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    Good article, gave the link to my coworker who is getting married in April

    • Sally Aquire

      I hope she finds it useful!

  • Elizabeth I

    You might want to mention that you do not always have to go out to eat for every meal. It might be more cost efficient to find a hotel that includes breakfast, this way you can have a light lunch or even a picnic lunch.

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    Thank you for the info about gift registry. This is my first to learn about this thing.

  • Julie @ Millennial Cents

    I really wanted to use honeypot but my mother-in-law did NOT like the idea. To keep the peace we didn’t use it. We ended up in Argentina and with the difference between the official and unofficial exchange rates we were basically getting 70% more for our money. Although it did mean we did spend some days walking around trying to find the best “rate”- luckily both my husband and I are frugal and like to find a good deal :-)

  • AbigailP

    My mom and I each got an airlines card. We were given bonus miles for signing up and then put most expenses on the card for a few months. Voila, enough for two plane tickets for my new husband and myself to get to the honeymoon!

    Also, I know a lot of people want a traditional, romantic-type honeymoon. But remember you don’t have to go for that.

    My husband has skin issues that means he can’t go in the ocean, so a beach vacay was kind of silly. Instead, we decided to go for fun and stress-relief. We went to Orlando, stayed in cheap hotels and went to various amusement parks. I bought discounted tickets online, and we had a blast. Nothing relieves pent-up tension like a roller coaster!

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