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Trade Ideas Review 2022


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Our rating



  • thumbs-upTop of the line trading technology
  • thumbs-upComprehensive educational materials
  • thumbs-upRobust community support


  • thumbs-downHigh cost
  • thumbs-downSole focus on short-term trading
  • thumbs-downActive trading can be risky

Day trading is an exciting process. You’ll often find stories of stock market millionaires that do nothing more than sit in front of a few screens and make a few trades a day. If you talk to any of these experts, you’ll learn that their success is largely dependent on the tools they use while they trade. 

Dan Mirkin, a long-time Wall Street expert, realized the tools available to everyday traders were subpar when compared to tools available to institutional investors. He developed the Trade Ideas trading software in 2002 to give the retail trader a leg up. 

Since then, Trade Ideas has become one of the most popular tools online for active traders. 

Key Features of Trade Ideas

We’re not talking about your average trading platform. Driven by an artificial intelligence called Holly, the platform gives you all the tools you need to find and take advantage of quality trading opportunities. Some of the most exciting features you’ll get when you sign up for a Trade Ideas subscription include the following.

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Holly AI — Next-Level Artificial Intelligence Engine for Traders

Holly is an artificial intelligence that acts as the heart of the technology at Trade Ideas. The stock scanning AI has the ability to process market data far faster than any human being, and with compelling accuracy. 

Some of the tricks Holly knows how to do include:

Entry & Exit Signals

Holly uses various algorithms to statistically analyze real-time data on each stock she’s asked to examine. From there, she provides you with the best point of entry based on her analysis. 

Each entry point is coupled by a group of suggested exits, each offering a different level of risk management. All you need to do is enter the trade when suggested and decide what amount of risk you’re willing to accept. 

Alert Windows

Holly is also the engine that keeps Trade Ideas’ alert windows alive. These windows give you the ability to choose specific types of alerts you want and filter the data so you’re only told about the trading opportunities that interest you. 

For example, if you want price alerts on penny stocks that start to move upward with significant momentum, you can set that up in an alert window. 


Have you thought about taking advantage of robo-advisor services? Well, Holly takes these services to the next level, using dozens of trading algorithms to find the best moves in the market. 

The AI analyzes more than a million trading possibilities as you sleep. For the next trading day, she executes the trades with the highest probabilities of success based on her research, connecting with Interactive Brokers to make these moves automatically in your live portfolio. 

Brokerage Plus

The Brokerage Plus features you get as part of the Trade Ideas subscription could be sold as a service of their own because they are so powerful. The tool has three primary points of functionality that make it so robust:

  • Stock Scanner. The Brokerage Plus stock scanner tool is like no other stock screener on the market. It offers highly intuitive scanning capabilities and the ability to screen based on more metrics than I could list here. 
  • Build Trading Strategies. Use the market data compiled by Holly to build your own unique trading strategies. 
  • Auto-Trading. Once your trading strategies are built, you’re done. Holly will automatically trade based on the strategy you designed in your live Interactive Brokers trading account. The only time you’ll need to do anything else is when you decide you’d like to update your strategies. 
Trade Ideas view 2


Wouldn’t it be great to increase your odds of success as you trade? That’s exactly what OddsMaker was designed to do. Using the company’s proprietary Event Based backtesting technology, the tool combs through your portfolio to see how well it’s performed in recent history. 

From there, the tool points to the parameters that can be changed in order to make your trading strategy more successful, improving your odds in the market. 

Real-Time Racing

The real-time racing feature is the newest feature to the Trade Ideas platform. It’s a unique way to compare trading opportunities that makes the comparison exciting. 

To compare stocks, choose the time frame of the race, up to 20 stocks to compare against one another, and the parameter that’s important to your trading strategy, whether it be price action, change from close, or a wide range of other options. 

Once the race is set up, sit back and watch the show. When one of the cars on the digital track wins the race, you’ll know that the ticker the car represents is the best stock to mix with your trading strategy at the time. 


Education and training is overwhelmingly important to so many traders. There are tons of services out there that provide the tools, but give little to nothing in terms of education that makes those tools useful. Trade Ideas isn’t one of those services. 

The company knows that with your success comes their success, and they’ve invested a ton of money into giving you the tools and knowledge you need to be successful. 

One of those resources is Trade Ideas University. TI University is packed with tutorials, not just on how to use the tools they provide through their subscriptions, but on various topics like the basics of trading, trade setups, risk assessment and management, swing trading, and momentum trading. 

The company also knows that some people learn by reading, some learn by watching, and some learn by doing. The team at Trade Ideas has created opportunities for all people to learn using their favored method. 

If you’re not into the tutorials or you need more guidance, there are multiple daily webinars like the Free Trading Room — where you can watch moderator Barrie Einarson trade in real time — the Daily Support Session, and various other webinars strewn throughout the week. 

Want to take your educational journey to the next level with real, one-on-one assistance? That’s available too. For $129 per hour, you can receive one-on-one training sessions, giving you dedicated time with the pros to learn the art of trading. 

It can’t be stressed enough how thorough and intuitive the Trade Ideas educational materials are. If you’re a beginner, you’ll love the fact that the lesson plan is written in a way that’s easy to understand and navigate. And even experts are often shocked at how the educational materials teach them to think outside the box and become better overall traders too. 

Trade Ideas view 3

Live Trading Room

The Live Trading Room is the brainchild of Barrie Einarson, an active day trader and long-term member of Trade Ideas. When he contacted the company in 2013, he suggested a live trading room that would allow members to follow along with experts in the market in real time. 

The live trading room started as a text-based chat room and quickly grew to become an integral part of the Trade Ideas service. Today, the live trading room features Einarson making live trades that stream to viewers throughout the majority of the trading session. 

Channel Bar

Finally, the Channel Bar is a fully customizable bar of data that points to trending opportunities based on a preconfigured layout you choose. There are 48 channels to choose from, with some of the most popular being:

  • Premarket. Start your day by checking out what stocks are trending in the premarket and what opportunities may arise surrounding them. 
  • Holly Grail. Holly uses statistics to analyze real-time trading opportunities and present them to you as they arise. 
  • Holly 2.0. This is the next-generation version of Holly, taking a different approach to statistical trading while keeping emotions out of the trading environment.
  • Barrie’s Watchlist. Einarson, the host of the Live Trading Room, curates a list of the best stocks to watch every single day, offering them through the channel bar. 
  • Blockchain/Crypto. If you’re interested in trading crypto assets, this is the channel bar for you, outlining the biggest opportunities on the blockchain daily. 
  • Buzz Social Sentiment. This channel grabs data from BUZZ and MOON exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which scan social media for sentiment information on stocks. The result is a syndicated list of the top 75 most positively talked about large-cap stocks. 

If the preconfigured layouts don’t meet your needs, don’t worry, you can also create your own custom layout so the channel bar shows the data most important to you. 

Trade Ideas view 4

Advantages of Trade Ideas

At this point, it’s pretty clear that there are several advantages to subscribing to Trade Ideas services. Some of the most significant perks to signing up include:

  • Powerful Artificial Intelligence. The biggest advantage to Trade Ideas is access to Holly, its proprietary artificial intelligence. Several companies attempt to use AI to their advantage in the market, but I haven’t seen any come close to the capabilities of Holly. Whether you want to scan the markets, test strategies, automate your trading strategy, or assess the risks associated with a particular trade, Holly will help you do so.
  • Comprehensive Educational Resources. With Trade Ideas, you’re not left to your own devices in terms of education. The company offers complete lessons that are capable of making some of the most complex trading strategies easy to understand, even for the beginner trader. At the same time, experts can expect to learn a thing or two they may never have thought about before. 
  • Active Chat Room for Serious Traders. Trade Ideas is a popular service, so it should come as no surprise that the company offers an incredibly active chat room. And unlike some stock chat rooms, the moderators of the room do a great job of keeping messages on topic and everyone on the platform seems friendly and willing to help. That’s great for newcomers. 
  • Robust Trading Simulator. Just about everyone has a trading simulator these days. Nonetheless, it’s worth a mention that Trade ideas has a simulator of its own right in the platform. You won’t have to go to another website to test your strategies here. Plus, Trade Ideas’ simulator is robust, works in real time, and gives you all the capabilities of the Trade Ideas platform, just without the risk of trading with real money. 
  • Useful News Feeds. When you click in Trade Ideas to view a single stock, you’ll find the chart and trading data along with a news feed, letting you in on all the latest news from the company. This is useful because, as active traders know, news can really move the market.
  • Supported by E*Trade and Interactive Brokers. Trade Ideas’ trading platform is supported by E*Trade and Interactive Brokers. When you connect your brokerage account, you can take advantage of one-click trading. Simply click and drag the buy and sell markers in any chart window, and your trade will be made in your brokerage account. 

Disadvantages of Trade Ideas

As with any financial service, Trade Ideas isn’t the perfect fit for every kind of stock market participant. The good news is that while there are drawbacks, there aren’t many to speak of. Nonetheless, consider the following before signing up:

  • Not for Long-Term investors. As its name implies, Trade Ideas’ services are centered around trading stocks, not investing in them. Those who take a long-term, slow and steady approach to investing won’t get much from the service. 
  • Significant Risk Associated With Trading. Active stock trading is a risky process. As such, risk-averse investors would be better served by a different strategy and set of investment tools. 
  • More Expensive Than Some Alternatives. You have access to some AI-based services, most educational services, the channel bar and price alerts in the standard plan at a rate of $118 per month or $999 per year. However, if you want automated trading capabilities, backtesting and risk management tools, and to unlock the full capabilities of Holly the AI, you’ll need to have a premium subscription, which costs $228 per month or $1,999 per year. 

Using Trade Ideas

How Trade Ideas Stacks Up

Comparing Trade Ideas to anything else on the market is like comparing an apple to a head of lettuce. The platform is so robust that there’s really no competition. Perhaps the closest thing to Trade Ideas is TradingView, a platform that provides alert and charting services. 

Trade IdeasTradingView
Artificial Intelligence Assist?Yes, from Holly the AINo
Charting CapabilitiesYes, with drag-and-drop functionalityYes, but no drag-and-drop
PricingStarts at $84/month when paid annuallyStarts at about $13/month when paid annually

Final Word

The Trade Ideas software is one of the best tools on the market today for a day trader’s toolbox. There’s no discounting the value of having an artificial intelligence that not only shows you what trading opportunities are out there, but teaches you where you can tweak your strategy to generate the best results. 

Whether you’re an aspiring serious day trader or already a professional or expert, Trade Ideas should be one of your research tools

Trade Ideas Logo

Our rating



  • thumbs-upTop of the line trading technology
  • thumbs-upComprehensive educational materials
  • thumbs-upRobust community support


  • thumbs-downHigh cost
  • thumbs-downSole focus on short-term trading
  • thumbs-downActive trading can be risky
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