Festival Of Frugality: It’s Time to Cast Your Vote

ballot cross fingersWell, kids, as you know, this is an election year and the running is pretty tight for the class of 2012!

Campus elections are much more fun than national elections, so let’s meet our candidates and see what issues they think will pique your interest.

Of course, this is not a real election, but feel free to “vote” for your favorite articles in this edition of the Festival of Frugality.

Running for Treasurer

Unlike other candidates who simply want to cut all costs, Melissa from Bible Money Matters believes in prioritizing costs. Certain things are more important to you, and he knows it. Spending more on those things requires reduced spending elsewhere, but Melissa believes that’s an acceptable trade-off: Everyday Items You Might Want to Pay More For: Frugality Versus Quality

It’s tough to find the money for projects around campus, and Jen from Master the Art of Saving knows that. However, she also knows that even when funds are tight, if you persevere and get creative, you can find a way to come up with what you need to make things happen: How to Start Saving Money Even If You’re Always Broke

To control spending, it’s important to create a budget. Some budgets can be bent, some can be shifted and slashed, but according to candidate Don from Money Smart Guides, sometimes rules aren’t meant to be broken: Money Rules When Spending Money

Up for Vice President

David from Prairie Eco-Thrifter believes strongly in protecting the Earth’s natural resources by conserving, but realizes that sometimes, “green” is just a word: Why Buying Green Is Not Always Eco-Friendly

Darrow from Financial Mentor spent some time rock climbing during the past year. He believes that gives him an edge over the other candidates because of what the experience taught him about teamwork, perseverance, and success: What Big Wall Rock Climbing Can Teach You About Wealth Building

A. Blinkin from Funancials is a younger candidate, and wants to show others that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can do anything you want in life. Old or young, it’s never too late to start trying: Stop Saying You’re Too Young…Or Too Old

And Running for Class President

One only has so much time and power as class president. Maria from Money Principle can see this clearly and knows that it’s up to you, the students, to decide where much of her time and attention is spent. However, she also sees the needs of the school and the difference between wants and needs: A Need or a Want: This Is the Problem!

Experiences make the best learning experiences, and it’s not just the good experiences you learn from. What Jason from WorkSaveLive learned from his mistakes makes him wiser and ready to face challenges that might arise as class president: Broke, Desperate, and Being an Idiot

Melissa from Free From Broke, a student who is familiar with foreign economic policy, wants to integrate some of the strategies that work in other nations into our campus. She believes that her experiences with other cultures gives her a unique perspective:  Reflections on a Frugal Japanese Life

You have until fifth period to turn in your ballot. Good luck to the candidates!

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  • http://www.deweystreehouse.blogspot.com/ Mama Squirrel

    Without question, my favourite this week: David from Prairie Eco-Thrifter believes strongly in protecting the Earth’s natural resources by conserving, but realizes that sometimes, “green” is just a word: Why Buying Green Is Not Always Eco-Friendly

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    Not much of a Festival when 9 out of 52 entries are included!