• Casey Slide

    Great tips! I also use olive oil to get scratches out of my laminate wood floor. Works like a charm.

    • Heather Levin

      Casey, thanks so much for reading! I have wood floors as well, and although I’ve used olive oil on my furniture I never thought about using it on the floor. Thanks for the tip! :)

  • Karmella

    Love it as a hair treatment! And as a moisturizer. What kind do you use?

    • Heather Levin

      Karmella, I use extra virgin olive oil…I usually will get a huge jug at Costco (Kirkland brand?). I then have smaller bottles of Goya extra virgin that I use for cooking/eating.

  • Cierra

    It works great As a Makeup remover.

    • Heather Levin

      Cierra, thanks for that tip! Does it work removing mascara? If so, I’ll be thrilled. I use the Body Shop’s Chamomile Eye Makeup Remover to get mine off at night, but at $9 a bottle I could save a lot just using olive oil.

  • Robby Bonter

    Nothing like these commercial columns, saturated with related advertising, disguised as “public service” information. Hypocrites are saturating our lives more than olive oil can saturate skin and hair.

  • Patricia A Bean

    Earache remedy: Heat a little olive oil in the microwave, then put a couple of drops in the ear that hurts. Stuff cotton into ear to keep oil in. Be careful not to heat the oil too much!

  • Heather Levin

    @Patricia, thanks for sending that in! My husband actually has an ear infection right now, from a cold he’s had for the past week. I’m definitely trying this on him. Thank you!

  • http://moneycrashers.com/olive-oil-benefits-uses-for-hair-skin-face MK .

    i am using for hair treatment and it works very good up to now i hope it doesn’t hurt my hairs in future and my younger brother has got ear infection i will use it on him too

  • Linda

    Great tips, thanks. Ive been using olive oil for years to scramble our eggs, and my husbands blood work (cholesterol) comes back so good that his doctor said “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it! It’s the olive oil, Im sure.

  • Karin

    I use olive oil as a make-up remover. Works great!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000983908742 Eugenia J. Hubbard

      Olive oil is very useful.

      • Beccaboo

        I am 51-years old and have been using olive oil to take off my make-up for years. Extra virgin olive oil burns your eyes, but the regular is no problem. Also of note is that I don’t have many smile lines aroud my eyes. When I switched for a little while to lancome’s eye make-up remover the lines began forming.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000983908742 Eugenia J. Hubbard

    If you use olive oil to polish jewelry, can you use it to clean fake rings and earrings? I have been mixing olive oil with my facial moisturizer, and I have noticed that my face looks hydrated, but not oily.

    • Heatherllevin


      I did a quick search online. I think if you wash your jewelry with gentle soap and water, and then apply a very thin layer of olive oil, you’ll be ok. It’s so mild I can’t imagine it would harm it unless it’s a really porous stone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Susette-Doyle/100003278159461 Susette Doyle

    OK olive oil is good on and in body, but for furniture polish, the concept of using olive oil just breaks my heart. If you insist on household oils, use cheap vegetable oil NOT precious oilve oil. And the very idea that you might WASTE money on WD40 for stuck zippers, squeaky doors, or other hardware-is laughble. Seriously, THAT would be a waste of olive oil. Go on line for a thousand uses for WD40, and it will put your household idea to shame.

  • Gaby K

    it works as an amazing conditioner and leaves wonderful natural highlights in your hair. all you have to do is apply a generous amount of olie oil to dry hair and comb it through, then go out into the sun and sit for an hour. then when your hour has ended, wash the olive oil out , condition your hair and not only will you have orgeus natural highlights but your hair will be softas ever and flawless

  • Kimberly Holland

    I make a scrub with sugar or salt a few tablespoons of honey and olive oil. I keep a jar by my sink in the kitchen and in the shower as well. The scrub cleans your skin, honey and olive oil are natural softeners and when you rinse off, the oil stays on your skin. So it’s two in one and saves on time. No need to moisturize after the shower.

  • Clitty

    It’s great for putting on your fanny before rubbing yourself ;)

  • Adrine Lee

    Olive oile is grate for nails and cuticles . Just soak it in extro vigin olive oil for five minutes. It straghtens your nails.

  • Mel Stevens

    I use the por naturals argan oil for my hair and it makes it shiny and soft!

  • Ansaf Nilar

    its awesome to use olive,

  • pooja

    really it worksssssssssss

  • Sarajane Ferrer

    Yes olive oil is a great and easy to use its not harmful for the skin every i use it as my regular body lotion, and I found it my skin was soft and become lighter. And I used Olive oil to my wound and it helps quickly heal and no scar.that’s why I love olive oil.

  • rv

    how i can use olive oil to remove my wound marks on my face?? does it enough to use only olive oil???

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