Personal Finance Round-Up: There’s Something in the Air…It’s Money!

falling money man airA lot of things come to mind as the weather warms up and summer approaches: community car-washes that take up an entire parking lot, lemonade stands run by preteens on every corner, and the buzz of hustle and bustle in the air. Everyone seems to be doing something, all of which costs money. So it’s no surprise that people are trying to earn an extra buck to have fun while the weather is so nice.

But it’s not just the teenyboppers who need cash – the whole nation is hard up for the green right about now. Why not take advantage of a summer side job yourself? This article entitled, How to Generate Ideas for Alternative Revenue Streams from Your Blog by ABDPBT Personal Finance, while written about blogs in this instance, is applicable to business as an income source. There are alternative income ideas everywhere and chances are, you have learned a thing or two from your day job that can be used elsewhere. This article explains that even if you have a career (or blog), the skills and experiences you gain there can be used as a jumping off point to something much bigger. If you can think about how your current skill set can translate to another field, you may be able to land on the idea of your dreams!

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Dual Income? Live Like You Only Have One
Back in the 1950s it was unheard of for a wife to work. Now, it’s commonplace for both parents to work full-time to make ends meet. But what if you pretended that the other income didn’t exist and worked hard to live off just one? What a payout that could be over time! [Clever Dude]

Job Experience – Don’t Rock the Boat
Sometimes your ambition and enthusiasm can be taken in a different light than intended, like in this story. It’s hard, but we all need to try and see things from another perspective whenever possible. [Budgeting in the Fun Stuff]

Customers Should Come Ahead of Shareholders
It’s hard to get the value for your money that you might expect. Businesses are putting profits first in this hard economy and trying to take everything they can from the consumer. In the end, it will be those businesses that fall the hardest. Here’s why. [Ellen Roseman]

Financial Lessons I’ve Learned From Watching “Glee”
Who says you can’t learn anything from TV anymore? Financial lessons can even be found in the most unlikely of places – like in a song and dance routine. [Credit Karma]

What’s the Motivation Behind Your Dreams?
Some things are simply more important than money, one of which is finding your place in the world. In many cases, that will reap the biggest reward, financially and otherwise. [Feel Gooder]

How to Find a Job (or How Not to)
Resumes, cover letters, interviews, oh my. The job hunt is a tough game to play right now but it’s all about standing out and representing yourself. Companies are looking to hire but are more picky. Make sure you are the one they pick by reading these tips. [Shankman]

Speed Up the Claims Process After a Tornado Strikes
A natural disaster can strike at any moment and there aren’t too many things more frightening or damaging financially. Here’s some advice to get your insurance claims in order so you can get back on your feet fast. [Kiplinger]

Chinese Water Torture
Sometimes the small things end up hurting us the most especially when they are repeated over and over again. Are you slowly poisoning your finances? [Brip Blap]

Your Budget Should Change and Grow with You
You change on a daily basis, from the way you talk to the way you walk. If your budget doesn’t change and grow with you, it may get left behind. [Perkstreet Blog]

Losing Our Personal Financial Priorities
It seems the target number, that is the number of dollars you have to have to actually be rich, will continue to change each and every day. But what exactly are you earning money for? Without a clear goal, money is just paper. [DINKS Finance]