11 Ways To Exercise and Be Healthy While Saving Money


Exercising and eating healthy is a multi-billion dollar business. Think of all the weight loss formulas, food programs, membership gyms, and workout equipment, and workout apparel that we buy every day to stay healthy and look our best. Here are 11 ways to exercise and stay healthy without spending a lot of money.

  1. Workout at home. With a couple sets of dumbbells, you can do shoulder press, curls, tricep extensions, push-ups, crunches, and lunges.
  2. Buy a workout program. I have heard good things about the P90X workout program. It’s a legitimate program, with 15 different workouts. There are no gimmicks with this workout program. It’s the real deal.
  3. Avoid weight-loss food programs. You don’t need Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers to eat healthy.
  4. Eat out less. Most restaurant food has portions that are too big, and more they make more flavor by inserting fatty ingredients like cheeses, cream based sauces, and butter.
  5. Negotiate a gym membership. They are VERY negotiable.
  6. Get a dog. You’ll spend money taking care of a pet, but the long-term companionship and responsibility of walking them on a regular basis will get you out of the house more and make you go jogging or walking.
  7. Don’t spend money on supplements. Supplements might help you lose weight quick or bulk up quick, but once you get off them, it’s easy to quickly gain the weight back or become softer.
  8. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
  9. Eat a breakfast full of fiber and protein. Oatmeal and eggs have a lot of fiber and protein, plus they are cheap to make. They will also keep you full until lunch.
  10. Shop at discount retailers for workout apparel and shoes. For shoes, I always check shoe stores like Rack Room, Famous Footwear, and Marshalls.
  11. Buy a bike on Craigslist. Why spend $800 on a new road bike, when you can get a used on for half the price? I found a guy in my neighborhood that rebuilds bikes, and he sold me one for $60!

    What things do you do to stay healthy and save money? Does anyone have any tips for swimming on the cheap?

  • Craig

    You can do a lot of great exercises at home and get a good workout. Especially with youtube now, you can even get so many new workout videos so you don’t have to do the same routine.

  • http://www.erikfolgate.com Erik

    Good point about YouTube

  • Mayra Cedillo

    Ever since watching the biggest loser for the first time during the last season, I became intrigued with the body bugg. After some research on whether the results are good or not as well as price comparisons I believe it will be a good investment. The best indicator is that its hard to find a used body bugg for sale, which I think is a good sign that it works. Also Ebay is not the cheapest place to get it, costco is. Right now it sells for about 80 dollars less than 24 hr. fitness and apex.

  • Elizabeth I

    For eating healthy join a food co-op. You will get whatever is in season from the farmer, and often you will start eating veggies that you may never have purchased before.

  • Elizabeth I

    Although this is a bit expensive, I would consider “investing” in a personal trainer for a set amount of sessions. The personal trainer can design a workout for you and then you can implement it. Then have the trainer come back and adjust it. The reason I am so “pro” trainer is that my husband did this with incredible results and he still uses the routines and does not need the trainer. Thus he is still reaping the benefits.

  • Elizabeth I

    Although it is initially expensive, I would suggest “investing” in a personal trainer who can show you how to use free weights and have the trainer design a workout program for you. You will know you are doing the exercises properly and you should see results quickly. My husband used a personal trainer. His results were amazing and he still uses the different routines.

    • Elizabeth I

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