• http://www.providentplan.com Paul Williams

    I just wanted to add that the pricing information is subject to change and only represents the “usual” set up. If a retirement plan is complex, then those companies may have a different fee arrangement they use.

    Also, I want to emphasize that even if you’re not the decision maker on this type of stuff where you work it can still be valuable to you. If you’re in a high cost plan now, you could be paying anywhere from 1-2% more than you need to (and that’s ridiculous!). Seriously consider talking about this with your employer!!! Who knows…maybe you can even finagle a raise out of it! :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RGJKMZHER4NAVRXUFXRJ6GR4XI/blog/ Bernard Groeber

    We are so grateful for my company’s 401k retirement plans. Quite better than the Roth IRA I had.

    • Mikeh

      I don’t understand your comment, Bernard. Why don’t you have both? They are two different things – like saying you have your company’s 401K instead of a bank account.

  • Tracey

    Anyone have experience with ADP’s 401K plan? Have 12 employees and using Lincoln Financial but they have a ton of fees and considering switch

  • Yellowjckt

    Not a fan of the ADP plan. ADP has a lot of hidden fees like fees to pull your money out of the account?

  • Frank

    Adp has the most transparent fee structure I have seen. They also have great fund selection.

  • Davidetc

    The real question is how Mr. Romney can have over $100,000,000 in his personal 401k when there are limits to how much you can put in. This is a crooked game.

    • tellitstraight

      The real question is how can obama buy a $40 million house in Hawaii when the presidential salary is $400,000 a year, all living expenses paid, including an entourage for the first lady.

  • S_a_l_e_m2005

    ADP is terrible! Good luck trying to retrieve your 401K monies! They just toss you around from one person to another person then tell you to call back then tell you the withdrawal is fine then tell you its not!! BIGGEST HEADACHE in the world!!

  • Scott Bowman

    Steidle Pension Solutions has been administering my small business retirement plan for over a year now. I have saved over 1,000 in administration costs this year by moving to their firm. If you have a plan that a large payroll company is handling, I highly suggest giving them a call to see if they can save you money. Fast, friendly, and knowledgeable staff that is happy to answer all of my questions.

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