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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas: Give an “Experience”

Are you hoping to give a unique birthday gift to a loved one this year? We all know how difficult it can be to find the right gift year after year. Fortunately, there are probably some options that you have never considered. For example, an “experience gift” is one of the best and most memorable options for a birthday gift. Rather than giving a particular item, you can provide an experience. Better yet, the experience is one that you can often times share with the other person.

The following are several of the most popular “experience gifts”:

1. Private lessons. Does your loved one enjoy golf? How about rock climbing? There are many activities in which you can hire a professional to give a private lesson. When it comes to experience gifts, this is clearly one of the favorites.

2. Sporting event. No matter what time of year it may be, you can find a sporting event taking place in your city. From baseball and basketball to hockey and football, there are many events taking place across the country. If you are looking for a gift for a sports fan, as well as a way to spend the day together, consider giving tickets to an upcoming game.

Depending on the sport and teams in your town, you can buy tickets on the cheap. For example, Pittsburgh Pirates (Major League Baseball) tickets cost as little as $9. You can also check out college games or even high school events as well. Unless the recipient is a die-hard sports fan, sometimes just the experience of a sporting event will do the trick.

3. Skydiving. Is there anything more exhilarating than jumping out of a plane? If you know that the recipient of your gift has a zest for life and is the daring type, this is one of the best experiences that you can give. Whether or not you are willing to join them on the jump is another story entirely!

4. Hot air balloon ride. This experience has been popular for many years. There is nothing more exciting than seeing your city from a bird’s eye view. The ride alone is well worth the money, but to make things even more exciting you can take a picnic lunch with you. The only negative here is these rides are often pretty expensive.

5. Visit a psychic. This is an experience-based birthday gift that is perfect for many couples, but is often times overlooked. In addition to being a lot of fun, a session with a psychic is very affordable. In most cases, you can find somebody in your area who offers 30 to 60 minutes of their time for $100 or less. Just be sure you won’t get scared by knowing the future!

Above all else, with experience gifts, you are showing the other person that you put a lot of time and effort into their gift. Additionally, an experience gift is something you can share with the other person and remember for many years to come. Material items come and go, but experiences are something that will stay with you forever! Seriously, do you think someone would enjoy a new sweater or a skydiving excursion more?

The next time a loved one’s birthday rolls around, consider an experience gift.

What is it about experience gifts that make them so enjoyable? Do you have any ideas to add to the discussion?

Chris Bibey
Chris Bibey is a freelance writer who over the years has honed his personal finance experience by writing more than 100 feature articles on the subject. In his spare time, Chris enjoys sports - West Virginia football in particular!

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