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TheStreet Action Alerts PLUS – Stock Picks Review


Our rating



  • thumbs-upAccess to an array of expert tools
  • thumbs-upRelatively low subscription price with deep annual savings
  • thumbs-upAccess to the AAP portfolio


  • thumbs-downNo stop loss alerts
  • thumbs-downNo longer affiliated with Jim Cramer
  • thumbs-downNo free version
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Backed by (TheStreet), Action Alerts PLUS is a stock-picking service featuring professional stock picks and a host of useful tools for people who want to learn more about the stock market.

Action Alerts PLUS is an all-inclusive toolbox that’s fit for investors and traders, no matter what style or strategy you follow. The service puts a team of experts at in your corner when making investment decisions.

This is done through educational materials, stock analysis, technical tools, weekly roundup emails, and more. Action Alerts PLUS is a service that’s designed to give you a low-cost way to gain a competitive edge in the stock market.

Action Alerts Plus Premium Products

Key Features of Action Alerts PLUS

For $29.99 per month or $99.99 per year, you get all of the key features of Action Alerts PLUS. The most notable are:

Access to The AAP Portfolio

TheStreet’s AAP portfolio is an investment portfolio with dozens of stocks hand-chosen by the experts at TheStreet.

Although it’s never a good idea to blindly follow the moves of any expert when looking for new opportunities in the stock market, it’s nice to have a list of stocks that experts at one of Wall Street’s most trusted firms find interesting enough to bet their jobs on them.

Of course, your investment portfolio should be based on your unique investing goals, but getting a look at how a $2.5 million investment portfolio like this is being managed opens the door to potentially lucrative opportunities.

Real-Time Trade Alerts

Any successful trader will tell you that finding the opportunities is just as important as analyzing them. Any real-time alert that quickly opens your eyes to an opportunity in the stock market is a valuable concept.

After all, the term “time is money” is no more true anywhere than it is in the stock market.

Action Alert Plus members will receive real-time alerts, pointing out stock picks even before the experts at make their moves. The alerts come via email and text message, helping to ensure that you don’t miss an opportunity.

As the name Action Alerts PLUS suggests, this is a stock-picking service, and with the experts at TheStreet behind it, the stocks picks are worth looking into.

Action Alerts Plus Homepage

Critical Market Insights and Weekly Roundups is a massive company. According to its LinkedIn profile, TheStreet employs nearly 300 people. A company of this size on Wall Street has a compelling number of experts doing its bidding in the stock market.

Many of the experts employed at TheStreet are analysts whose sole job is to analyze opportunities in the stock market. Members of Action Alerts PLUS receive access to the reports these analysts provide, including price targets on all stocks covered.

These reports include detailed analyst coverage as well as weekly roundups that give investors an overview of the biggest opportunities that happened in the prior week and the opportunities that likely lie in the week ahead.

Again, investors should never blindly follow the opinions of any Wall Street experts, but access to this kind of information is overwhelmingly valuable when assessing the potential risks and rewards associated with an investment opportunity.

Stock Market Indexes for Different Investing Styles

Stock market indexes are valuable tools for multiple reasons. They provide a benchmark to which investors can compare their own portfolio returns, a look at historic performance in specific corners of the stock market, and valuable ideas when it comes to stock picks.

Action Alerts PLUS gives subscribers access to four stock market indexes developed by the experts at TheStreet, each of which is designed for investors who follow specific investing styles. These styles include:

  • Value. Value investors are looking for discounts in the stock market. They use valuation metrics like price-to-earnings and price-to-sales ratios to determine if a stock is undervalued. TheStreet’s Value Index is tailored to this style of investor.
  • Growth. Growth investors are focused on appreciation of capital and nothing else. They invest in stocks that have displayed above average growth, even if the price seems overvalued. TheStreet’s Growth Index is custom-built for growth investors.
  • Income. Finally, income investors are looking for income, generally through dividend payments, while maintaining relatively slow, yet steady capital growth. TheStreet’s Income Index is designed to meet the needs of this group of investors.
  • Blend. For the average investor, a hybrid investing strategy is the best course of action. This gives investors access to value, growth, and income for a well-diversified portfolio. TheStreet’s Blend Index is designed to meet the needs of investors who blend multiple investing strategies together.

Access to TheStreet’s Interactive Forum

There are few features of any investing service that are more valuable than access to experts. TheStreet’s interactive forum is a platform that gives Action Alerts PLUS subscribers just that.

The interactive forum at TheStreet is a members-only platform that’s incredibly active. Members of the forum range from novice investors to experts, giving you the opportunity to learn from the pros while showing the ropes to those who are newer to the market than you.

Educational Materials

Educated investing decisions are generally the most profitable. After all, it’s important to have a detailed understanding of the investments you make before risking your hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, stock market investing isn’t generally a topic that you learn in school, even during college for most professions. When you decide to start investing, your education is largely, well, your own problem.

The educational materials offered to members of Action Alerts PLUS are second to none. Not only are these materials comprehensive, but they are designed to provide investors with the education they need in a way they can actually understand, helping a novice and intermediate market participant work their way to becoming an expert.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis for Every Stock in the Portfolio

Fundamental and technical analysis are key tools that investors and traders use to make educated decisions in the stock market. Action Alerts PLUS members receive access to all fundamental and technical analysis data the experts at TheStreet have compiled.

From a fundamental perspective, you’ll receive access to valuation and financial stability data, information about management, and more. From a technical perspective, you’ll receive a detailed technical report for each stock listed on any of TheStreet’s four stock market indexes as well as any of its portfolio investments.

Action Alerts Plus Tools

Advantages of Action Alerts PLUS

There are several benefits to an Action Alerts PLUS subscription. Some of the biggest advantages to consider include:

  1. Access to Expert Data. The experts at TheStreet live, eat, and breathe investing. These are some of the most well-respected professionals on Wall Street, and having access to the data they develop is all but priceless.
  2. Educational Tools. The educational platform available to members of the Action Alerts PLUS service is second to none. Because education is the basis of profitable investment decisions, these tools are invaluable, especially for novices.
  3. Access to the AAP Portfolio. The AAP portfolio is a diversified basket of stocks constructed by leading market experts. Having access to view this portfolio provides an opportunity to find potentially winning investment opportunities when adjusting your own investment portfolio.
  4. Detailed Analysis. The fundamental and technical analysis provided to Action Alerts PLUS subscribers offers detailed information that can improve your investing profits.

Disadvantages of Action Alerts PLUS

For the most part, there’s little to complain about when it comes to Action Alerts PLUS. The relatively modest disadvantages include:

  • No Stop-Loss Setting. At the moment, AAP’s alerts come with no guidance with regard to stop losses. Setting a stop loss on a trade limits your potential losses and balances the scales of risk versus reward in your favor.
  • No Longer Affiliated With Jim Cramer. For the longest time, one of the big selling points of AAP was its affiliation with Jim Cramer. The platform was the home of his famous Charitable Trust investment portfolio, in fact. As of late 2021, that’s no longer the case, and quality may suffer as a result.
  • No Free Version. If you want to get AAP’s alerts, you have to pay for them. There’s no free version — a drawback relative to some competitors.

How Action Alerts PLUS Stacks Up

Action Alerts PLUS is an affordable stock market alerts platform that delivers good value for intermediate and advanced users. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider any other options.

Here’s how AAP stacks up against another popular stock picking provider: Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

Action Alerts PLUSMotley Fool Stock Advisor
Subscription Cost$29.99/month or $99.99/year$199/year, but discounts may be available
Free TrialNoYes, 30 days
Time-Weighted ReturnNot disclosedAbout 300%, but varies depending on the market
Access to Other Premium ProductsYesYes
Action Alerts Plus News

Final Word

All in all, TheStreet’s Action Alerts PLUS is the perfect addition to just about any trader or investor’s toolbox. Between the educational materials, the detailed analysis provided, and the ability to connect with other investors, the service provides a great platform to expand your knowledge of the stock market as a whole and research the opportunities that you find within it.

With very low subscription costs compared to other, similar services, and one of the best teams on Wall Street behind the program, Action Alerts PLUS is worth your attention.

Our rating



  • thumbs-upAccess to an array of expert tools
  • thumbs-upRelatively low subscription price with deep annual savings
  • thumbs-upAccess to the AAP portfolio


  • thumbs-downNo stop loss alerts
  • thumbs-downNo longer affiliated with Jim Cramer
  • thumbs-downNo free version
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