7 Black Friday Tips For Safe Shopping

Safe Shopping TipsWith the large numbers of shoppers expected to turn out at this year’s Black Friday sales, it’s easy to get separated from your group or end up in a sticky situation. Planning ahead will help keep everyone in your group safe while shopping. Here are some helpful tips to help you survive those crowds this year. Some are more obvious than others, but nevertheless, none of them should be overlooked!

7 Black Friday Tips For Safe Shopping

1. Plan a designated meetup time and place. Not all stores will have good cell phone reception, so set a specific time to meet back up after shopping. Also, make sure to choose a very specific place to meet, as the “electronics section” can be a big enough place on its own to lose someone!

2. If you’re driving between multiple stores, put purchases in the trunk. A bag full of video games or digital cameras makes an enticing target. Clear out that trunk and make as much space as possible before you head out shopping.

3. Carry a small bag with your wallet in it, and make sure it is closely against your body to avoid losing it or having anything stolen. If you need to bring drinks or snacks, bring a backpack. If at all possible, only carry credit cards, and make photocopies of them before you leave the house so that you’ll have the account number and customer service phone number if your wallet is lost or stolen.

4. Make sure cell phones are powered on, fully charged, and accessible. Keep your phone in your pocket where you can feel it vibrate, even if you can’t hear it ringing in a loud environment. Don’t put the phone in your purse where you can’t hear or feel it. Before you go in with a group, ensure everyone has everyone else’s phone numbers in their phone.

5. Write down where you parked the car and take a picture of what you see straight ahead as you walk away from it. This will help you avoid trying to remember if you parked in the lane by the hydrant or the hydrangeas! Also, make sure you have plenty of gas in the tank, as it may take some time to find parking or to get out of the parking lot once you’re done.

6. Note what each person is wearing under their coat. If you only remember that Aunt Susie had a red coat on, it’ll make it hard for you to spot her in the crowd once she takes off her coat inside.

7. Watch your feet while you are walking as it’s easy to trip and fall in a big crowd. If you fall or otherwise injure yourself, please don’t put off medical treatment. Most stores will have a first-aid kit and many will have police officers on hand to help out. A bad wrist sprain or broken ankle is no picnic!

Do you have any additional tips to add to the mix? Stay safe when shopping this Black Friday!

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