• Fit is the New Poor

    This certainly applies to my husband. His shopping is totally decided upon by the amount of time and patience he has. He often pays much more for an item because he’d rather just get it than go through the hassle of shopping around.

    • Michael Lewis

      Your husband is not alone. I share his malady. I’m just glad I’m comfortable wearing old clothes so I don’t have to shop too often.

  • http://www.makemoneyyourway.com/ Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way

    Absolutely agree with this one! My husband didn’t care about the price but he is more on the quantity of the product. While I’m always attracted to sale and discounted item, it really hypnotizes me to buy.

    • Michael Lewis

      After 50 years of marriage, we finally learned that we make better decisions together than when just one is involved. Certainly is true for my wardrobe. Thanks for writing.

      • http://www.doctorofcredit.com/ doctorofcredit

        I don’t think I could shop without my girlfriend, I mean I want to look good for her so if she hates what I buy there’s no point.

        • Michael Lewis

          I agree. Most of my friends are like me – no sense of fashion, just buying what is comfortable.

  • Sammy

    We have $500 copper pots that we don’t use. Did we need them? no the sale reps at William Sonoma saw my husband looking at them and sold him in minutes.

    • michael r lewis

      Sorry about your experience. I have to admit I’ve been guilty of the same thing, though not copper pots. I’ve discovered, except for clothes and financial products like insurance, it’s better to let my wife do the shopping.
      thanks for writing.

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