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7 Best Stock Chat Rooms to Share Trading and Investing Ideas


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Who do you go to when you want an opinion about a new day-trading strategy or if you need a tip to find the next big trading opportunity?

What if you’ve got questions about your asset allocation, but you don’t have the cash to pay a financial advisor?

What if you simply enjoy the stock market and want to talk to someone about it?

You go to stock chat rooms, friend. It’s not hard to find online communities populated by serious traders and investors looking for a leg up in the market. They’re willing to share what works for them, trading-wise, and what doesn’t — and swap some entertaining, perhaps irreverent war stories in the process.

You own shares of Apple, Amazon, Tesla. Why not Banksy or Andy Warhol? Their works’ value doesn’t rise and fall with the stock market. And they’re a lot cooler than Jeff Bezos.
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But stock chat room quality varies widely. You have to know where to look to find a place worth sticking with — especially because it’s rare to find a stock chat room that doesn’t require a paid membership.

Best Stock Chat Rooms

These are the best online stock chat rooms for U.S. investors right now. Regardless of your trading experience or ability, at least one of the communities on this list is likely to be worth the time (and money) you put into it.

In fact, each off these platforms does at least one thing really well, whether it’s covering a big range of trading topics or market niches, or offering lots of value-added tools and features. Our top overall pick is the best fit for the widest range of potential users.

Here’s what you should know about each.

Best Overall: Stocktwits

Stocktwits Logo

Stocktwits is a complete social media platform for investors and traders of all kinds. It’s one of the most active stock trading platforms, has more members than just about any competitors, and has a collaborative and social vibe that’s virtually unmatched in the space.

The secret is Stocktwits’ interface. On the platform, you can set up a user profile like you would on other social media sites. You can then use it to communicate with other members directly or join conversations on message boards centered around your favorite stocks. 

As one of the largest trading communities in the world, you’ll rarely find an empty message board, and while there will be squabbles in any community this large, the vast majority of members are there for the same reasons you are and are friendly to newcomers. 

Additional features:

  • Strong protections against self-promotion and pump-and-dumps schemes
  • Stock heatmaps showing recent performance and momentum
  • Multiple podcasts available for free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify
  • Stock rankings based on price change percent, social activity, and trading volume
  • Earnings and news calendar

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Best for Trader Education: Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Logo

Founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Jason Raznick, Benzinga has quickly grown to become one of the largest communities of investors and traders online today. 

When it comes to chat rooms related to investing and day trading, few others are quite as robust as Benzinga’s. There are thousands of members, all of whom are there to be active members of the community, either gathering information or sharing tips, tricks, and hints. 

And don’t worry about being new to the industry and not knowing investing lingo. Not only are most people on the platform very friendly, Benzinga has the best lineup of newbie education resources of any platform on this list.

Additional features:

  • Available to Benzinga Pro members, starting at about $100 per month or about $950 per year (discounted when you pay annually)
  • squawk box, a fast-paced audio alert system designed to bring opportunities to day traders before the market picks up on them
  • Custom watch lists for every trading session
  • Live news feed for the stocks on your watch list
  • Nasdaq delayed or real-time quotes, depending on your membership tier
  • Additional premium chat resources (including newsdesk chat) when you upgrade to Essential at about $1,400 per year

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Best for Day Traders: Investors Underground

Investors Underground Logo 8 10 22

Founded in 2008 by professional trader Nathan Michaud, Investors Underground is yet another educational platform geared toward extremely active traders. It has two core verticals, penny stocks and cryptocurrency, but isn’t totally limited to those domains. 

You’ll find three chat rooms here:

  • Momentum Trade Chat. This is where you’ll go if you want to talk about momentum trades, trading strategies, and momentum trade alerts. This room is by far the most active on the platform. 
  • Swing Trade Chat. The swing trade chat room is centered around the concept of swing trading, which is like momentum trading but traders tend to hold their positions for longer periods of time.
  • OTC Trade Chat. Finally, if you’re interested in trading over-the-counter (OTC) stocks, the OTC trade chat is where you’ll want to be.  

Because many users learned how to trade with Investors Underground, the vast majority of members seem to have a drive to teach others the trading styles and strategies they’ve picked up through their chat sessions, making this a great hangout for beginners.

Additional features:

  • Pay for membership on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis — with deep discounts for annual payment ($300 per month when paid monthly against $1,900 per year when paid annually)
  • Daily watch lists, which are really trade alerts with detailed execution instructions
  • More than 1,000 educational videos, guides, and trading recaps
  • More than 20 hours of trading courses
  • Group webinars that further enhance the chat experience and function as interactive study groups for serious traders

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Best for Multiple Chat Platforms: BlackBox Stocks

Blackbox Stocks Logo 8 10 22

BlackBox Stocks has an active community made up of thousands upon thousands of members, the community is an incredibly active one, and the social features on the platform are pretty impressive. 

There are several ways to communicate with others on the platform:

  • The proprietary BlackBox Stocks chat room, where members post trade confirmations, tips, strategies, and more — you can follow follow trending stocks and members here as well
  • Private Discord groups for active BlackBox members
  • Private Twitter groups
  • Public Twitter channels, which spill over into the wider world of active investing

Additional features:

  • Customizable stock scanners 
  • Customizable options scanners that make it easy to follow the “smart money” in the fast-evolving world of options trading
  • Real-time analyst upgrades and downgrades 
  • A comprehensive course on stock and options trading and the use of the platform’s tools

All this for an all-or-nothing price of about $100 per month or about $1,000 per year when paid annually.

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Best Live Trading Integration: Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading Logo

Warrior Trading is one of the most comprehensive educational platforms online today. Its key differentiator is a live trading display that seamlessly integrates into the platform’s user dashboard, making it easy to follow trades as you chat with other users. 

Founded by professional trader Ross Cameron, the platform hosts several chat rooms including:

  • Small-Cap Live Trading Room. Hosted by Ross Cameron, this chat room allows for a discussion while traders watch Ross make his moves in the market. The room specifically focuses on small-cap opportunities. 
  • Large-Cap Live Trading Room. Hosted by Mike Herman, this room offers up discussion while members watch Mike, the large-cap warrior, make his moves in the market. 
  • Warrior Pro Mentor Room. This room is where scheduled live mentor sessions take place. In this chat, you’ll be able to ask questions about the in-depth day trading and swing trading strategies you’ll learn about in the courses available on the platform. 
  • Warrior Lounge. Not focused on any specific topic, the Warrior Lounge gives users a room for off-topic discussions. It’s a place where members can get to know each other in an inviting setting. 

Additional features:

  • Comprehensive trading courses covering everything from the basics of the stock market to complex trading and risk management strategies 
  • Customizable stock and options scanners
  • A trading simulator that helps you test your trades in a live trading environment without risking your hard-earned money 
  • Market recaps that look back on the mentors’ live trades each session and dissect their outcomes — good and bad

The entry-level package, which comes with access to all but the Warrior Pro Mentor Room, costs about $1,000 upfront and $200 per month after the first 30 days.

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Best for Mentorship: Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders Logo 8 10 22

Bear Bull Traders has an active chat room where you can watch experts execute live trades using the strategies and analytic tools found elsewhere on the platform. It’s hands-down the best place to learn from the pros and talk to them in real time.

Most conversations in the chat room focus on low-float and mid-float stocks. These are stocks that have a relatively low number of shares available to the general public. When demand peaks for these types of stocks, prices have the potential to skyrocket because supplies of shares are limited, so it’s important for beginners to use caution here. 

Additional features:

  • Thousands of active, experienced members, all of whom seem to be friendly and willing to help newcomers gain their footing 
  • Dedicated psychologists that help create educational materials and actively participate on message boards to reduce the risk of emotional trading 
  • Take advantage of courses on everything from stock market basics to complex trading strategies 
  • Weekly webinars as well as regular in-person meetups for members
  • Choose from Basic ($100/month) or Elite membership ($200/month or $2,000/year when paid annually) 

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Best for Totally Free Stock Chat: Haikhuu Trading

Haikhuu Trading Logo 8 10 22

Haikhuu Trading may have a name that makes you giggle, but it’s one of the only stock chat communities that you can use without paying a dime for. The general stock chat room is free for all and impressively active with more than 150,000 members.

You can pay for Haikhuu, of course. Haikhuu also has premium chat rooms that cost up to $1,000 per year when billed annually. That price comes with a slew of additional features like: 

  • Exclusive Discord channels
  • Analysis by veteran traders
  • Extensive trader education resources
  • Real-time news and alerts

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Methodology: How We Choose the Best Stock Chat Rooms

We use several important factors to evaluate stock chat rooms and select the very best for our readers. 

Unsurprisingly, cost is a key consideration, but we go beyond the headline price to uncover chat rooms’ actual value. That value is often inseparable from the features and benefits of the brands backing these stock chat rooms.


Free stock chat rooms exist, but you have to know where to find them. High-quality free stock chat rooms are rarer still. 

Most but not all of the rooms on this list require monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual payment. The price usually covers a larger package of features and tools, not just the chat rooms themselves.

These packages aren’t cheap. The best stock market investor communities charge hundreds of even thousands of dollars each year. But you get what you pay for.

Bottom line: Price isn’t a dealbreaker here. Free stock chat rooms are great, and we include a couple here, but it’s better to pay for something that delivers real value.


The best stock chat rooms aren’t necessarily the busiest. The signal to noise ratio can be lower in crowded rooms — in other words, the overall quality of the discourse is lower, and true insights may be hard to find.

But the opposite is just as bad, if not worse. What good is a chat room if no one uses it? 

The sweet spot: busy but not noisy chat rooms populated by serious, highly skilled traders and investors. Places where you’ll find actionable insights everywhere you look. We rank our picks accordingly.

Variety of Topics and Niches

The quantity of topics in a stock chat environment is nearly as important as the quantity of users. 

If your chosen platform lacks a community of fellow traders or investors whose styles, philosophies, and overall approach to the market fit closely with yours, you probably won’t find it very useful. You probably won’t stick around for long.

We rank stock chat rooms accordingly. The more variety available without compromising quality, the higher the platform ranks.

Expert Guidance and Mentorship

Several of the communities on this list revolve around a core group of seasoned traders and/or investors. These people may be involved in ownership or management, or they might simply be paid (or otherwise rewarded) to share their knowledge and expertise with less seasoned participants.

You do have to be careful about giving too much weight to any one person’s view of the market. There’s no substitute for doing your own due diligence.

But all else being equal, you want to belong to a community with some structure. A community where it’s clear who the experts are, and where you’re willing to pay for guidance (even mentorship) from them.

Research and Portfolio Analysis Tools

Most of the stock chat rooms on this list don’t exist in isolation. They’re part of much bigger stock market research, education, and analysis platforms.

Often a small part of. In fact, the more comprehensive and robust the platform surrounding the chat room, the more valuable you’re likely to find it, and the more likely you are not to want to leave it.

Stock Chat Room FAQs

Still have questions about stock chat rooms? Wondering where to start your search or narrow down your list of choices?

You’ve come to the right place. These are some of the top questions investors like you have about stock chat rooms.

How Much Do Stock Chat Rooms Cost?

Most stock chat rooms cost something. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that most stock chat rooms are only part of much broader and more useful online communities or resources for stock traders and investors. It’s rare that you have to pay for a stock chat room that doesn’t also include stock and portfolio analysis tools, among other features.

That said, stock chat rooms aren’t cheap. Expect to pay anywhere from $20 per month to more than $200 per month for full access to these communities. That’s a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per year.

Are Stock Chat Rooms Worth It?

It depends what you want to get out of them.

If you’re a frequent trader with hundreds or thousands of dollars riding on every trade, it’s worth paying for cutting-edge intelligence that keeps you ahead of the pack.

If you’re a buy-and-hold retail investor with a more modest portfolio, stick with free or cheap stock chat rooms, or avoid them altogether. You’re probably good with free research tools available on Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance.

What Are the Best Stock Chat Rooms?

It depends, again. This time, on your trading style, risk tolerance, and other factors unique to you as an investor.

The best stock chat room for your needs is the one where you’ll find the most relevant insights for your particular needs — and the least unhelpful noise. 

Will a Stock Chat Room Make You a Better Trader?

Probably. At the very least, spending time in a stock chat room (or several) will accelerate your trading and investing education. 

In the best case, a stock chat room can replicate the sort of mentor-mentee relationships that professional traders enjoy but that people trading from home for a living would otherwise miss out on.

It’s worth trying out a stock chat room for a few weeks or months, then trying another if it doesn’t seem like it’s working out. After a while, you might conclude that you’re not getting your money’s worth out of the experience. But don’t give up before trying more than one.

How to Select the Best Stock Chat Room

Whether you’re a seasoned day trader or a green-around-the-ears retail investor looking to gain an edge in the market, there’s a stock chat room out there for you.

The trick is finding it. To do that, you’ll need to sort through lots of stock chat rooms that aren’t right for you — or, frankly, aren’t in your price range.

Consider these factors as you work through your options:

  • Price. How much are you willing to spend on a stock chat room membership. How much can you really afford?
  • Niche. Does the chat room or community focus on your trading style? Your preferred asset classes and security types? Your risk tolerance? The list goes on.
  • Comprehensiveness. How many individual chat rooms are available on your chosen platform? How many topics do they cover? 
  • Quality. Is the platform populated by sketchy people hawking pump-and-dump schemes? Or, by and large, are participants genuine, helpful, and insightful?
  • Mentorship. Do you have access to bona fide trading professionals? In some cases, these folks might run the chat rooms or larger communities themselves.
  • Other Resources. Most stock chat rooms don’t exist in a vacuum. So, how comprehensive is the surrounding platform? How much in the way of features, tools, and capabilities does it have for traders like you?

Choosing a stock chat room is a big decision, given the cost and time commitment required to get your money’s worth. Take your time — you’ll be rewarded in the end.

Joshua Rodriguez has worked in the finance and investing industry for more than a decade. In 2012, he decided he was ready to break free from the 9 to 5 rat race. By 2013, he became his own boss and hasn’t looked back since. Today, Joshua enjoys sharing his experience and expertise with up and comers to help enrich the financial lives of the masses rather than fuel the ongoing economic divide. When he’s not writing, helping up and comers in the freelance industry, and making his own investments and wise financial decisions, Joshua enjoys spending time with his wife, son, daughter, and eight large breed dogs. See what Joshua is up to by following his Twitter or contact him through his website, CNA Finance.