflix vs. Blockbuster Review – Which Movie Rental Company Is Better?


Netflix vs. Blockbuster

I recently took some time to review the website I would imagine that most of you have heard of it before. Personally, I am not a huge movie watcher, but after reviewing the site, I can certainly say that if I were, that Netflix would probably be my first choice.

There’s a reason why Netflix has become so popular in a short amount of time. Its prices are great and the movie selection is even better. Their intelligent algorithms that pick movies based on your movie interests and how you rated other similar movies is very accurate and helpful. Plus, they’re coming up with new ways to instantly watch their movies all the time.

Here’s a more in-depth look at them:

The Basics

Here is how it works. You can get all the movies that you want from Netflix for $8.99 per month. You can either rent them through the mail, or you can access them instantly on your TV through one of many different devices including Blu-ray Players and a variety of gaming systems including the PS3, Wii and XBox 360. You can also stream a variety of TV episodes as well. They also offer the ability to stream movies over the internet.

At first glance, you may not see the benefits to streaming because you don’t want to huddle around a computer to watch a movie. However, many of the newer television sets can be connected to a computer via various different connections so it’s like you’ve rented a DVD instantly without having to wait for it in the mail. The process for all these various ways to access movies instantly is amazingly simple and straightforward.

As far as the different pricing points, $8.99 is if you only have one DVD out at a time. They also offer plans for two out at a time for $13.99 and three out at a time for $16.99. You can also get a free trial to test things out and see how you like it. One important note: Netflix charges a higher fee if you want access to Blu-ray movies as well, which Blockbuster does not offer (see Blockbuster section below).

No Strings Attached, No Late Fees, No Due Dates
There are no due dates and no late fees, ever. They also offer a free, no-strings attached one-month trial. Also, you can cancel at any time, although they do not offer refunds on partial months. They have a great deal of distribution centers and most DVDs coming through the mail will arrive in one business day depending on where you’re located. They currently have about 15 million members, which is pretty impressive. They also carry Blu-ray movies as well.


That pretty much sums it up. They couldn’t make watching or renting movies any easier, in my opinion, and you can have your friends and family attest to that.

Netflix has really taken things to the next level with everything that they offer, it just seems as though they are waiting for the consumer to catch up. As I said, I do not watch a lot of movies, but if I did, I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t be a member. Their monthly fee of $8.99 is less than the price of one movie theater ticket, and if you watch at least three movies per month, you would save with Netflix versus renting based on movie rental fees.

However, I will say this. If you are considering becoming a member of Netflix, I would base that decision on your current movie-watching habits. Allow me to explain. I like to call it the HBO Syndrome. When I was younger, I‘d venture to say that I signed up for HBO about ten times. This is what would happen. I’d look into signing up for HBO and tell myself “Boy, if I had HBO, I’d watch movies all the time.” So, I would sign up, watch a few more movies than I normally would for a month or so, fall back into my normal movie viewing habit of not-so-much, and finally get around to canceling a few months later. It always turned out to be a waste of money in the end for me. So, if you love to watch movies, I’d highly recommend Netflix, but I think you’re kidding yourself if you think you’ll watch so many more movies once signing up for their service. You can also argue that signing up for this WILL make you watch more movies which might make you less productive in other aspects of life. There is definitely a “temptation” aspect here so just be sure you won’t go overboard watching movies.

Netflix Blog
Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t have at least a little commentary on their blog, as it seems every website I go to has one. I actually found there blog to be quite good. It is 100% information-based, as I found no opinion articles there whatsoever. The majority of their articles dealt with coming attractions, release notes, and other FYI type stuff. I only found about one post per month there, but it does contain good information for movie watchers.

Netflix vs. Blockbuster

To be honest with you, I first thought that a comparison to Blockbuster would be irrelevant. Here’s my take on the whole Blockbuster/Netflix thing: Many years ago, Blockbuster was king and they were the only game in town, besides Mom & Pop rental places. Then, lately, Netflix came on like gangbusters with their rentals by mail concept. Then they got into the download/streaming feature as well. You then began to see Blockbusters attempting to close the game while man assumed they wouldn’t have a chance. A quick review of their product and site told me differently.

The services they currently offer are really quite similar to Netflix, a few are even better. Their base package is the same as Netflix at $8.99 per month. And they also have the other options which allow you to have more than one rental out at a time. This goes up to $17.99 per month, depending on how many you want to be able to have out at one time. They also have a total access program which allows you access to all of the features they offer.

Blockbuster does have a few advantages:

  • You can exchange your movies in store
  • There is no additional charge for Blu-ray movies as there is from Netflix
  • Blockbuster offers video game rentals as well

So, I would guess that if you watched a ton of movies and wanted to stick with the “one out” program, then being able to exchange them in store would be an advantage to save time on the mail delivery process. Also, if you watch more Blu-ray’s than anything, then Blockbuster might be the way to go. Finally, if gaming is your hobby, then Blockbuster obviously has some advantages there.

Final Word

If I had to make a choice between the two, I think I would definitely go with Netflix. They seem to be on the cutting edge of technology with everything that they offer. I think their price point is great at $8.99 per month, and they have all the options you could possible want regarding watching movies. Of course, their risk-free trial doesn’t hurt either.

In my honest opinion, Blockbuster is still playing “catch up” with Netflix, but Blockbuster does offer a few key benefits that Netflix doesn’t. If you watch a ton of movies and don’t mind returning them in store, then Blockbuster may be a better option. Or, if you love Blu-ray’s, or are a “gamer” then you might want to consider Blockbuster as well.

Are any of you out there Netflix members? Blockbuster? Feel free to share your experiences with our readers below to help us decide!

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  • Paula Freeman

    We have used Netflix for years. We have had very little problems with them and they mail out quickly.We love now that we can use our wii to watch it. Also both kids that are away at college use our account to watch movies on their computers saving us more money for entertanment.

    • David/MoneyCrashers


      Yes, as I said, it really seems that they have left Blockbuster in the dust so to speak.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Anissa

    We’ve had Netflix for a couple years and really like it. We got rid of our Dish a few years ago and got the 2 at a time plan from Netflix instead. You can change to any plan at any time and sometimes we get 2 and sometimes 3 but currently we get 1 at a time as we’ve been watching so many “Instant” movies and shows (not matter which plan you have you always get unlimited “Instant”). They have a free disk for your Wii (how we watch) and then you can watch any “Instant” show they offer; it’s easy and painless.
    They also allow you to have multiple queues so when we got more than one at a time we could designate which queue to get when. So my husband had his own queue and he would get one at a time from there while our main queue had 2 at a time, and this was easy to change too.

    We haven’t gone to the BlueRay plan (you pay more for those) so I don’t know if that is any good, but if you like movies or tv shows I recommend Netflix. For us turnaround is ~2 days, so I can’t complain.

    • David/MoneyCrashers


      Sounds like they really have things “down pat”.

      Thanks for weighing in!

  • Carla | Green and Chic

    Because I never liked the choices Blockbuster offers, I’ve always stuck to locally owned video stores and Netflix. I don’t see why I would switch to Blockbuster for anything, especially since Netflix has treated me so well over the years I’ve had an account with them.

    • David/MoneyCrashers


      I’ve heard lots of good things about their customer service as well.

      I appreciate you tsking the time to comment on so many of our articles!

  • [email protected]

    We have Netflix and it’s fabulous. Hubby’s a truck driver and use to have a problem figuring out how to store and organize his DVD’s. Now he just stops somewhere with a wireless signal and all his movies are ready to go in the queue. It’s really great too since the kids and I can watch a movie at home without finding hubby took it with him! ;D

    • David/MoneyCrashers


      That’s some great stuff.

      Thanks for chiming in!

  • Mike Z

    I agree. I have gone between one, the other, both, and neither. In the past, Blockbuster ruled because you could have unlimited exchanges at the store (turn in the mailed DVD and pick a movie from the shelf) AND you could do it instantly instead of waiting for the postal worker. Blockbuster was also less expensive back then.

    Now, Blockbuster is the same price or higher with fewer stores around town (because they closed down). Additionally, the shipping time to get Blockbuster dics vs. Netflix is HUGE. I can watch/return 2-3 movies per week with Netflix but only 0.5-1 with Blockbuster. The reason for this is because Netflix has far more distribution centers than Blockbuster, so shipping to/from is much quicker.

    With the live streaming that Netflix offers, it makes it a no brainer – especially for unlimited streaming at their cheapest plan. When I want a Blu-Ray, I go to the local mom and pop store and rent one for $1.

    • David/MoneyCrashers

      Mike Z

      Sounds like you’ve got quite a system.

      And it does seem like Netflix is running circles around Blockbuster.

      Thanks for stopping by

    • wiz

      dude no offense, but ur statements are garbage. netflix dont have far more distribution centers just 10 more. secondly netflix streaming is very shitty, the resolution is pathetic and the slelection is limited. and in case u didn’t no netflix uses throttling which blockbuster doesnt. i have tried both in the last month with 3 dvds at a time option, and Netflix takes about two days so they receive my movie and 2 days so I receive my movie which I did not enjoy since, I would get around 3 DVDs a week. On blockbuster I returned my blurays at the store since they don’t have an extra cost for blurays, the same day I received them “I watched them the same day” and got my next other blurays in 2 days. very fast watched a total of 6 movies that week blockbuster also gave me the advantage of 5 exchanges in store per month which I found very useful on a Friday night since shipping movies on a weekend is not a good idea including new releases and video games! Not month old releases.

      • Tim

        Wiz I think it really depends on where you live and what kind of internet connection you have. My online streaming is always TV quality. You can’t tell the difference on my 47″ philips 1080P between a streamed movie and a 1080i HD broadcast. Also with mailing movies, if I send them correctly, I can watch 9 movies a week with Netflix on a 3 at a time plan. It really all depends on your location and quality of you internet/mail services.

  • JoeTaxpayer

    I’d throw in the time/gas for Blockbuster. You see, my local Blockbuster was (they closed) about 5 miles away, I’m in a suburb, and live that far from the supermarket area. The 10 mile round trip is a bit less than 1/2 gal of gas, and then another to return it. Call it $2.50 in gas, 40 minutes time for both rides, and the risk, however minimal, of the daughter spying crap to buy.

    Netflix wins by a huge margin.

    BTW – you can go to their site, and get on the list for DVDs even while the movie is in the theatre. So, you see a commercial / trailer, and think you’d like the movie. You don’t need to wait, or write it down, just get in queue.

    • David/moneycrashers


      That’s some great stuff. I usually always remember to throw in the gas factor–thanks for adding it in!

      That’s another nice little perk they have about the newer releases as well.

      And of course the “duaghter” factor could be a little pricey too-I can certainly attest to that as well!

      Thanks for commenting!

      • Tina

        This is like an Apple vs. HTC review, where Apple is Netflix and HTC is Blockbuster. Netflix is what people flock to, because it’s known as the mail-in rental. I’ve had both, and Blockbuster is eons better than Netflix. They ship super fast. If I return a DVD on a Monday, I have a new one in my mailbox at home on Wednesday. It doesn’t get much faster than that, unless you call a messenger. You can mix and match GAMES and movies. That is unprecendented at this pricing. I work for a game publisher, trust me, I know what I’m talking about in that regard. I don’t know how Gamefly stays in business since BB added the games rental to their service at no extra charge.

        As some people mentioned, Netflix is not supported by all Hollywood studios. I’m sure the contracts change constantly, but last I checked they for example did not offer any movies from Paramount Studios, simply because they weren’t licensed.

        A lot of the bonuses that are called out as Netflix exclusive in this review and comments are BS. Blockbuster is keeping pace with exception to the streaming. I do give Netflix that. HOWEVER, I don’t think it’s so much better that it would justify the switch to Netflix.

        Lastly, I think some people don’t understand that you don’t have to return your rentals to a Blockbuster store. This article is not written well/clearly in that regard. You have the OPTION to return to the store, which is awesome on a long holiday weekend when you whipped through all the rentals you have at home, not to mention that you get free in-store rentals on top of it.

        It’s a no brainer for me – Blockbuster all the way.

  • Shannon

    One huge downside to netflix is that they decided to make deals with studios to with hold new releases from it’s customers for the first 28 days of release. Since it’s usually a long wait for new releases anyways it’s nice that I can run down to my local blockbuster( yes mine is still open) and exchange my mailer for the latest releases. I do not like a company dictating to me when I am able to watch a movie just to save them money. How is that being customer friendly?

    • Anissa

      Actually it’s that Blockbuster created a monopoly that cut out Redbox and Netflix. Warner Brothers made an agreement w/ Blockbuster that only they could have the movies when they first released and all other rental outlets had to wait 30 (or 60?) days before offering them. It’s not Netflix fault and it’s only WB movies.

      • Shannon

        Fox and Sony are joining Warner Bros. Btw. Studios dont really like redbox because the $1 a day model undercuts their retail sales. Blockbuster does fill a gap in the market. Where else can you go get that older classic on the fly. I think blockbuster will continue to exist be it a smaller company. As a consumer I like options. Blockbuster is the only retailer out there that gives me the option of renting movies or games instore, by mail, by kiosk, and streaming. Why limit yourself to one or two options?

        • david/moneycrashers


          I would agree thats it always nice to have options.

          Thanks for the spirited discussion

        • Donna

          I agree, thats why i choose BB

      • Jeremy

        BBuster isn’t creating a monopoly. It’s as simple as blockbuster also sells movies, studios want to sell movies so they give bbuster the 28 day window…

    • david/moneycrashers

      I was unaware of all of that–thanks for informing me and our readers.

      Its certainly something to take into account before deciding which way to go.

      Personally, I wouldn’t want anybody dictating to me either my movie choices,

      Thanks for chiming in

    • Jeremy

      Monopoly might be an extreme overstatement. Still, for just by mail option blockbuster is cheaper and has a bigger selection of new releases, blu ray and games. If you do the total-access and have a store around you you can exchange your mailer for a 28 day window title. For the people who want it all I reccomend moving to Europe and joing LoveFilm.

  • Austin

    I only use Blockbuster and I love it! And right now it’s Universal, Fox, and Warners movies that get to blockbuster for 28 days before Netflix or Redbox. I like new releases and I don’t want to wait that long. I do the by mail option but i sometimes return to the store down the street for an exchange when i want to browse the isles. Blockbuster is also now on the Droid X and 75 upcoming devices for a total of 150 by the end of the year. The On Demand, By Mail, 28 day advantage, and store exchange option are all superior to Netflix. The streaming old movies and all tv shows on Netflix is amazing and a huge advantage, but I can do that with Netflix and use Blockbuster for all newer releases. Some movies aren’t avail on Netflix streaming for years. Blockbuster will announce a big recap this week and will be primed to start advertising all of their advantages. Now that Movie Gallery and Hollywood Video locations are all shut down that will also bring additional customers to Blockbuster. Plenty of business to go around.

    • David/moneycrashers


      That’s some great commentary–I must say that I am not that “up” on the subject.

      But you’re right, both companies have their advantages and it seems like there is plenty of business to go around.

      Thank you very much for commenting

  • Moneyedup

    I prefer The Movie Network or ordering movies through my cable company. That way I don’t have to worry about returning them. I like the idea of having Netflix allow you to stream movies online, for a small price.

    • David/moneycrashers


      That’s another interesting option as well.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • David/moneycrashers


    Thanks for posting this update–it is really a benefit to our redaers and we appreciate it very much!

  • geoff

    Thanks for the comparison! My producer’s Blockbuster account is due for renewal, and I wanted to know whether to get him a continuance, or switch him to my Netflix. I personally love Netflix, though the online instant stuff COULD be a bit better, selection-wise. Blockbuster has always irritated me as a company, but if they offer a better product, I could look past that issue.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time. Maybe I should just ask him what he wants to do.

    Or not… It’s his birthday, and therefore should be about what I want to do.

    • david/moneycrashers


      Yes, in some ways its a toss up, yet also a matter of personal choice.

      We wish you luck with your decision, and thanks for joining the conversation…

  • Anissa

    Now that Blockbuster has filed for Bankruptcy, it will be interesting to see how this will change things…

    • David

      “Interesting”, to say the least!

      Thanks for the update!

  • wiz

    secondly netflix streaming is very shitty, the resolution is pathetic and the slelection is limited. and in case u didn’t no netflix uses throttling which blockbuster doesnt. i have tried both in the last month with 3 dvds at a time option, and Netflix takes about two days so they receive my movie and 2 days so I receive my movie which I did not enjoy since, I would get around 3 DVDs a week. On blockbuster I returned my blurays at the store since they don’t have an extra cost for blurays, the same day I received them “I watched them the same day” and got my next other blurays in 2 days. very fast watched a total of 6 movies that week blockbuster also gave me the advantage of 5 exchanges in store per month which I found very useful on a Friday night since shipping movies on a weekend is not a good idea including new releases and video games! Not month old releases.

  • David


    I appreciate comments of all types, and your feedback is valued.


  • Kate

    I’m not waiting practically a month for a new release. Every Tuesday I make the short 5 minute trip to my store and swap a film I’ve finished with for a new release, no 28-30+ day wait. Blockbuster all the way.

    • David Bakke


      I guess in a lot of ways its a matter of personal choice and what’s more convenient.

      I’m glad Blockbuster works out so well for you..and thanks for joining the conversation!

    • Bigrndahouse

      Yep. Studios kills themselves by putting a delay on new releases only encourages piracy even more. For example, my friend had alex cross a month ago, it releases in February I do netflix, use to be a pirate but no more. I just dont own the movies just watch them one time because heck thats all i care about.

  • Jason Price

    I agree that Netflix is going to leave BB in the dust. But it always feels like I am waiting forever for their movies in the mail. But there’s a cool article at that talks a little more about what could be soon to come for both BB and Netflix.

    • David/moneycrashers


      I think that there is a lot in store for the entire industry.

      Sounds like regular TV may soon be a thing of the past!

  • GregT

    I’ve been with BB since the beginning of their mailing options. Hence I still have unlimited in store exchanges (vs. 5/month) and 3 at a time, including BlueRay (*and 2 cupons a month) for only $19/mo. Well, I just got a player that can stream, and emailed them.. so far their answer is “we don’t do that within the prepaid program”. I told them that I’d hate to leave after so many years.. we’ll see if they do something for me.. but if not.. well, bye bye the convenience of 3 at a time and local exchanges – netflix here I come. I do hope to stay with BB, but it’s really riding on the ondemand (which BTW seems to have something to do with 24hr period, and all sorts of other complications).
    I have many friends who use netflix and they all say instant queue is great and they can all watch stuff in HDTV quality instantly.. That sounds like a great deal to me!

    • Shannon

      Greg T. I urge you to looking further into streaming on Netflix before switching. You will find that although it is a great service the selection is quite poor with the exception of television shows. The reason why Blockbuster does not include streaming in its monthly subscription is because it chooses to offer New Releases instead of older product. You will find that New releases are not available to stream on Netflix because the studios refuse to release the rights to Netflix because offering it on a monthly subscription basis devalues their product. They will eventually release them but at an average wait of 7 years.

      This is where the two companies are going in different directions. Netflix is slowily going out of the mailing business and transitioning to downloading only, This is a gamble if they can’t secure the rights to the new product that people want, They have already started down this road with the 28 day delay in New Releases from some major studios in exchange for rights to download older product and cheaper cost. Studios have a vested insterest in keeping Blockbuster alive because its a profitable outlet for revenue for their new product which Netflix doesn’t want to pay for or care to offer for their customers. Netflix is slowly telling their customer when and how to watch movies with little options. Blockbuster continues to give its customer options whether it be instore, online, digital or by kiosk. Streaming will be the future but right now all the advantage is too Netflix and the studios will not release their product until they get their fair share and Netflix is just not willing to pay them yet.

      • David/moneycrashers

        Greg and Shannon

        Thanks for the valuable feedback and discussion. I’m sure it will prove very helpful to our fellow readers.

        Personally, I am getting ready to do a 30 day trial of Netflix–hopefully so I can ditch my cable!

        Thanks for joining the conversation!

  • Michelle

    I used to love Netflix, I have streaming and it is problematic mainly due to my rural location. However, lately the streaming movie selection has been drastically cut and I am considering leaving Netflix. I am a bit disgusted with them. I’ve been with them for over five years and have previously been a huge fan. Not so anymore.

    • David Bakke


      Thanks for sharing your story. It always helps out to hear the “other side” of things!

  • SuperFantastic

    I am (was) a very loyal BB customer… Today I encountered a very rude BB employee that made a simple situation dificult. Because of her attitude, I am deciding to try out the netflix free trial period. Most of the time, the movies I would receive in the mail or from in store BB rentals, sat on the DVD player for 3 to 5 days before we would watch them… It appears that I will save money with Netflx (BB $23 vrs $9 nflx).

    • David/moneycrashers

      Super Fantastic

      Great stuff!!

      I know our readers will appreciate it!

      Thanks for commenting…

  • blaporte

    I have been with netflix for 3 years now and I can’t complain about them one bit. I have looked into BB and I like the idea of games and movies but to loose my streaming would be horrible. Netflix is the only company I know of that you can stream movies and they come straight to my TV now which is even better. Since they came out with this option I get movies in the mail anymore and am actually planning changing to 1 out at a time plan. I think BB sounds like a good idea but like I said they can’t offer that streaming. Gamefly I am in a free trial with right now and can’t believe the prices and the shipping time on them. There outrageous. If your more into gaming then streaming I would say go with BB for sure avoid Gamefly and go with them.

  • Tamela

    I have Netflix and I love it. The only disadvantage is that you can’t watch newer movies and even some of the really old movies cannot be viewed. I tried Blockbuster out for the 2 week free trial and I have come to realize it still cannot compete with Netflix. There are very few movies that you can stream instantly on Blockbuster without paying 3.99. Netflix has hundreds of movie titles to instantly stream anytime with no fees. Also the delivery time for Blockbuster takes FOREVERRRR and Netflix is usually next day delivery. If I had to choose one to recommend then it would definitely be Netflix.

    • Stephanie_mcpherson1

      Netflix used to be next day delivery. It seems that they are getting very slow now. At least for the last month it has. I don’t know if they have changed their mailing system or what.

  • Stacy1983

    Netflix announced today that they are going to start charging if you want to stream and get movies. My 2 discs at a time unlimited and unlimited streaming with Blu-ray will go from $17.99 to 22.98 come Sept 1st. I’ve been with Netflix since 2006 and they used to be nothing but great. The policy used to be that if a dvd was broken on your watch, then no worries (although it never happened to me, it was in their terms and conditions in 2006). A few months ago my dog ate a bluray disc and they charged 20 bucks to replace it and it was the first time I ever broke their product. I was shocked when I went to report it seeing as how I will get at least 1 broken or scratched dvd every few months. I’ve looked into blockbuster now that the price will really change – we are thinking about changing too…

  • Brian Jr. Joseph Spero

    I was ready to switch to Blockbuster. I went back to Netflix an hour after I cancelled…WHY ON EARTH SHOULD I PAY 4$ FOR INSTANT STREAMING when i can get it free at Netflix. Sorry video games, you’re stuck with me til trade in time.

  • Joseph Lopez

    DISH Network now offers the Blockbuster movie pass. This is a great way to get access to thousands of movie and game titles. You can’t go wrong with an offer like this. No more late fees or due dates. I work over at DISH and I just got me an account. I love the fact that I can watch any movies I like and play any games as well. There is a great library avail. You get movies/games 28 days before anyone else. DISH also has some other great offers like HD free for life and, TV everywhere. Find out more by contacting DISH today.

    • Davidbakke


      Thanks for commenting. Our readers will appreciate the insight and new option

  • Jabo

    NetFlix is the best of any movie rental service I have ever used. The Customer Service is second to none, and the agents are located in the U.S., and speak perfect English and they make sure you are satisfied before the the call ends.

    • Davidbakke


      Thanks for chiming in!

  • ladyofargonne

    I choose Netflix. Blockbuster was always a big head trip. Different prices and a separate rental period for games, new and older releases. Return one the next day, one the day after…and make a mistake? You might have well have bought it. It would cost $15 rent something for each in the family and with their over priced candy you could not get out of there for less than $20. For the $100+ I have been paying for repetitive and straight to TV fare on cable – Netflix is the the deal of the century and will be for some time to come.

    • Davidbakke

      Thanks for the interesting commentary!

    • Bob

      yeah right it sucks now

  • Jdfuller33

    Not anymore! Those corporate pigs doubled the price of that recently…now it’s $16 to have streaming and 1 DVD out at a time. By feb 28, 2012 they r no longer going to have any starz content which will cut out a lot of Disney and Sony films. As soon as blockbuster comes out with streaming and DVD for a decent price, I’m dropping Netflix!

    • Jdfuller33

      And besides Netflix never gets new releases right away and they take forever to stream shows after they finish their season

      • Davidbakke

        Yes, Netflix “stock” really seems to have fallen lately among its customers. Thanks for commenting

  • Thirdeye42012

    unless you watch mainly tv shows, netflix’s selection is total crap. whenever i search for something, not even just new releases, odds are it’s not there. sure they have lots of movies, but its mostly the straight to video crap that no one’s ever heard of nor cares about.

    • Davidbakke

      Thanks for commenting. I doubt many people out there would want this service just for TV shows

  • Michael Griffith

    I have used Netflix and Blockbuster almost evenly. Both have pros and cons. Netflix was the BIG winner in terms of turnaround speed with discs — 48 hours almost always. BB sometimes takes days. Netflix also gives you streaming, but their selection is terrible. Besides some hit sitcoms and cable series shows that I like the movie choices are pretty bad, and many of them aren’t in HD so they look quite bad on a large TV. I prefer watching movies on blu ray, if available, so I like the Blockbuster does not charge more for them. I also like that I can exchange movies at the local Blockbuster as this is especially helpful when you want to get a new release the day it comes out. Any Netflix customer will tell you if you miss out on a movie when it is first released it may be awhile before you can get it. I currently use BB. When I realized how crappy Netflix’s streaming selection was and with their extra charge for bluray BB became a much better deal — for me. It really depends on your personal movie tastes and viewing habits.

    • Davidbakke


      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts–out other readers will appreciate it.

  • Dobber19

    Honestly I looked at BB when Netflix went up on prices. My biggest turn off was the fact that they (at first) would not stream to iOS devices which I own a majority of. Also, as I am an avid gamer, BB doesn’t support streaming to game consoles. I choose to stick with Netflix due to the accessibility of it on multiple devices. I am unaware if BB is in the process of expanding its streaming capabilities but until they do Netflix is my choice for streaming.

  • Tucson Professional

    Netflix clearly beats Blockbuster for DVD Blu Ray rentals in terms of speed of service and availability of titles, at least in my residential area of Tucson AZ. Netflix DVD turn-around time is typically 2 days, Blockbuster 4-5 days. Blockbuster claims they have new releases 45 days before Netflix, but their inventory does not support this claim – the new titles are rarely available. Also, Blockbuster does not report availability of titles in your queue accurately and the in-store exchange feature is not very useful because there are not many stores still open, and none that are conveniently near me.

    I can’t comment on streaming services since I don’t use them.

  • Irrelevant

    This site needs to date the articles so readers coming across them from googling will know if the article is still relevant to their search or not.


    boy do i wish there was a blockbuster near me

  • Gelsomina Maria Palumbo

    Netflix has poor !?Costomer service.personnel demonstrate little to no concern if a customer stays or goes. So I. Canceled no effort was made to retain me.