Personal Finance Round-Up: Life Is Not a Coincidence

hands opportunityWhen something unpleasant happens and no one can be pinned as at fault, they call it a coincidence. Coincidences are everywhere – it was just chance that they happened to be there at that place and time. But when something great happens to someone, they call that an opportunity.

In my eyes there is no difference between opportunity and coincidence. You can’t control what will happen next in your life but you have to look at every situation as a way to make your life and the lives of those around you better.

I’m not the only one that feels this way either. Matt Gartland discusses coincidence in this article entitled There Are No Coincidences, Only… It’s an inspiring read with a concept that can be applied to many areas of life.

More inspiration can be found in the article below:

Time Management [Live Real, Now]
Time management is a constant battle for most of us, but this little trick may be just what you need to guide your focus to what really needs to be done.

Learn from My Mistake: Call Your Cable Company [The Family CEO]
Cable may be dying for some, but for others it fills their TV needs perfectly. However, the cost may always be a problem. Here’s a simple way to remedy that temporarily.

What You Should Know About Debt Forgiveness [The Military Wallet]
If you have debt and are thinking of taking advantage of debt forgiveness, there are some things you should know. Check this out before making a decision on your debt.

The Importance of Diversity on Your Blog [Side Income Blogging]
Diversity matters in all things, but when making money on the Internet, diversity can make or break your business because of the speed in which things change.

How Much Would It Cost You to Live Your Dream? [Move to Portugal]
You can learn great lessons from people who had the courage to do what they dreamed about. Here is one such story.

10 Ideas to Keep Your Campers Happy Campers [4Tunate]
Entertaining kids during the summer can be tough. No one wants to be couped up inside with such nice days outside, but what is there to do that’s frugal and safe? Camping!

5 Health Investments You Should Splurge On [Personal Dividends]
Some things should never be taken lightly and one of those is your health. Skimping on these things can result in pain and more costs down the road.

5 Bills Not to Automate [Free Money Finance]
Computers can do just about anything now but should they? Some things are better left in the able hands of a human, or at least some think so.

Are You Investing in Yourself? [Bargaineering]
Self improvement is one area of life that will always be important because no one will ever be perfect. If you’re not improving yourself then you are stagnating and probably kidding yourself.

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