Personal Finance Round-Up: Do You Know Why?

man ask whyWhy? That’s one of the most powerful questions in the English language. That simple question and the answers that may or may not follow can tell so much about you, me, and the world. The harder and more complicated, the more difficult to answer. However, not asking that question can be the most dangerous game you ever play.

More specifically though, Why in the personal finance world is heard often. Why do you work so hard? Why do you save all that money when you can just get a loan and pay it off later? Why are you working two jobs when you make plenty of money at the first? Why do you make your own laundry detergent and wear the same shoes you had on last year? Those in personal finance know the answers to these questions: tomorrow is why. Tomorrow you never know what will happen, but acting now will make sure tomorrow is secure.

The Extra Money Blog asks a similar question: Why Do You Work? What Makes You Get Up Every Morning? So what’s your answer?

These articles have even more answers:

  • 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Pay Off Debt [Life and My Finances]
    These are big no-nos for those in the know, but many see them as “not that big of deal.” Don’t let that fool you. These are huge mistakes and you will regret them later in life.
  • 5 Questions to Answer Before You Quit Your Day Job [Moolanomy]
    Fed up at work and ready to throw in the towel? Do you have an idea that can’t miss and want to pursue your own adventures? Answer these important questions first and see how you feel.
  • 20 of the Best Google+ Guides and Tutorials to Get Freelancers Up and Running [Freelance Folder]
    Google+ is the new star in the social media arena, backed by a huge web presence and boasting the fastest growing community ever. How can Google+ be a benefit to you?
  • How to Be the Most Productive Person You Know [Christina Katz]
    Big lessons don’t always come from big packages. These short and sweet lessons will really make you think about how you run your life.
  • Effortless Decision-Making [Zen Habits]
    If only everything could be boiled down to simple steps like this. If you’ve ever struggled making a decision, take a look at this article for some useful tips.
  • Suze Orman on Health, Wealth, and Happiness [Everyday Health]
    Her life has been full of ups and downs, more than most people know. You and I both can learn a great deal from Suze.
  • 50 Good Personal Finance Habits Everyone Should Follow [Len Penzo Dot Com]
    We all have habits but not many of them make us as much money or save us as much as the ones on this list can.
  • Creating a Resume that Works [Stupid Cents]
    Career oriented or freelancer, you need to know exactly how to put yourself out there to land that gig or job of your dreams. Here’s a start.
  • How to Squeeze that Car into Your Budget [Budget Snob]
    You don’t need a loan to get a car, you really just need a little more creativity. Working a new and large expense into your budget is not impossible.
  • 6 Roommate Nightmares, and How to Solve Them [Get Currency]
    Having a roommate can save you a ton of money in college and even afterward, but some people just have trouble getting along with others. There’s help, however.
  • 14 Reasons to Be Debt-Free Forever [Gail Vaz-Oxlade]
    There are tons of reasons to avoid being in debt, but if you need a few more, here they are.
  • The Pledge [Money Crashers]
    And be sure to check out the latest and greatest Pledge program, created by our friends over at the Savings team, and hosted by us at our Facebook page. Get out there and save money!
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