• http://www.home-business-planet.com/ Mary

    The problem is people go for wants and end up in debt big time-Great post!

  • http://www.providentplan.com Paul Williams

    I think as Christians we should even be careful about our wants. When we pursue our wants outside of God’s will are we truly honoring Him? I think too many of us have bought into the materialism and consumerism of this world. We neglect God’s clear call to live a life of generosity, love, simplicity, and contentment. I’m not saying this as though I’ve fully achieved it either, but God is opening my eyes to how many of my “wants” really come from following the patterns of this world instead of His will.

    It’s also not a matter of laying a guilt trip when we talk about sacrificing our wants to meet the needs of others. If we only give what is easy to give, is that truly love? How is that any different from what someone would do who doesn’t profess to follow Christ?

  • laura m.

    Yes, many live beyond their means. Some things people can do in their communities- because your local area comes first; buy extra food for the food bank; go thru your clothes and stuff, furniture, good used toys, etc. and donate them to the Sal. Army, local rescue mission, etc. Many group homes (girls, boys, handicapped, etc) can use kitchen items, sheets, towels, clothing, etc. Another thought: people should only have children that they can afford to raise; the taxpayers shouldn’t have to subsidize others for irresponsibility. We are taxed too much, and giving has gone down. But many can clean out, downsize and donate. Laura

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