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30 Best Gift Ideas for New Homeowners (Under $50)

Whether you’re shopping for a housewarming present or a holiday, birthday, or wedding gift for a new homeowner, you don’t need to spend a premium to buy them something useful or fun.

New homeowners, especially first-time homeowners buying a starter home, need a lot of new things. That makes them easy to shop for, even when you’re on a budget.

Here are 30 great gift ideas for new homeowners, all under $50, to help your recipient deck out their new home while helping you save money on your gift budget.

Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

1. Tool Kit

Every homeowner needs basic tools for minor tasks like hanging pictures and tightening loose screws – and sometimes even more significant repairs. Yet many new homeowners who were formerly apartment-dwellers don’t have a toolkit because someone else took care of the maintenance for them.

The Cartman 148-piece tool kit is an affordable starter set. It doesn’t include power tools, but it does include all the basics, from several screwdrivers and swappable bits to things like a hammer, hex and other wrenches, and a measuring tape. It’s also compact, helping new homeowners save space and tuck it out of sight when it’s not in use.

2. Gardening Tools

If your recipient has or wants to start a garden, they need gardening tools. Start simple with a Jardineer eight-piece gardening tool kit. It includes garden gloves, pruning shears, a garden trowel, a transplanter, a weeder, a cultivator, a hand rake, and a bag to tote it all.

Don’t forget to tell your recipient you’d like a sample from their first garden harvest in repayment for your support of their burgeoning green thumb.

3. Birdhouse

Get the bird-watching homeowner a gift that attracts their feathered friends. The beauty of a birdhouse, rather than a bird feeder, is that it only requires a one-time installation. There’s no need for continual maintenance or food refills.

Carson makes a fun, multicolored vintage birdhouse for those who like the rustic aesthetic. Or go a little quirkier with a winery birdhouse for a bit more fun. Or keep it simple with a Nature’s Way classic wooden birdhouse.

4. Smart Light Bulbs

Whether your recipient already loves smart home technology or hasn’t experimented with it yet, smart light bulbs make an affordable and accessible entry-level smart home component.

Smart light bulbs let you control the brightness, color, and color temperature from your smartphone or through your smart home hub. With a simple voice command to Alexa, you can dim the living room lights to create romantic mood lighting or turn them off and on.

The two-pack of Avatar smart light bulbs is an affordable set that doesn’t require a smart home hub to control. And if you’re new to smart home technology, read up on other ways to create a smart home on a budget.

5. Knife Set

Everyone can use a good set of kitchen knives. And while you can spend hundreds of dollars on a single knife, the average homeowner doesn’t need that level of quality to chop an onion.

Keep it simple with an Alltripal 16-piece knife set. The knives are made of solid high-carbon stainless steel all the way to the hilt for an ever-confident cut. Along with an assortment of chopping, paring, and bread knives, it also includes a set of six steak knives, a sharpener, and a block.

And it looks more expensive than it actually is, which is always a plus.

Knife Set Cutting Board Marble Counter

6. Magnetic Knife Strip

If their new home is short on counter space, a new homeowner would probably prefer a wall-mounted magnetic knife strip rather than a countertop knife block. Plus, it just looks cool to have your knives suspended in midair over the counter.

In addition to holding knives, the Ouddy 16-inch magnetic strip also holds other stainless steel kitchen tools, like whisks and spatulas. It’s inexpensive, easy to install, and works with your recipient’s existing knives if they already have a quality set.

7. Food Processor

With a food processor, your recipient can make better salsa, guacamole, and hummus than they can buy at the store. Each dip only takes around five minutes to make, and the food processor does most of the work. And buying fresh vegetables rather than pre-made dips or pre-cut vegetables certainly helps save money on food each week.

The Hamilton Beach 10-cup food processor is an affordable gift option. To ensure they can break it out right away, bring over the ingredients to make their first batch of salsa with them.

8. Serving Tray

Serving trays save trips to and from the kitchen and make it easy to enjoy meals on the couch. They also make entertaining easier by allowing people to carry a range of dishes and drinks in one trip.

For a simple, lightweight option, invest in the basic serving tray from Home It. Made from lightweight, sustainable bamboo instead of hardwood, it’s eco-friendly and weighs less.

9. Engraved Cutting Board

Everyone needs a cutting board, perhaps several. And today, you can buy personalized cutting boards engraved with your recipient’s name or some other message for almost no extra charge.

For a great example, check out the engraved cutting board from FlowertownWeddings on Etsy. Beyond being able to customize the engraving text, you can also choose from a range of designs and fonts and a variety of sizes and types of wood, including bamboo for an eco-friendlier option.

10. Cookbook

Homeowners should know how to cook. Preparing your own meals is healthier and cheaper, and cooking is simply a life skill worth learning.

Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone has time to master slow food recipes that require four hours of your day. For the busy kitchen novice, pick up a copy of “Fast & Easy Five-Ingredient Recipes: A Cookbook for Busy People” by Philia Kelnhofer. They can learn the fundamentals of cooking without having to set aside hours at a time or keep a fully stocked pantry for 20-ingredient dishes.

11. Creative Charcuterie & Cheese Board

Cheese and charcuterie platters are essential when entertaining. But some people look for any excuse to break one out. Friday night? Sounds like a great reason to have a glass of wine with Manchego and prosciutto.

There’s no need to be boring with these, either. If your recipient likes picnicking, look into a folding charcuterie board for easy packing. For first-time homeowners still stocking their kitchens, look into a charcuterie board with a slide-out cutlery drawer that comes with the cutlery set too. Or go for a more rustic olive wood charcuterie board for a homeowner who likes the farmhouse vibe. Pick a board style that complements the recipient’s existing decor or serving ware, and you can’t go wrong.

Charcuterie Board Lazy Susan Wine Baguette Cured Meat Cheese

12. Dry-Erase Cheese Markers

Let’s be honest: A lot of cheeses look nearly identical, and few people could tell you which cheese is Gruyere or Gouda just by looking.

They’ll never forget which cheese is which again with reusable speech bubble dry-erase cheese markers. They can use the included dry-erase pen to write the name of the cheese on the marker, pierce the marker into the cheese, and then wipe it clean after their guests devour the cheese.

It’s a fun, simple gift for a new homeowner and one they almost certainly don’t already own.

13. Wine Rack

Some wines do in fact get better with age. But even among the ones that don’t, they still drink well for years after bottling.

Every oenophile needs a place to store their wine, if only to stock a range of options to pair with dinner. The cost-effective JAXPETY 24-bottle wine rack looks great in any kitchen or dining room. And there’s no assembly required, so it’s ready to use when they open it.

If you want to spend a little more than $50 on a larger wine rack, the Sorbus 100-bottle rack accommodates a more serious collector. It requires a little assembly but is a better option for those creating a proper wine cellar.

14. Wine Chiller

For wine drinkers with a penchant for whites, roses, and sparkling wines, a wine chiller bucket keeps chilled wine cold throughout dinner.

For a stainless steel option, the STNTUS Innovations wine chiller bucket offers a classic look at an affordable price. Its double-walled insulation prevents sweating, so it won’t leave a puddle on the dining room table.

Alternatively, look for a marble wine chiller. Many options look a lot more expensive than they are, and when you freeze the marble for an hour before dinner, it keeps your wine cool for hours.

15. Wine or Beer Glasses

There’s just something about drinking wine from elegant wine glasses of thin crystal that makes it taste better.

Nowadays, even handblown crystal glasses aren’t that pricey. And your recipient will never go back to cheap, thick wine glasses after trying a set of four JBHome handblown Italian-style crystal wine glasses.

If your recipient is more of a beer drinker, pick up a two-pack of Hikari extra-large German-style glass beer steins. They hold a liter of beer and store well in the freezer for ice-cold beer any time of year.

16. Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

Is your recipient a cocktail connoisseur rather than a beer or wine lover?

Opt for the B. Weiss 100% copper Moscow mule kit. It includes four 16-ounce copper mule mugs, one copper stirring spoon, one copper shot glass, and four coasters.

And hopefully, they’ll invite you over and pour you a few as a proper thank you for your thoughtful gift.

17. Bartender Kit

Similarly, cocktail lovers need proper tools for their craft.

So pick up a Näu Zone 14-piece professional bar set. It includes two shakers with weighted bottoms for satisfying heft, a jigger, a double-sided bar spoon and fork, a muddler, a strainer, ice tongs, a speed opener, and five pourers.

Nearly all pieces are made of stainless steel and don’t scratch or dent easily. It’s sure to make any mixologist’s day and won’t break your budget either.

18. Decorative Coaster Set

Any homeowners investing in new furniture need coasters to protect it from condensation on their glasses. Depending on the recipient’s design aesthetic, you can choose something classic and upscale or something with a little more personality.

For a more refined look, a set of six Thipoten brown leather coasters goes with nearly any home’s decor and is a safe bet for any new homeowner.

Another upscale option is a set of eight slate stone coasters from GOH DODD. They add a little ruggedness without going full man cave.

Or you can take a risk and bring the party. A six-piece set of vinyl record coasters is quirky and fun, as are coasters that look like flying carpets.

Patchwork Coaster Set Table Tea

19. Tile Keychain Tracker

Homeowners tend to have a lot of keys, from front doors and back doors to cellar doors, barns, and she sheds. And that says nothing of keyless entry methods like garage door openers.

It’s easy to lose important keys. So give a new homeowner the gift of never losing their keys again with a Tile tracker.

These tiny trackers also attach to anything else that’s relatively small, valuable, and easy to lose, like wallets or phones. They connect via Bluetooth and let you find the object on a map through GPS or emit a loud ringing sound to let you know where they are.

20. Local Artwork

Often, new homeowners move into larger homes than they previously occupied and don’t have enough artwork and decor to cover the walls.

Help out a new homeowner while supporting a local artist by investing in their artwork. Choose a piece that represents the city or region in some way, or look for art that fits your recipient’s aesthetic.

21. Multicooker

Many slow cooker recipes are so easy you just throw together the ingredients in the morning, and dinner’s ready by the time you get home. And if you forget, pressure cookers can save dinner by having it ready in a flash.

Plus, slow cookers and pressure cookers can help save money by letting people buy ingredients that cost less than their prepared or precooked alternatives.

But if a new homeowner is short on space, a combination device is the best option. Many multicookers cost more than $50, but for an affordable option, check out the Comfee 5.2-quart combination cooker. In addition to slow- and pressure-cooking modes, it also serves as a rice cooker, steamer, and stewpot all in one.

22. Air Fryer

Air fryers are another kitchen appliance that can help homeowners save money and eat healthier.

For an affordable option, scope out the Dash compact air fryer. Dash claims it reduces added fat content by 70% to 80% without sacrificing any of that crisp, delicious fried flavor. It includes a timer and a safety auto-shut-off feature.

Given its compact size, it’s perfect for smaller kitchens and stores easily. If your recipient has never used an air fryer, it makes an easy introductory device.

23. Tupperware Set

Homeowners never have enough food storage containers. But they’re so handy for leftovers or taking your lunch to work. Plus, having enough food storage containers helps people batch meals in advance to freeze for the week ahead.

Since everyone hates sifting through piles of containers looking for a matching lid, look for uniform containers that use the same size lids. For a comprehensive set, give them a Fullstar 20-container set. The lids have snapping hinges to protect against leaks. The containers don’t contain toxins like BPAs, which can leach into foods. And they’re microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe.

24. Zip Code Pillow

A zip code pillow isn’t practical, but it’s a kitschy and fun way to celebrate their new digs.

It’s precisely what it sounds like: a pillow with enormous zip code numbers printed on it. You pick the size and color and enter the zip code you want printed. Then Etsy shop SweetHooligansDesign creates and ships your custom piece.

25. Mail & Key Holder

Most first-time homeowners don’t realize the convenience of an entranceway mail and key holder. It’s a small detail, but one that makes a big difference.

The Ripple Creek rustic mail and key holder includes a small shelf, eight key or sunglass hooks, and a mail bin.

For a more decorative option, check out the DecoBros bronze three-shelf mail organizer and key holder. It has three slots for mail and papers and five key hooks.

26. Classic Picnic Basket

Who doesn’t love a good picnic?

For a fanciful feel, pick up the classic wicker picnic basket. It has double lids and a linen lining that looks like it came right out of a “Winnie the Pooh” book.

Or opt for a practical Apollo Walker picnic basket kit. It has that wicker basket look, but it also comes with a complete set of picnic supplies, including cutlery, ceramic plates, wine “glasses,” an insulated wine sleeve, mugs, linen napkins, a corkscrew, and even little salt and pepper shakers.

Picnic Basket Spread Lunch Food Fruit

27. Folding Step Stool

It’s the ultimate practical gift: a folding step stool to reach the top of the refrigerator, cabinets, or  bookshelf.

It may not be sexy, but it’s useful. Pick up a traditional Cosco two-step folding stool. When not in use, it can slip behind the refrigerator or in the closet, out of sight and out of mind.

28. Coffee Maker

If your new homeowner friend’s coffee maker is getting a little long in the tooth, christen their new kitchen with a LEEHOO 12-cup programmable coffee maker.

You can spend a lot on bells and whistles like smart integration with Alexa or fancy latte and cappuccino modes. But for people who just enjoy a solid, traditional cup of joe, the LEEHOO delivers, and your recipient can program it in advance to have coffee ready when they want it.

One nice feature is its pause button, which allows someone to pause it temporarily to pour themselves a cup and resume it to finish brewing the rest of the pot.

29. Welcome Mat

Former apartment-dwellers probably don’t have a welcome mat yet – but they’ll realize the first time it rains why they’re so important.

The simple Calloway Mills hi-bye mat has a little personality to it, displaying a different word depending on your perspective.

Or add some more personality with Muikoo’s mats. One option says, “Unless You Have Tacos, Tequila, Girl Scout Cookies or My Amazon Package, Go Away.” Another says “Speak Friend and Enter” in “Lord of the Rings” script.

With all the clever options out there, there’s no need to give a boring doormat for your friends’ new house.

30. Champagne

Champagne isn’t the most original idea. But they’ve got something pretty big to celebrate – and a brand-new mortgage that might preclude such a purchase for a while.

If you don’t know anything about Champagne, there are several quality sparkling wines you can find for under $50:

  • Veuve Clicquot Brut, yellow label
  • Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut
  • Canard-Duchêne Authentic Brut
  • Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut
  • G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge

Final Word

You can certainly spend a lot of money on the perfect gift for new homeowners, buying gadgets like a grill, Sonos speakers, or pricey kitchen appliances. But you don’t have to spend a lot to buy a memorable, practical, or just downright fun gift.

Your recipient will appreciate the appropriateness of the gift more than the amount you spend on it. Instead of looking for ways to impress, spend more time choosing something they genuinely need or want or that fits their style perfectly. The more thought you put into it, the more likely it is to mean something to them.

What was the best housewarming gift you’ve ever received or given?

G. Brian Davis
G. Brian Davis is a real estate investor, personal finance writer, and travel addict mildly obsessed with FIRE. He spends nine months of the year in Abu Dhabi, and splits the rest of the year between his hometown of Baltimore and traveling the world.

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