• ImpulseSave

    These are some great tips. I know that now that at my age, the weddings are going to soon become a constant stream of events. I will certainly keep this tips in mind when I’m required to plan a bridal shower, or any nice party for that matter!

  • Lisa Gailey

    sticker shock!

    My bridesmaid never paid that much. In fact their dresses were on clearance from JC Penny and from two my maid of honor helped pick them out.

    My church hosted the bridal shower party so my maids did not have to do this but have fun.

    I even told the organ player to play whatever SHE wanted. All I wanted was the wedding march.

    …and I was called a bridezilla. :o)

  • Lisa Gailey

    check out local library’s meeting room. They are usually free if you have a large party coming. Ours just wants you to clean up and put everything in place once done. They have everything you need to clean up with.

    Even our local funeral home is very *green* and has a chapel and large room with a huge TV that I am told the director invites our local firemen to watch Sunday night football in. I know that may sound weird but our local town’s funeral place is very lovely. They will even tape ( the wedding) in their chapel and send to others that did not make it. (for a small fee)

    They will never forget YOUR party.

    Happy marriage!

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