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Donate Used Car Charity

How to Donate a Used Car to Charity

If an extra vehicle is gathering dust in your driveway, donating it to charity lets you skip the hassle of selling it and may land you a tax deduction. But it’s crucial to follow these steps to ensure the charity gets the most it can from the car — and you get the biggest tax deduction possible.
Hands Holding Heart Hands Donation

16 Charities & Nonprofits Providing COVID-19 Relief (Highest-Rated)

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned life upside down. The one-two punch of the pandemic and recession has caused widespread suffering as people worry about their health and finances simultaneously. You can help by donating to one of these top charities for COVID-19 relief.
How To Give To Charity

How to Donate Your Used Stuff to Charity – 6 Tips...

Do you have a lot of stuff you just don’t need? Fortunately, you can donate it to charity for a tax deduction. But don’t just drop stuff off at a drop box. Several best practices ensure the donation process goes as smoothly and the charity can make the most of your donation.
Woman Donation Box Stuff

28 Best Places to Donate Your Used Stuff (Charities & Thrift...

Few things make it easier to let go of possessions than knowing they’re going to a worthy cause. But to maximize the good your stuff can do, you have to know the best places to donate different types of merchandise. These charities have different niches, but they all allow you to help those in need.
Charitable Giving Money Dollars

How Tax Reform Affects Deductions for Charitable Giving This Year

It may be better to give than to receive, but receiving a tax break for their charitable giving is a good incentive for many taxpayers. And a new option to deduct some cash contributions without itemizing could encourage even more giving. Do you qualify?
Old Books Piled For Donation

Where to Donate Used Books – 11 Best Places to Start

If you’re embarking on a decluttering campaign, you probably have loads of old books to offload. But don’t just throw them in the recycling bin — or worse, the garbage. Donate them to one of these organizations, which can rehome your used books to bring joy or knowledge to a new reader.
Volunteer Group Raising Hands Sky Cloud

10 Ways to Volunteer Your Time and Give Back to the...

There are many worthwhile and rewarding volunteer opportunities in the world, but how do you choose? It can be helpful to create a list of possibilities and vet them before deciding which are the best fits. Here are 10 easy ways to find volunteer opportunities that are right for you.
Volunteer Help Search Team Work Support

13 Good Places to Volunteer – Opportunities & Organizations

The world is filled with deserving organizations that depend on the efforts of unpaid volunteers. No matter your strengths or which causes you care about most, there’s no shortage of organizations that would welcome your help. Here’s how to find good places to volunteer your time and energy.
Teamwork Joined Hands Fist Join Hands

6 Benefits & Reasons to Volunteer Your Time or Work for...

Not all volunteering activities are voluntary. Court-mandated community service, often in lieu of financial penalties, is a common component of criminal and civil judgments...
Grandparent Holding Christmas Tree Ornament Holidays

10 Gift Ideas for Nursing Home Residents & Elderly Seniors

Older adults are notoriously hard to shop for, especially if they live in a retirement community or nursing home and have limited space. Fortunately, this gift guide removes the guesswork with gifts suggested by older adults, including those who live in retirement facilities.
Diy Christmas Gifts Wrapped

39 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas – Craft Your Own Homemade Presents

DIY gifts are special and unique, and done right, they can save you money. Assuming you have a few basic tools, you can do many of them for under $10 — some for under $5. These easy DIY gifts aren’t cheesy, either. Impress your family and friends by making them something they’ll cherish for years.
Give Word Letters Hands Holding

How to Help & Support Charities Without Donating Money

Giving back doesn’t always have to mean donating money. There are many ways to support charities and nonprofits even when you’re low on funds. Find out how to support charities when you can’t make a cash donation, including giving of your time, skills, involvement, or even your space.