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5 Fun & Unique Bridal Shower Game Ideas and Activities


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Sometimes, it can be hard to gauge what’s appropriate for bridal shower games. If the attendees are younger and more rowdy, you might be tempted to try raunchier games. Of course, that might totally shock and appall Great Aunt Martha. When planning bridal shower games, it’s important to remember that bridal showers aren’t meant to be crazy, rowdy affairs – that’s what the bachelorette party is for. Instead, games should be pretty tame in comparison so that everyone at the shower feels comfortable.

If you’re the one throwing the shower, you’re probably taking on a significant amount of financial burden. Besides making sure that all guests feel comfortable with the games and activities, make sure that you can stick to your budget. Party stores and online shopping can definitely net you the materials for great game ideas, but for the most bang for your buck, skip the store and work with what you have. That way, you can allocate your money for the things that really count, like great food or a creative gift.

Affordable Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower games are meant to help guests loosen up, mix, and mingle, but they’re also a great way to test a bride’s knowledge of her new life and have a few laughs. Just make sure to take the bride’s feelings into consideration before you plan a game that she might find embarrassing.

As a host, it’s always best to err on the side of caution with fun and unique bridal shower games:

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1. Cooking Show
This game is great, because it puts the bride in the hot seat while everyone else gets to enjoy the show. Start by gathering the ingredients to bake a cake from your pantry, including sugar, flour, eggs, and butter. Then, set the items out with the cooking tools necessary to make a cake, such as mixing bowls, beaters, and measuring cups. Put a cute apron on the bride (one that she can take home when she’s done), and tell her that she needs to show everyone how to bake a cake.

What makes it really funny is that you don’t hand over the recipe, and she has to make it from memory. Some of the wiser guests will laugh as the bride mixes up her “cake.” When she’s done, just pop it in the oven and await the result. It’s a taste of domesticity that is funny, easy, and cheap since it uses stuff you already have on hand.

2. Guess the Year
If you’re inviting guests from different age groups, “Guess the Year” is a fun way to break the ice and introduce some of the most important guests, such as mothers, in-laws-to-be, aunts, and cousins.

Ask in advance that each married woman bring a picture of her own wedding. When they walk through the door, ask guests the year they were married, and keep track of each one by numbering a sticky note on the back and making a record for yourself. Then, use removable adhesive squares to put the pictures up on a piece of poster board.

When you’re ready to start the game, break out the board and distribute paper and pencils. The guests need to examine the pictures and guess which year each one took place. When you reveal the actual years, it will spawn some major laughter among guests, both young and old.

Affordable Bridal Shower Games

3. Wedding Night Script
If you’re working with a younger crowd or an easygoing family, you can try the “Wedding Night Script” game. Your job is to assign someone – preferably with a great sense of humor – to record all of the different things that the bride says when she opens her gift. Most brides will make comments about the way a gadget works, inquiries about where to get accessories, or will give thanks to gift-giving guests.

After the gifts are opened, collect the different phrases and read each as if it is what the bride will say on her wedding night. Some can be tame, others can be racy, but it’s all fun, hilarious, and doesn’t cost a thing. Then, hand over the card for the bride’s scrapbook.

4. Pass the Bouquet
When you were a kid, you probably played “Hot Potato,” right? Well, “Pass the Bouquet” is a lot like that, but its purpose is two-fold. First, it’s a great way to use up all of those ribbons and bows that come off of the presents. While the bride is opening each, save the decorations and arrange and adhere them to a paper plate. You can then affix a paper cone to the bottom to make your bouquet.

When you’re ready, hand the bouquet to a guest and switch on some music. The bride and groom’s “song” is an awesome choice. Turn off the music, and the one caught with the makeshift bouquet is out. Continue the game until one guest is left standing, and you can offer a prize, a plate of treats, or the bouquet itself to take home.

5. True or False
How well do your guests actually know the bride? This is the game to find out. Hand out paper and pencils and tell guests to write down two true things that describe their relationship with the bride. These could be memories, things they did together, or simply their thoughts about the bride. Then, they need to add one lie.

When everyone’s finished, go around the room and have guests read off of their papers. Everyone else has to weed out the lie. Some will be blatant, but others are clever. It’s funny and entertaining, and you only need paper and pencils to play.

Final Word

Playing bridal shower games is all about entertaining your guests and making a memorable experience for the bride. The games don’t need to be embarrassing or raunchy, especially when different generations are gathering together. And you definitely don’t need to buy special supplies and props. In most cases, stuff around your house is perfect for creating memories and making sure everyone has a good time.

What are your favorite bridal shower games?

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