Personal Finance Round-Up: Spending on Quality Is Frugal Too

piggy bank lockFrugality has really stolen the limelight lately and it’s getting a lot of attention around blogs, from your friends and coworkers and even from big television networks. It seems people are simply fascinated by the way others can save money in extreme ways. But sometimes you just can’t tell if frugality is being showcased, or if it’s just cheapness.

Frugality is about making things stretch and using every last drop. It’s about conserving resources and making use of what you have. When you buy things of higher quality, even if they cost a little more, you are still being frugal, not cheap. And in the end, if that quality purchase outlasts the cheap quantity purchases, you will have made the right choice. At Digerati Life, the author feels the same way and details some situations and benefits of buying higher quality products in Pay More For Quality! Cheap Isn’t Always Best.

Speaking of quality, here are some more great articles from this week:

How to Save Money on Damn Near Everything
The little things add up. In fact, here are a lot of little things that can help you save in just about every aspect of life. [You Have More Than You Think]

Dealing with the Employment Mentality
To some, something as superficial as a title – even a title that simply reads “employed” –  is often sought after for no other reason than tradition. [Freelance Switch]

7 Ways to Avoid Debt Hell
Debt really is hell and should be avoided if at all possible in every situation. Here are some ways to help. [Gail Vaz-Oxlade]

Selling Stuff On Amazon: A Step-By-Step Guide
Selling stuff is a great way to dig out of debt. It’s found money but not always that easy to get at. Here is a step-by-step guide for selling on Amazon to help you get rid of the clutter and rake in the dough. [Money Cone]

10 Tips for Living Debt Free
It’s not enough to be debt free. You have to live debt free each and every day. Building good habits over time is how this can be achieved. Here’s some help to create those necessary habits and live debt free. [All You]

Stash or Trash? Five Tips to Decide Whether to Store, Sell or Discard Belongings When You Move
Moving is stressful and something that makes it even worse is moving things you haven’t used for years. Moving the stuff into storage until they can be sorted out is just silly. Can’t let go? Try these tips. [Deliver Away Debt]

Money Advice for My Sister, the Graduate
With school comes structure, but when it’s all over, how do you keep things from unraveling? Here, one sister gives another advice that we can all take to heart. [US News]

Why I Recommend Things that Cost Money
The world is full of scams that will take your money and leave you with nothing more than crushed spirits. But not everything that costs money is a scam. Investing in yourself is always worth it in the end. [I’ve Tried That]

5 Overused Negotiation Strategies
Negotiating is a great tool to get the best price, but going about it the wrong way is a bad idea and all too common. Here are some things not to do when negotiating. [Find The Best Car Price Blog]

How Do You Deal with Black Boot Moments?
We all go through times when we feel discouraged and panic. How do you deal with those times? Here’s what one blogger does. [Passive Income Now]

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    Love the roundup list! Thanks much for the mention!

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    Thanks so much for the PIN mention. It’s challenging trying to bring up a new blog.

  • Suzanne with Laughing Wallet

    Yes, paying more for a quality item really can be the frugal, rather than cheap, choice! Cheap items often fall apart quickly. If you’re talking about something you need and use, and you have to keep replacing it, then you end up paying more in the long run than if you’d just bought a quality version in the first place. Frugality isn’t just about spending less – it’s about spending wisely!

  • Car Negotiation Coach

    Great round-up, thanks for the mention!