• Ruth Crawford

    Yes, I loved your article. It was so well written. I have used the GG for close to a year. Since January, I have saved over $3,000 on my regular store purchases, more than the wonderful vacation we took, flying, to San Antonio, hotel and rental car for a week. I will continue to shop with the GG, and can walk into my pantry can cook just about anything I want to, for any meal or any treat. Thanks for asking. Ruth

    • licoricecat

      I eat mainly fresh produce of fruits and vegetables and do not use processed items. Could couponing be good for me too? I hardly see any coupons in the produce section. I could use them on toiletries though. Please respond. It does take a lot of time looking for the item and cutting them out. Do men get into this also? Why or why not?

      • Kira Botkin

        There are not really any coupons on produce. I mostly use them on toiletries and cereal these days. If it takes a lot of time, you are doing it wrong.

  • Tanya

    I have been using GG for a while now and I always save big at the grocery store. One of my best savings was over $300 worth of groceries for $124. I love it.

  • http://savingsangel.com Stan Brown

    If you like the GG, you’ll LOVE SavingsAngel.com

  • http://www.thepennyhoarder.com The Penny Hoarder

    I’m a huge fan of couponing and the myth is that couponing takes too much time. In truth, I only spend one hour a week organizing and hunting for coupons. On average I save $150 on my grocery bill so it is definitely worth the one hour.

  • Kerry

    I am new to couponing and I am trying out Savings Angel. Do you think Grocery Game is a better site?

  • Guest

    There website was down every time I needed it. When I went to cancel my trial membership, I was repeatedly redirected to a page with Ralph’s advertisements on it. I tried for 4 days straight to cancel my membership, and, guess what, by the time the website allowed me to cancel, I was already charged for 2 more months.
    I wrote customer service twice and haven’t heard back in days.
    That’s fraud.

  • Stitchesofdallas

    I signed up for the grocery game a very long time ago and did nothing with it -lived in a very rural area – very few stores – so I cancelled the subscription – I signed up for it again when I moved to a larger metro plex – but I found that I still didn’t use the service – I found that I could get the same information on my own through various emails that I used – I did get a cancellation email – but today I am looking at my bank account and there is a POS debit – THIS IS UNAUTHORIZED – I haven’t been a member in a VERY LONG TIME – these people are apparently saving credit card information and using it at later dates – I can’t sign in because I don’t have login information – my account is not active – AND THERE WAS NO EMAIL – BE CAREFUl – yeah you can get alot of information from this site – BUT – it really isn’t anything that you can’t put together yourself and you don’t need the grocery game – especially when they want to charge you so much money per store

    [email protected]

    I hope that someone is reading this – I want that charge taken off my bank account

  • http://www.facebook.com/laura.singh.5268 Laura Singh

    Good morning, I wrote to the grocery game customer service 3 times with no response. I signed up for its’ trial membership, canceled before it was over and then found a $50 charge on my card. I logged in and saw that every store in the area checked. Now I go to BJs and that is not even on there. Why would I want to be paying for stores I have never actually been inside since I moved here? So there seems to be an obvious computer error but no one will contact me about this issue. Is it a scam? You just trying to get the most money out of me that you can?

  • NName591

    It’s chaotic to use, asks too much money for the service, and is way too complicated (and I used to be an IT business consultant). There are so many ads on the page, it’s horrible. They do not have a customer service phone number, and when you ask need something, you have to use an email form. Customer service tries to stall especially when you ask them to close your account. They do not have an ability to delete your account either. This is VERY UNSAFE. They just want your info for marketing purposes – DO NOT SIGN UP!! I’ve had to write the BBB in Santa Clara (their customer service location) to file a complaint…

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