6 Websites to Help You Earn Extra Money Online From Home

guy with computerWe all know that the Internet has revolutionized how folks sell their spare stuff for extra income (i.e. selling things online on eBay or Amazon), but did you know it can also help turn your free time into extra income?

There are more and more sites out there that connect individuals and businesses with people who have the skills or goods they need. For those of you who are long on free time and short on money (and not ready to start your own business), here are 6 websites that can help you pick up some extra cash!

1. If you’re the creative type – Fiverr
Got a talent or skill you want to share with the world? Post a listing on Fiverr.com detailing what you’re willing to do for $5. This can be a custom drawing, photo, song, short video, or anything else you can come up with. You can also sell a physical item or offer your services for tasks. It’s a neat way to connect with others, use your hidden talents, and make some extra cash at the same time.

2. If you’re a pack rat – Rentalic
Got an expensive item lying around such as a steam vacuum cleaner or circular saw? Make some extra dough by renting it out by the day or week on Rentalic.com. This site provides you with a structured way to lend your items to other members in your area. If your items are high quality or hard to find, you can get very nice rates for them. This site is expanding rapidly and listings can be found in most states.

3. If you’re a know-it-all – ChaCha
Do your friends fight over who gets you on their Trivial Pursuit team? You might make a great ChaCha agent. ChaCha is a service that allows people to get quick answers to burning questions by text, such as who won the first Oscar for best actor, or what organ weighs the most in the human body. You can also become a transcriber and simply transcribe people’s questions from recordings. Settle bar bets and make some extra money at the same time – you can log in to answer questions anytime you want for as long as you want, and get paid for each answer.

4. If you’re a man/woman about town – TaskRabbit
Do you complete your Saturday morning errands in record time? TaskRabbit.com might be a great fit for you. As a “runner,” you bid on various short errands that “senders” have posted, such as dog walking, raking leaves, or making deliveries. You are paid through the site and can take on as many assignments as you wish. TaskRabbit is currently active in San Francisco and Boston, but is expanding to several other cities soon – so if you’re interested, check the listing and apply!

5. If you’re a quick typer and a fast thinker – Amazon Mechanical Turk
Got some time in front of the TV? Make it profitable by completing Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk site. You complete very small tasks that are hard for a computer, but easy for a human, such as finding a mailing address on a website, or identifying shoes as women’s or men’s. The tasks usually pay a few cents each but are quick and easy to complete, so an evening vegging out watching reruns can become profitable.

6. If you’re an outgoing personality – Volition
Do you enjoy meeting new people and talking to strangers? You might enjoy being a demonstrator at a grocery store, handing out samples and coupons to shoppers. These jobs can be pretty regular gigs, and you are paid a set wage, usually about $10 to $15 per hour for a four to six hour assignment. Sign up with some of the companies listed at Volition.com to find assignments in your area.

Additionally, your local Craigslist.org section is a great place to find listings for brand ambassadors. “Brand ambassador” is a fancy term for the ladies and gents who stand on the sidewalk outside a store during a grand opening or a big sale, give out freebies, and encourage shoppers to come on in. You may be required to furnish a photo or a resume – any experience you have working with the public will be a bonus.

Have you used any of these sites to earn extra money? What other sites do you recommend?