Personal Finance Round-Up: Time for Back to School Shopping!

back to school booksI never thought I’d see the day when I’d go back to school shopping for my kids. It’s just nuts to think about the past and how fast things move. But you can’t stop and wait around, it’s time to back to school shop now!

Back-to-school shopping for junior high and up to college can include anything from the more traditional enrollment costs, lunches, sports or band equipment and big heavy books to an iPad, laptop, or digital books. For the younger kids, you may have snack costs and craft materials to cover. For both the young and old, you’ll need to get new clothes, shoes, backpacks, and gym shorts.

Back to school shopping has changed in terms of what you get, but because of the increased cost, you’ll want to rethink how you get this task accomplished. Enter eBay. Why not use technology to fight the cost of technology! At Passive Family Income, the article entitled How to Use eBay to Save on Back to School Clothing gives some greats tips, which apply to more than just clothes.

Not everything changes, however, like the great tips these articles will continue to offer:

Call Them Out and Get What You Paid for [Financially Consumed]
While you’re out there doing your shopping, make sure that you get what you pay for! Some will try to pass something off for the real deal when in fact you’re getting a lemon. Be careful out and fight for what’s yours.

9 Ways to Avoid Buying Things You Don’t Need [Boomer and Echo]
There are alternatives to buying everything you need (or want). These profiles of types of buyers can help you figure out what type you are and teach you how to avoid buying what you shouldn’t.

Gas At All Time Highs? Could Have Fooled Me! [My University Money]
Are things really as bad as they have you believe, or are we just avoiding the sight of the silver lining? Comparing past with the present is very subjective but maybe we aren’t really doing that bad.

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Thinking About Holiday Christmas Gifts Now [Mom’s Plan]
Forget back to school shopping. If you really want to get ahead of the game, start doing your Christmas shopping now! That’s what this mom is doing.

Just Switch Out of the Big Banks Already! [Money Spruce]
Before you think about shopping, consider what you’re doing with or to your money by keeping it in a big bank. Are you getting hit by fees, convenience charges, or strict policies? Maybe it’s time to visit the little guys.

Reader Story: The Value of Financial Struggle [Pocket Changed]
A struggle in life can be one of the biggest strengths and experience builders you will ever encounter. Here is what one woman learned in her struggle.

How to Save Money on Back to School Shopping [Budgeting in the Fun Stuff]
Here are more great tips on how to save, online and off, when you are out doing your back to school shopping.

Ally Bank Introduces Idea Share – Share Your Banking Ideas [Ally Bank]
Have you ever had an idea about how your bank could drastically improve service, but no one would listen? Now someone is there to lend an ear. Ally Bank will take your ideas and put them into action.

How to Tell the Cash Back Rewards Level for a Specific Store [Free Money Finance]
Here’s a quick and easy way to decipher those point rates on your rewards cards. Don’t ever get stuck at the check stand wondering which rewards card will get you the most bang for your buck.

How to Manage Your Energy Like a Power Company Executive [Men With Pens]
We can learn a lot from looking at how businesses manage commodities they control. Here’s one for those with high energy costs.

Back to School Cash Giveaway – Because Every Kid Should Be a SmartyPig [Smarty Pig Blog]
If these tips weren’t enough, here’s a little something extra. Check out this great giveaway for back-to-schoolers.

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