• http://financiallyconsumed.com/wordpress/ Hunter

    I took advantage of a study abroad opportunity and it really was a defining experience for me. I met my future wife, and ultimately moved to the U.S. permanently (from Australia).

    College is so expensive, and increasingly more selective, it’s important to get the most out of it.

  • Tomare Utsu Zo

    “These rising costs have led some to believe that a degree might not be worth it.”

    College IS a bad investment for most people who take. Lost wages. Lost experience. Increased Debt. A degree can be valuable, if you are going into a field where you can’t just learn on the job. But, being a secretary, or just about any of the other soft fields, can be learned on the job. And, experience counts for more then education in many fields of work. I didn’t even go to high school. But, there is no job recession for me. I get job offers all the time. Because I didn’t waste my time getting a sub rate education from people who’s experience lies inside the walls of academia.

    So, to all you with 40k in student loans making 45k/y *points and laughs*

  • http://winningcollegegame.blogspot.com/ Ryan

    With all respect, I have to disagree – college is NOT a bad investment. If a student in unconscious about their actions (i.e. their major, their experiences, and their financing) they can have a very bad outcome. However, college graduates still on average make much more than their non-educated peers, and have better job security. And let’s not forget that college graduates, even when making the same amount of money as someone who did not attend college, tend to have far broader knowledge of the world than non-graduates. Post Secondary education may have its faults, but I would still prefer to hire a graduate than a non-graduate.

    If anyone wants to find out more about how to successfully navigate the corridors of academia, a good place to start is at http://winningcollegegame.blogspot.com/. I really like that the author tells it like it is.

  • http://www.mirandamarquit.com Miranda Marquit

    Thanks for your different opinions. I think that, ultimately, any experience is what you make of it. Different people benefit from different experiences, and what is right for you may not be right for someone else. In the end, though, you can make the most of just about anything.

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