• http://www.yourfinances101.com/blog David/Yourfinances101

    What I have found is that virutally all household cleaners can be made in the home, with safer ingredients.

    Everything from dish detergent to toilet bowl cleaner to laundry detergent.

    Make it naturally, save money, and have a “greener” household.

  • http://www.insweb.com/home-insurance/home-insurance.html Robert

    Baking soda, as you mentioned, is a fantastic frugal cleaner. Plus, it can be used for 50 other things as well.

    • Sally Aquire

      That’s very true. I hate how many chemicals are in shop bought cleaning products and I’m glad I’ve wised up to ‘greener’and potentially safer alternatives!

  • http://www.springfieldmissourihome.com Julie Pickens-Livermore

    I used to clean with white vinegar a lot but after a while, the smell got to me because it seems to linger. I love the idea of boiling water and using thyme. I use lavender and lemon essential oils with baking soda and borax. I also put the mixture in a spray bottle so I can spray the cleaner evenly and I don’t waste any. I agree on using a spray bottle for laminate flooring because too much moisture will ruin the floor after numerous washings. I love the idea of going green, knowing there are no harmful chemicals laying around in my home and enjoying the scents of lemon and lavender.

  • not given

    Put a little dish soap in a container and stir in baking soda until you have a paste. Subs for soft scrub.

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    It is better to be knowledgeable about this things as you can just do it on your own and save money. More additional ideas about this tips would be great.

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