FusionCash.net Review – A Legitimate Website For Making Money Online From Home

FusionCashI am sure you all are tired of the millions of scams and fake websites that claim you can make money from home. In a moment of weakness, you may have been tricked by one of these “infomercial-get-rich-quick” websites that promise you will make thousands of dollars per month. Then, you find out that there is always a catch or they keep billing you when they said it would only be a one-time fee. I know there are many stay-at-home moms and people just barely making it looking to make some extra cash. Fusion Cash is the only website that I have had good success with actually being paid for doing trial offers, taking surveys, and joining online clubs.

Here are some features about Fusion Cash:

  1. It is COMPLETELY free. There are no sign-up fees or maintenance fees to start an account
  2. They pay YOU to sign up. Right now, if you sign up for an account, they’ll start you off with $5.00.
  3. You can link up a bank account to have the money directly deposited to it. They allow you to cash out after you’ve made just $25.00.
  4. Their offers range anywhere from .25 to $30 per offer. You can choose offers that require you to put in credit card information or you can choose offers that require NO credit card information.

Watch Out For Sites Like This:

  1. Don’t pay money to join a site that promises to make you money taking surveys or other offers.
  2. Avoid websites that look like they were produced in mass. What I mean by this is that there are certain website programs that spit out websites with that certain “infomercial” feel to them. They have someone talking in a video, testimonials, very persuasive language, and other characteristics.
  3. No website should ever ask you for your social security number. There’s no reason they need this information. Any income you earn would be reported on a 1099 tax form at the end of the year.

My Strategy With Fusion Cash

  • First, you must have an email address that is not your primary email account. When you start doing these offers, almost all of them make you agree to allow them to send you massive amounts of spam email advertisements.
  • I do a mix of “no credit card needed” offers and trial offers that require a credit card. The ones that don’t require a credit card are easy, but you need to do about 10 or 15 of them to make it worth it. If you can average about $8 to 10 an hour doing these, then it’s worth your time. I like the ones that say “instant credit” because the money shows up quickly.
  • If you try the offers with bigger payouts, it will almost always be something where you sign up for a free trial of 7, 10, or 30 days, and they send you a product, software, or perform a service during that free trial period. Only choose the ones that say “instant credit”, but make sure you know exactly what needs to be done to receive the credit. Sometimes you need to become a paying customer to receive the credit, and that’s not worth it unless the offer is $30.00 and you can pay $5 to become a paying customer. You get my drift? Once you sign up for a trial offer, write down your account information and write down the date you signed up, how long the trial lasts, and the customer support number. You need the contact phone number to cancel the trial offer before they charge your credit card. Don’t wait until the last day, because they might pull something shady on you and still charge your credit card. Also, don’t cancel the offer immediately. The companies will pick up on this and stop using Fusion Cash as their affiliate.
  • Refer friends and family. you get $1 when someone signs up, $2 when they complete their first offer, and $5 every time they cash out for life. It’s a win-win situation for both parties, because they get $5.00 just for signing up. You don’t have to feel like one of those “get rich quick” jerks, because there is no risk on their part. Targeting stay-at-home moms is a good strategy, because they are always looking for ways to make a little extra cash while the baby is asleep.

So, are you convinced yet? I know this post probably sounds like an infomercial in itself, but I’m not being paid anything by Fusion Cash to write this post. I’ve been writing on this blog for almost 3 years now, so I think you can trust me when I say that this site is LEGIT. You won’t get rich off of it, but it’s a great way to earn some extra money to spend on entertainment, pay off debt, or invest in your retirement account. When I was using Fusion Cash on a daily basis back in 2007, I made $134.50 in three weeks. And I wasn’t even seriously using the site. If you commit to making $10 a day for 60 to 90 minutes per day, you can make $300 a month. That’s not bad considering it can turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars if you invest $300 a month for the next 30 years.

Click Here to sign up for an account and earn $5.00 instantly.

  • tsk tsk

    The first offer I tried to sign up for DEMANDS a Windows OS and will not accept anything else.

    Bah humbug.

    • Lee

      I agree cash Crate does really work I made $35 in 1 month though lol…but atleast they do pay atm im too lazy to get back on it takes time to make money on cash crate but they do pay and the minimum payout is $20 they send you a check in mail every once a month. Good Luck :)

  • okay…

    GEEZ I’m wading through a TON of questions and it keeps hitting me up to enter more stuff. Update profile? I don’t have anything more to add…can I just finish this thing and get the $1.00 credit that was offered?

  • okay…

    So what does this work out to, maybe a dollar per hour?

  • author

    yeah, i should have put a disclaimer about fusion cash. Not all of the offers work properly, and some of them do take 10 to 15 minutes to finish. But no, it doesn’t work out to dollar an hour, because it shouldn’t take you an hour to fill out one of the $1.00 offers. Another good strategy is to do one trial offer per day which pay out about $10 to $15. You can complete one of those in about 10 minutes. then, keep great documentation to make sure you cancel the trial offer before you are charged for it.

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  • Mayra Cedillo

    I still feel very nervous about the enter credit card offer ones, I’ve had a couple of shady experiences. Still its worth looking into, especially for my sister since she has not been able to find a job and needs to pay for college textbooks.

  • http://USClickAds.com Oldbuddy

    I was appalled when I saw how many people are posting bad comments about Fusioncash when after using them for years I KNOW they are the best of these websites around. I have been paid over $1,500 in cash and it doesn’t cost me a penny to do the offers I use. Fusioncash is amazing if you spend the time to learn how to use it.

    • dan johnson

      i dont get it all these negitive comments. People, if you are going to join a site before you start complaining and calling it a scam read the damn rules and tos. the money you earnt here EXPIRES! pay attention and stop running your mouths off. Fusioncash is as legit as it gets. I have made a good amount of money from them.

  • http://grabscreen.com Warren Contreras

    I ran across you on Google again today and thought you might be interested in an update since my last comment. My earnings are over $2,500 now and you can visit the forum and look for oldbuddy to see my real time banner. Fusioncash is number one for these kind of get paid to sites.


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  • http://www.yesornoreviews.com/fusioncash Michael

    Thanks for posting such a great review of FusionCash. People that are doing their due diligence on services like FusionCash will find the information in this post very helpful. FusionCash seems like a great program and any negatives that people experience really don’t have to do with FusionCash, instead, they seem to be caused by the offers and promos themselves. Anyone looking to use a site like FusionCash should take the time to read the terms of the agreement before participating so that they know what they are getting into.

    P.S. Congrats on the baby, Erik!

  • parker

    cash crate worked the best for me here is the link


    Fusioncash Is In Partnership With Identity Thieves.

    Fusioncash Is A Scam To Get Your Credit Card Numbers And Personal Information And Sell It To The Highest Bidders (to All Bidders), From India To California To Jersey To Nigeria.

    No One Has Ever Received A $100 Gift Card, Or Any Bogus Prizes They Claim For Completing Offers.

    80% Of Their Members Don’t Get Paid Their Money. They Get Restricted From The Site Right Before Or After Requesting Cashout. Quite Convenient.

    What You Get Includes, But Not Limited To, Bombardment Of Spam Emails And Thousands Of Telemarketing Calls From Punjab…credit Card Charges, Charges To Your Phone Bill…

    Identity Thieves Using Your Info To Open Accounts…

    Warning – This Company Has Less Than 12 Months Left. Rumors Of Class Actions Are Brewing. They Would Have Been Sued Before, But The Lawyers Thought Fusioncash Did Not Have Enough Assets To Sue. Now They Are Being Sued Out Of Necessity As A Public Nuisance.

    Bye Bye, Fusioncash. You Are Going Down !!!

    • Guest

      hmmm…. yeah i have cashed out twice and on my way to the third cash out. Yes you do get spam in your inbox… but think about it! You are filling out offers from other sites. Not fusion cash. I have not seen anything that seemed to good to be true yet. If I did… I wouldn’t do it! There is a reason why things are too good to be true. Just use common since!

      • http://www.facebook.com/phil.holland.56 Phil Holland

        Exactly guest..and one lesson we all know is…NEVER…EVER give out your SS number ..or credit card number or real phone number… which thankfully..I no longer foolishly use credit of any kind..so that not a issue

      • Cinno76

        your right but its common sense not, not common since….. yikes

        • Gsj

          Since we’re correcting people, it’s actually YOU’RE

        • Guest

          Since we’re correcting people who are correcting other people, you missed Cinno76’s apostrophe in “its” and the extra “not”. Oh, and you forgot the period at the end of your own sentence.


    Warren Contreras SODOMIZES his mother. he is an employee of Fusioncash – real pond scum.

    FUSIONCASH steals people’s identity and information (including medical information) and sells it.

    Tyler Derheim is public enemy number 1.

    see ya, FusionCash!!!

  • M_Vrn

    Doesn’t work for me….

  • http://twitter.com/priestess24u nikko castlegrant

    fusion cash is a scam, I took surveys from different sites and completed them and fusion cash refused to pay me. It is a big scam

  • d e bartley

    ALERT Fusion cash is a scam, I had been a member for a year before I was ever paid, then I received only 25.00 after my first paycheck I was taking lots of surveys from different survey routers and fusion cash froze my account and refused to ever pay me again. They kept all the money from at least 8 survey sites that I was going in and taking surveys daily. they robbed me of a lot of money. I wrote and told this same story to all the survey sites that are on fusioncash, letting them know that fusion cash does not pay it’s members and finds reasons to stop payment. They are a scam site and I complained and also had 23 different people who have had the same problem complain to the better Business Bureau.

    BEWARE Of FUSIONCASH a scam site.

  • mike

    Like everyone below, I agree, Fusion cash is a scam, they will find reasons not to pay up. I have wasted a lot of time and effort and ended up with absolutely nothing in return. Do yourself a favor and stay AWAY from this site.

    • Tlmason1979

      what did they do

  • Don’t click

    The only reason this site is running for is to make money when you click on the google ads!!!!

  • Don’t Click

    Like I said and they deleted my post after 4 minutes!! This site only wants you to click on google ads. They do not care about referring you into Fusion Cash. They made their money. Correct Erik?

  • Badeeze

    The Fusion Cash link takes you to a stupid zbiddy penny website. I guess they only care about the google ads clicks!!

  • mommysusan

    These people ripped me off. After spending almost a year to finally make it to the mark where I could cash out, they refused to pay me. Sorry. I won’t try this again.

    • Ryan Lever

      scam all the way because they make it almost impossible to hit the 25 dollar mark. Once you get even close they stop sending you stuff.

  • Jb Leek

    I just want to share a REAL way to make good money online WITH NO RISK! I spend a lot of my time helping others get started with this, cause I know first hand how many scams and bull crap “opportunities” they are out there. I’ve been doing this a little over 4 months now and I’ve made over 5 grand with VERY little effort. Hasn’t made me rich, but I only spend about 15 mins every other day doing this. If someone put more time into it than me, they could easily make more than I have. I will gladly show you how to do this. Feel free to email me at [email protected] & I’ll give you the info. I will not lie to you about anything & once you see this, you will know it’s real. By far the easiest & best way I have found to make good money online.

    • Nechelle Cyprian

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    • wayne clements

      I would love to hear about your way of making real money online. Thank you so much, Wayne Clements. :)

  • jazzy

    sounds good

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  • BrandstofBrad78

    So this all sounds fantastic and all, I’m an unemployed South African and have been for the last 7 months now and counting. My question : Would Fusion cash still work Internationally ?

    • J

      No. You have to be in the US or CA. I know other sites that will work for you.

  • J
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  • Nichii

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  • CuriousRufus

    Hi I want to join and see how this goes but everytime I click on the “click here to sign in” it redirects mo to another site called jetradar. I was hoping if anyone can help me sign i for real. thanks!

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