Personal Finance Round-Up: Don’t Blindly Obey, Learn Then Choose

rebel graffiti wallI’ve always been one to fight against the arbitrary. In fact, I was never able to follow rules in my younger years (or now for that matter) – rules which I thought were only there to be obeyed but didn’t really serve a purpose. It’s just something that I was born with, and while it has caused me grief in life, I have grown and learned so much because of that character trait. I also now understand that some things weren’t just rules to be rules; they actually did have a purpose that I simply couldn’t see.

When I read this article by Debt Free Adventure entitled How to Save Money, I saw exactly where the clients of his were coming from. They saved only because they were told to save and never looked past that “rule” to see why. So the problem was less about how to save and more about why you save. Knowing your own situation and knowing your plans for the future, not tomorrow or even this week, but what you plan to do when it’s time for you to retire, is more important. Saving without a clear reason is just as foolish as not saving at all. So get to know your future, plan it out, and discover why you’re saving.

Once you know why, check out some of these other resources to learn how:

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People don’t like change. It’s in our nature, but when you hold onto something that isn’t the best thing in the first place, you are sacrificing growth for comfort. Don’t do that; it’s time to let go and grow.

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Being happy is all about perspective. Surround yourself with things that lift you up, not those that tell you that you aren’t good enough.