Personal Finance Round-Up: Start Planning Retirement Today

Retireretirement planningment should certainly be a time to look forward to: no job and plenty of play. You’ve earned it, and should be able to enjoy it, right?

Well, deserved or not, you’re going to need a decent amount of savings to get by on, and you definitely should not put off saving for retirement. There are some great ways to build up your retirement fund as laid out in this article, 5 Reasons Why Saving for Retirement Is Important by Green Panda Treehouse. The article details some great steps you should take immediately to make sure you can play during your retirement.

More helpful articles to whet your appetite this week are below:

12 Free Apps That Will Cut Your Monthly Bills [Savvy Sugar]
Your phone is with you at all times – wouldn’t it make sense to put it to work and save you some dollars? While some apps save you money on one-time deals, others can help you cut down on everyday expenses.

Should You Try Mini-Retirements? [Do Not Wait]
When you think you can’t take the daily grind anymore and need a fresh start or a break, why not try a mini-retirement? This is not actually a true retirement, but rather a temporary break that lasts six months to a year, allowing you time to thoroughly unwind. Once you are refreshed, you can choose your next path in life.

HostelBookers Awards for Excellence 2012 [HostelBookers]
Hostels are a great way to save some coin when traveling, but they aren’t all created equal. Use this as a reference.

Price Check Experiment: Is Costco Really Worth It? [Squawkfox]
Buying in bulk can seem like a great idea, but is it worth it? Check out this assessment of shopping at Costco, where a membership may or may not pay off.

Interrupted Sleep Might Be the Best Kind [Slashdot]
You may wonder if you’re getting enough sleep (or certainly feel as though you’re not), but new studies may prove your instincts to be wrong. Sleep isn’t what it used to be.

Do You Have the Financial Discipline to Say No? [Care One]
An old maxim says that you are your own worst enemy, and it’s a saying that often rings true in finance. Stop rationalizing unnecessary purchases, and learn to have some discipline!

My Three-Step Plan to Reduce Food Costs [My Journey to Millions]
Food will always be a big part of anyone’s personal budget. Though there is no way around this fact, there are ways to cut down your expenses.

10 Personal Finance and Career Books You Should Read [The Simple Dollar]
If you’re searching for a career or looking to change the one you already have, read these books first. The crucial information contained within these books is immeasurable.

14 Frugal Uses for an Income Tax Refund [Money Talks News]
It can be tempting to spend your tax refund on entertainment or a new flat-screen television, but think of the future. There are wiser ways to appropriate your money.

Why I’m Glad I Got Into Debt, and How I Got Out of It [DINKS Finance]
Many of us have gotten into debt – sometimes, it can be an unfortunate part of being young and naive. However, the ways in which we dig ourselves out and what we do afterward is what’s important.

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