Who Is Your Favorite Charity?

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Sometimes, I have a hard time thinking of a good charity to donate money. I know there are plenty good ones out there, but I also know there are plenty out there that don’t use the money the way that they should. I’m opening up the floor to you all to enlighten me with your favorite charities?

Categories: Giving

  • amy

    Try http://www.modestneeds.org. They help people that often fall through
    the cracks. They try to help people who need some well timed financial
    assistance at a difficult point in their lives. Often just one rent payment
    or utility payment can get people back on track.

  • Mike Rogozinski

    I donate to charities that help animals and kids (but only those that don’t support medical testing on animals). It’s important to look at their financials to see how much of the donation is actually used for charitable work, and not just to pay inflated salaries and administrative costs.

  • Laura Hernandez

    You can donate to your local Elementary School. Things are really tight this year with all the budget cuts. Schools in low socio-ecomomic areas always need things like school supplies, backpacks, clothes, and monetary donations. Rest assured, the stuff always goes directly back to the kids. Even schools in nicer areas always need money to buy cartridges for their printers, books, etc.

  • Bobby

    Anyone who thinks the salaries at a typical non-profit are inflated hasn’t spent much time around people who actually work at them.
    Non-profit salaries are typically much lower than in the private sector, with many of the hardest workers taking what amounts to a vow of poverty in order to do work that they feel is a calling.