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10 Best Stock Chat Rooms to Share Trading and Investing Ideas


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Humans are social creatures. However, there are many taboo topics that are rarely talked about openly, with one of the best examples being finances. 

This creates a bit of a conundrum for traders looking to talk about the stock market. Who do you go to when you want an opinion about a new day-trading strategy or if you need a tip to find the next big trading opportunity? What if you’ve got questions about your asset allocation, but you don’t have the cash to pay a financial advisor? What if you simply enjoy the stock market and want to talk to someone about it?

The introduction of the Internet has made it possible to gain direct access to experts who know their way around Wall Street. These days, there are countless online communities whose members communicate through online trading chat rooms. 

Best Stock Chat Rooms

With all of the discussion boards online today and significant interest in the stock market, it only makes sense that there’s a massive community of Wall Street participants who meet in various stock-trading chat rooms every day. 

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Whether you’re looking to day trade and want some tips or you’re a market pro who enjoys sharing tips and tricks with up-and-comers, there are multiple chat rooms for you. 

Where do you start? Below are the top 10 investing and trading chat rooms online — consider popping in and seeing how you feel about the communities!

1. Benzinga

The Benzinga brand comes with a significant level of trust and admiration among the investing community. Founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Jason Raznick, the company has quickly grown to become one of the largest communities of investors and traders online today. 

When it comes to chat rooms related to investing and day trading, few others are quite as robust as Benzinga’s. There are thousands of members, all of whom are there to be active members of the community, either gathering information or sharing tips, tricks, and hints. 

Don’t worry about being new to the industry and not knowing investing lingo. Not only are most people on the platform very friendly, the chat room is moderated by Benzinga Pro staff to clear out any trolls. 

Unfortunately, the chat room is only available to Benzinga Pro subscribers, so you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for access. The good news is that when you pay the monthly fee, the chat room is far from the only perk you’ll enjoy as a subscriber. Some of the most exciting include:

  • squawk box. squawk box is a fast-paced audio alert system designed to bring opportunities to day traders before the market picks up on them, ultimately giving you the upper hand as you trade. 
  • Watch List. You’ll also gain access to a watch list designed to pinpoint the stocks that are most likely to make the biggest runs in the session or sessions ahead. This list has proven invaluable for countless investors and traders. 
  • Live News Feed. Any news about a publicly traded company has the potential to act as a catalyst, either sending the price of the stock soaring or sinking. Benzinga’s live news feed gives you a clear view of what’s going on in the market at all times, and you’ll have the opportunity to dive into stories that have the potential to make the biggest impacts on stock prices. 


When you first sign up, you’ll enjoy full access to everything Benzinga Pro has to offer for a full two weeks for free. However, once the introductory period expires, the pricing is as follows:

  • Basic ($95 per Month or $948 per Year). With the Basic membership, you’ll gain access to the Benzinga Pro chat rooms, plus Nasdaq basic delayed quotes, watchlist alerts, stock stats, stock movers, news feed access, and the company’s suite of calendars. 
  • Essential ($177 per Month or $1,404 per Year). With the Essentials membership, you’ll receive everything above plus Nasdaq basic real-time quotes, audio squawk, newsdesk chat, sentiment indicators, and stock signals. 
  • Annual Options Mentorship ($347 per Month or $3,372 per Year). Finally, with the Annual Options Mentorship membership, you’ll get everything above plus trading mentorship and education from author and trader Nic Chahine, market overviews that give you the ability to match Chahine’s strategy, and Options Inner Circle chat room access. 

2. Stocktwits

Stocktwits is a complete social media platform for investors and traders of all kinds that has amassed a community of millions of members. Through the platform, you’ll be able to set up a profile, much like you would on Facebook or LinkedIn. From there, you’ll be able to communicate with other members directly or join conversations on message boards centered around your favorite stocks. 

As one of the largest trading communities in the world, you’ll rarely find an empty message board, and while there will be squabbles in any community this large, the vast majority of members are there for the same reasons you are and are friendly to newcomers. 

One of the big perks about the platform is that the company makes an effort to stamp out heavy promotion, provide warnings in message boards when stocks appear to be targets of pump-and-dumps and other schemes, and alert you when company-specific news has been released. 

As a chat room, the platform is one of the best, but it offers far more than just a fun place to chat. Some of the most exciting features you’ll gain access to when you sign up include:

  • Heatmap. The platform comes with a heat map consisting of green, red, and gray boxes. The green boxes represent stocks that are moving up, with red representing those that are moving down, and gray representing flat stocks. 
  • Podcasts. The company hosts three podcasts including Panic with Friends, After Hours, and Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, all of which are available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and are well worth a listen. 
  • Rankings. The rankings page outlines the trending tickers by price change percent, social activity, and trading volume. 
  • Earnings Calendar. Finally, members have access to an earnings calendar that provides advanced notice of exactly when companies are expected to release their financial results. 


The vast majority of features on the platform are absolutely free, with no trials or credit card required. In fact, the only thing you’ll pay for is access to premium chat rooms and merchandise if you choose to buy some from the shop. 

3. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is a trading software and education company that’s focused on giving traders the tools they need to be successful in the market. While the vast majority of services offered through the platform are only available with a paid subscription, access to the day-trading chat room is absolutely free. 

With the company’s core focus being on trading technology and education rather than long-term investing, the chat room provided is perfect for the active trader looking for friends, mentors, or mentees in the industry. 

Some of the hottest topics in the room include technical analysis, trending stocks, and trading strategies. Like any quality chat room, moderators are active to keep the room on topic. 

Aside from the chat room provided, some of the most impressive features of Trade Ideas services include:

  • Holly. Holly is the company’s artificial intelligence, specifically designed to spot strong trading opportunities at lightning speed. Holly’s able to pinpoint compelling trading opportunities, and you can use her to completely automate your trading activities. 
  • Simulated Trading. The trading simulator gives you the ability to test your trading strategy with virtual cash to make sure it’s effective before putting your hard-earned greenbacks on the line. 
  • Charting Capabilities. Successful traders know the value of charting, and the more capabilities charts have, the more accurate you’ll be when trading. The charting available through the platform is second to none. 
  • Brokerage Plus. With this service, you’ll be able to identify trading opportunities, create custom scans, and build custom strategies, all while automating your trading with a connected Interactive Brokers account. 


As mentioned above, the Trade Ideas chat room is 100% free for lifetime access, but if you want access to additional features offered by the company, you’ll need to sign up for one of the following memberships:

  • Standard ($118 per Month or $1,068 per Year). Standard members receive access to real-time simulated trading, the live trading chat room, streaming trade ideas, 10 simultaneous charts, chart-based visual trade assistant, up to 500 price alerts, and curated workspaces. 
  • Premium ($228 per Month or $2,268 per Year). With the premium subscription, you’ll get everything above plus up to 20 simultaneous charts, Holly, chart-based AI trade assistance, entry and exit signals, risk assessment tools, autotrading, and the ability to build and backtest any trading strategy.

4. BlackBox Stocks

BlackBox Stocks is yet another trading technology company with a robust chat room. With thousands upon thousands of members, the community is an incredibly active one, and the social features on the platform are pretty impressive. 

There are several ways to communicate with others on the platform. Of course, BlackBox Stocks has its own chat room where trade confirmations, tips, strategies, and more are often posted. You’ll also be able to follow trending stocks and members.

Beyond the dedicated chat room, BlackBox Stocks members are also very active on its Discord and private Twitter groups. 

As with most others on this list, the platform comes with far more than just social features. Some of the most exciting include:

  • Stock Scanners. Members have access to customizable stock scanners, making finding potentially lucrative opportunities in the market a breeze. 
  • Options Scanner. The options scanner gives you a look into what institutions are doing with real-time data and news. The scanner also provides information on analyst upgrades and downgrades as they happen. 
  • Education. Members also get access to a crash course on stock and options trading and the use of the platform’s tools. Because educated decisions in the market tend to be the most profitable, the educational features will prove to be invaluable. 


The BlackBox Stocks program is an all-or-nothing membership with only one level of service, meaning that once you subscribe, you’ll have access to all features. You can choose to pay $99.97 monthly or save 20% by purchasing an annual subscription for $959. 

5. Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is one of the most comprehensive educational platforms online today. Because much of education is centered around communal support, it only makes sense that their platform hosts a vibrant community. 

Founded by professional trader Ross Cameron, the platform hosts several chat rooms including:

  • Small-Cap Live Trading Room. Hosted by Ross Cameron, this chat room allows for a discussion while traders watch Ross make his moves in the market. The room specifically focuses on small-cap opportunities. 
  • Large-Cap Live Trading Room. Hosted by Mike Herman, this room offers up discussion while members watch Mike, the large-cap warrior, make his moves in the market. 
  • Warrior Pro Mentor Room. This room is where scheduled live mentor sessions take place. In this chat, you’ll be able to ask questions about the in-depth day trading and swing trading strategies you’ll learn about in the courses available on the platform. 
  • Warrior Lounge. Not focused on any specific topic, the Warrior Lounge gives users a room for off-topic discussions. It’s a place where members can get to know each other in an inviting setting. 

Outside of its chat rooms, the Warrior Trading platform comes with several benefits, including:

  • Trading Courses. The trading courses offered on the platform are some of the most comprehensive educational materials online today. You’ll learn everything from the basics of the stock market to complex trading and risk management strategies. Whether you’re a professional day trader or you’ve never made a trade in your life, there’s a strong chance you’ll learn something of value from the educational materials available. 
  • Customizable Scanners. You’ll also gain access to customizable scanners, making finding the types of opportunities you’re looking for in the market a simple task. 
  • Simulated Trading. Members also have access to a trading simulator that makes it possible to test your trades in a live trading environment without risking your hard-earned money. 
  • Recaps. You’ll also be able to access market recaps that show what trades were made during live sessions, why those trades were made, and their outcomes. These recaps give you clear examples of the strategies taught at work. 


Subscribers have two options to choose from when signing up for Warrior Trading:

  1. Warrior Starter ($997 One-Time Payment and $197 per Month After the First 30 Days). Starter members have access to the Warrior Starter Course and all chat rooms with the exception of the Warrior Pro Mentor Room.  
  2. Warrior Pro ($5997 per Year or $4,297 One-Time Payment and $197 per Month After the First 90 Days). Pro members receive access to everything the platform has to provide, including the Warrior Pro Mentor Room and advanced trading courses.  

6. Investors Underground

Founded in 2008 by professional trader Nathan Michaud, Investors Underground is yet another educational platform that was developed to bring your trading abilities to the next level, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. 

While the company’s core focus is centered around day trading penny stocks, it’s also a great place to learn and socialize about cryptocurrency

The chat room you’ll have access to when you sign up for the service is a robust one with thousands of active members. Because many users learned how to trade with Investor’s Underground, the vast majority of members seem to have a drive to teach others the trading styles and strategies they’ve picked up through their chat sessions, making this a great hangout for beginners.

There are three chat rooms available, including:

  • Momentum Trade Chat. This is where you’ll go if you want to talk about momentum trades, trading strategies, and momentum trade alerts. This room is by far the most active on the platform. 
  • Swing Trade Chat. The swing trade chat room is centered around the concept of swing trading, which is like momentum trading but traders tend to hold their positions for longer periods of time.
  • OTC Trade Chat. Finally, if you’re interested in trading over-the-counter (OTC) stocks, the OTC trade chat is where you’ll want to be.  

In addition to the chat rooms, members of the platform also enjoy:

  • Daily Watch Lists. Members receive a daily list of trade alerts, with each entry including detailed instructions surrounding the best way to go about taking advantage of the opportunity. 
  • Education Library. The platform was developed as an educational source, so it only makes sense that the lessons available are incredibly comprehensive. The platform features more than 1,000 videos, guides, and trading recaps. 
  • Trading Courses. Members also have access to more than 20 hours of comprehensive trading course content. 
  • Group Webinars. Finally, members enjoy regular group webinars centered around interactive study groups, trade recaps, and question-and-answer sessions. 


There is only one level of membership offered by Investors Underground, but there are three ways to go about paying for it:

  1. Monthly: $297 per month. 
  2. Quarterly: $697 per quarter, an annual savings of $776 over the monthly billing price. 
  3. Annual: $1,897 per year, an annual savings of $1,667 over the monthly billing price and $891 over the quarterly billing price. 

7. BuySide Global

While most chat rooms on this list are solely focused on stocks, the chat room at BuySide Global features stocks, options, and futures, giving those who want to take a more diversified approach to trading a home for social activity. 

With thousands of active members, you’ll never find yourself short of someone to talk to about trading strategies, opportunities, and anything else having to do with trading within the covered asset classes. 

Not only will you be able to communicate with other traders in the chat room, you’ll be following the live trades of a professional trader based on alerts given through the platform. 

BuySide Global offers far more than chat. Here are some of the other features that members rave about:

  • Trade Alerts. The alerts provided allow you to see through the noise of the market and focus on the opportunities that have real potential to yield significant returns. 
  • Divergence & Volume Analysis. The alerts come with detailed divergence and volume analysis, giving traders specific entry and exit points to look for. 
  • AI Autotrader. Finally, members have access to an AI autotrader that uses the signals provided to make trades on your behalf. On its website, BuySide Global says its AI makes trades “faster and better than any human ever could.”


There’s only one level of service offered, and traders can decide to be billed monthly or pay a larger one-time fee for lifetime access. Monthly members pay $197 per month, while lifetime members pay a one-time fee of $3,495. 

The company also sells lifetime access for technical indicators designed to be used with the NinjaTrader 8 software platform. The price tags range from $395 to $1,495, depending on the indicator. 

8. Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders first launched in 2016, but don’t let its age fool you; it’s quickly becoming one of the most active trading communities online. 

In the chat room, members discuss trading strategies and opportunities in the market while watching live trades being executed using the strategies and tools provided through the platform. The fast-growing community features thousands of active members, all of whom seem to be friendly and willing to help newcomers gain their footing. 

Interestingly, most conversations in the chat room seem to focus on low-float and mid-float stocks. These are stocks that have a relatively low number of shares available to the general public. With the stock market being a system of supply and demand, when demand peaks for these types of stocks, prices have the potential to skyrocket because supplies of shares are limited. 

Aside from the robust chat room, Bear Bull Traders members enjoy:

  • Dedicated Psychologists. Understanding trading psychology is an important aspect of the trading process, because emotions like fear and greed have the potential to devastate your returns. Bear Bull Traders has dedicated psychologists that help in the creation of educational materials and are active on message boards to help ensure that you don’t become a victim of emotional trading
  • Educational Materials. The company’s educational materials are some of the best online today, offering courses on everything from stock market basics to complex trading strategies. 
  • Webinars and Meetups. The company also hosts weekly webinars as well as regular in-person meetups to bring the community together.  


There are two different membership levels to choose from when signing up for Bear Bull Traders:

  1. Basic ($99 per month). The basic service comes with access to live trading chat rooms as well as intro and essential lessons. 
  2. Elite ($199 per month or $1,999 per year). With the Elite membership, you’ll get everything that comes with basic membership plus weekly webinars, mentorship, and access to the trading psychology team. 

9. ShadowTrader

ShadowTrader has made a name for itself as one of the go-to sources for education, signals, and a community centered around options trading. Options traders love the platform, and it’s got plenty to offer to those looking to trade stocks, forex, and futures as well. 

The community is robust and includes several professional traders, giving beginners their choice of pros to follow and learn from. Although there are tools available for stock, futures, and forex traders, the chat room is specific to options. 

Aside from the robust options chat room, members can also access:

  • Educational Tools. The ShadowTrade platform comes with a comprehensive educational suite designed to teach you everything you need to know about trading options, stocks, futures, and forex. 
  • Free Weekly Video. Founder Peter Reznicek features a weekly video outlining what’s going on in the market and the opportunities to look for in the week ahead. 
  • Free Beginner Courses. All beginner courses on the platform are free. There are also other bits of free content designed to give you a better understanding of how the market works. 


All members, free or paid, have access to the chat room. Moreover, with ShadowTrader, you’ll only pay for what you use. There are several resources available, with prices ranging from a one-time fee of $75 for content like spreadsheets to monthly fees of $49 for content that’s regularly updated. 

10. Haikhuu Trading

Finally, Haikhuu Trading may have a name that makes you giggle, but its community is no joke. While the platform is very young, first becoming available in 2018, it already boasts more than 150,000 active members. 

With such a large subscriber base, it only makes sense that the chat room offered through the platform is rarely short of conversation. Members of the community range from experienced traders to beginners looking to learn the ropes. 

The platform offers both free and premium chat rooms, giving you the ability to learn about the community before spending your first dime on membership fees. It also comes with exclusive Discord channels that offer yet another social space, but these channels are only available to paying subscribers. 

Aside from the chat rooms offered, members also enjoy:

  • Veteran Trader Analysis. Paying subscribers can have their watchlist analyzed by veteran traders to let them know if they’re headed in the right direction. 
  • Trading Education. Haikhuu Trading takes the success of their members seriously, and offers comprehensive educational materials to ensure they have the knowledge they’ll need to be profitable. 
  • News. Experienced traders know that news moves the market. Haikhuu Trading gives its members access to exclusive news as it breaks, giving them the upper hand in the market. 


There are three membership levels available when you sign up for Haikhuu Trading. They include:

  1. General Chat Room (Free). This free membership gives you access to three chat rooms, news sources, and basic trading education. 
  2. Gold ($89 per Month). Gold members have access to everything free members do plus exclusive Discord channel access, daily conference calls, premarket trading videos, veteran watchlist analysis, webinars, all futures and stock scanner settings, and full educational suite access. 
  3. Platinum ($999 per Year). Platinum members get access to everything gold members have access to. The only difference is how you’re billed. When billed annually, you’ll save $69 per year over the monthly subscription price. 

Final Word

There are countless online chat rooms out there dedicated to specific topics and communities. If you’re a single mom looking to connect with other single moms, there’s a chat room for that. The same goes for architects who want to meet like-minded professionals, cancer patients who need an experienced ear when going through the toughest times of their lives, and stepparents with questions about their relationships with their stepchildren. 

If you look for a chat room for people who only carry ice cream in their left pocket, you’ll probably find one. Well, that may be a stretch, but you get the point. 

With so many investing and trading chat rooms online today, you’ll be able to connect with plenty of other like-minded people. All you need to do is sign up! 

As an investor or trader, whether you’re new to the market or have years of experience, you’ll likely want to connect with others in the space. Not only do these connections make you feel good, they open the door to strategies and opportunities you might never have thought of on your own. 


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