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17 Best Deal Websites and Online Shopping Platforms for Deep Discounts

Countless websites offer compelling discounts, deals, and coupons for budget-conscious online store shoppers. A handful offer similar perks for brick-and-mortar shoppers as well.

But the quality of these tools varies widely. Some have a minimal selection or unreliable, outdated inventories filled with coupon codes that don’t work. 

Shoppers hoping to avoid checkout disappointment need to know which they can rely on and which they can safely pass on.

Best Deal Websites With Direct-Sale or Hybrid Models

These discount and deal sites all have a direct sales component allowing users to purchase deeply discounted products on-site or through an app. Some also curate coupons, special deals, and instant discounts from third-party retailers.

1. Groupon

  • What It Is: A catchall discount site and app that includes a direct-sale online marketplace and curated, time-limited coupons for online and offline purchases
  • What It Offers: Deep discounts from local retail partners in most major U.S. cities; special coupons for discounts on goods and services purchased online or in-person; and a rapidly expanding online marketplace with deeply discounted consumer items

Groupon pioneered the concept of social deals. It allows large numbers of customers to purchase deeply discounted, time-limited coupons for specific product or service packages.

Groupon offers coupons for everything from home goods and groceries to activities to vacation packages and big-ticket electronics. It organizes coupons by product or service category and location, so it’s easy to search for relevant coupons in your area.

Groupon also oversees a growing goods marketplace called Groupon Goods. You can buy directly from Groupon Goods, cutting out the local retailer and saving money.

Groupon Goods deals are also time-limited, so you often need to act fast. Whether you purchase coupons or buy directly from Groupon, you can count on huge discounts — upward of 90% in some cases.

2. Overstock

  • What It Is: An e-commerce site that directly sells a vast array of nonperishable goods at deep discounts
  • What It Offers: Deeply discounted furniture, housewares, yard goods, women’s and men’s clothing, watches and jewelry, electronics, office goods, luggage, and special holiday items; an extensive fair-trade selection, which includes ethical clothing, home goods, and budget-friendly jewelry; watch for occasional flash deals lasting a day or less, particularly around retail holidays like Black Friday

If it belongs in or around your home, on your body, or in your office, Overstock probably sells it for less than the suggested retail price.

Discounts vary widely, from 10% to more than 70%, and often change with time. Much of Overstock’s deeply discounted inventory is off-brand. But it’s possible to pick up high-end brands on clearance.

Join Club O to get:

  • Rewards of 5% back on future orders
  • Free shipping
  • Free streamlined returns
  • Members-only perks like up to 40% off in the Extra Rewards Store and double rewards when you review purchased products (up to $40 per review) 

Club O Rewards membership costs $19.95 per year. That’s not nothing, but it’s a steal compared to Amazon Prime membership, which costs over $100 per year.

3. Woot

  • What It Is: An e-commerce site that directly sells an ever-rotating lineup of heavily discounted goods
  • What It Offers: Deep, time-limited discounts on specific products from high-end, bargain, and generic brands in the electronics, software, home and yard goods, sporting goods, clothing, kids, and alcohol (chiefly wine) spaces

Woot calls itself the “original daily deals site.” Woot buys goods in bulk, then sells them directly at deep discounts — upward of 50% in many cases. Once a product’s stock runs out, the deal ends.

Woot initially offered just one deal per day, but it now runs hundreds of simultaneous deals that typically last a few days to a week.

As a subsidiary of Amazon, Woot offers Amazon Prime members free standard shipping on most products and free express shipping on orders in the shirts section. 

However, Amazon Prime costs $139 per year, so the promise of free shipping on occasional Woot purchases might not be enough to justify membership. You need to buy from Amazon fairly often, or take advantage of other Prime discounts and services, to make it worth your while.

Best Third-Party Deal Websites for Comparison Shopping 

These sites use community or editor input to curate deals, discounts, clearance sales, and coupons from third-party merchants. Use them to compare prices at multiple online retailers before choosing the best fit.

4. Ben’s Bargains

  • What It Is: A comprehensive selection of curated third-party deals from around the Web
  • What It Offers: Hand-picked deals and exclusive offers from hundreds of online retailers, primarily in the apparel, electronics, grocery, home, kids, travel and leisure, and entertainment spaces

Ben’s Bargains is run by a team of discount enthusiasts devoted to uncovering the best deals in the e-commerce realm.

These hardworking researchers continuously scan the Web for compelling discounts. They even manage to ferret out some freebies, though those are primarily lower-value goods, such as MP3 albums.

They post these deals on the website with brief explanations and links to the retailers’ description pages. While Ben’s doesn’t sell anything itself, it runs no-cost giveaway contests from time to time.

Ben’s is renowned for its ability to flag price mistakes, mismarked merchandise that’s often far cheaper than it should be. Those deals don’t last long, but Ben’s is arguably the best place to find them.

5. Slickdeals

  • What It Is: A curated selection of mostly time-limited discounts and coupons from third-party merchants
  • What It Offers: Access to deep third-party discounts and coupon codes on electronics, apparel, jewelry and personal accessories, kids stuff, automotive parts and accessories, and groceries; news about pending discounts and retail holidays as well as alerts about new deals from users’ favorite retailers 

Users submit thousands of deals per day to Slickdeals, which posts them for the entire community to see.

Slickdeals’ editorial team then curates the most compelling deals based on community votes and feedback and puts them on the website’s front page. So the users’ favorite deals rise to the top.

Slickdeals organizes its offers into category and merchant pages. Featured merchants include Kohl’s, Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Target. Discounts range as high as 90%, and lower-value freebies are sometimes available as well.

Slickdeals is serious about creating community among online consumers. Even if you’re not in the market for a particular product, check out the site’s community forums for tech support tips, gaming cheats, and user-generated product reviews.

6. DealNews

  • What It Is: A curated third-party discounts, deals, and coupons site that features some unconventional deals, such as class-action settlements
  • What It Offers: A varied selection of deep discounts (often with detailed explanations and price comparisons) on popular products, including electronics, groceries, clothing, house and garden wares, and furniture

In many ways, DealNews is a lot like Ben’s Bargains and Slickdeals. Discounts and coupons range from 80% to 90%, all from third-party retailers.

DealNews sets itself apart with detailed deal listings that often include price comparisons, which are useful for shoppers struggling to value merchandise they’re considering.

Retailer-specific discounts, such as 40% across-the-board discounts at Costco, are sometimes available as well. DealNews even curates opportunities from other discount and deal sites, such as Woot.

DealNews also has an extensive news section in its blog, with much of its content produced by in-house retail experts.

It’s a fantastic source of information and news about the retail industry in general, including consumer protection issues that could influence your purchasing decisions.

7. TechBargains

  • What It Is: A curated third-party discounts, deals, and coupons site that goes beyond just gadgets
  • What It Offers: Like many other curated deals sites, an editorial team collects bargains and coupons from around the Web; categories include electronics, home goods, groceries, furniture, clothing, office supplies, office services (such as Web hosting), and media and entertainment

TechBargains‘ name is a bit misleading. The site began with a focus on electronics and computer accessories but has since expanded to include a broader range of inventory.

With deals devoted to travel packages, magazine subscriptions, and Web hosting, TechBargains casts a wider net than Ben’s Bargains or Slickdeals.

It also carries relatively low-margin grocery items, often boasting larger quantities than you can get at the store. For example, two top deals I once found were a three-count pack of 21-ounce Cheez-It boxes and a 100-count box of Gevalia K-cups.

Like DealNews, TechBargains is ideal for shoppers searching for actionable information before purchase, such as the best or cheapest version of a product.

Its deal listings generally contain more content than competitors’, with the occasional exception of DealNews. But TechBargains is short on deal-related news and announcements, one of Slickdeals’ strengths.

8. Brad’s Deals

  • What It Is: A curated third-party discounts, deals, and coupons site with a less robust selection that’s more than offset by expert curation and detailed product descriptions
  • What It Offers: Current, generally time-limited offers from third-party merchants in the home and yard goods, sporting goods, entertainment, electronics, apparel, food and drink, and travel spaces; detailed review-like listings are a big plus

Brad’s Deals advertises hand-picked deals and boasts a well-curated, well-researched selection. The editors don’t simply call for user submissions and post whatever they receive. Instead, Brad’s Deals works with thousands of merchants, more than many competing sites and apps.

Its selection doesn’t include as many categories or individual products as some competitors. Its major selling point is a superior user experience. Its listings are generally well-written and include small but crucial details, such as when the purchase price includes sales tax.

Plus, TechBargains and DealNews are a bit grating on the eyes, but Brad’s Deals has a subdued user interface that’s pleasant to work with.

Brad’s sometimes offers discounts well above 50%, but it doesn’t have direct pricing power. That means its deals might not be as good as those found on competing sites. Additionally, Brad’s Deals has a cozy relationship with its merchants, raising questions about its objectivity.

Fortunately, Brad’s Deals has a strict merchant approval process, which weeds out many applicants. One important criteria is the merchant’s ability or willingness to offer exclusive deals or pricing available only to Brad’s Deals users.

For example, I once found a Sam’s Club warehouse store membership at 50% off for one year, which I’m sure many competitors were disappointed to miss out on. On such exclusive deals, Brad’s really does offer the best possible pricing.

9. BuyVia

  • What It Is: Instant deals and coupon codes from well-known online merchants like Newegg and Walmart
  • What It Offers: An ever-changing selection of instant checkout deals (free shipping, percentage off, package deals) and coupon codes from third-party merchants in the electronics, software, apparel, and home goods spaces, among others; helpful content, including a tip-filled blog and free newsletter

BuyVia curates hundreds of instant deals, discounts, and coupon codes on consumer products like electronics, clothing, personal grooming products, and home goods.

BuyVia heavily curates deals. It doesn’t appear to rely on user submissions at all.

BuyVia’s deals are often product-specific and typically come with extensive product descriptions and recommendations, making it perfect for customers still researching their options.

Discounts in the 20%- to 40%-off range are common, as are free shipping offers. And discounts north of 50% aren’t unheard of. The best deals are on fashion clothing and accessories, where it’s common to find discounts higher than 70%.

Check out BuyVia’s blog and free newsletter for frugal shopping tips and category-specific buying guides.


  • What It Is: An expansive instant deals and online coupons site and app with some unconventional deals, such as buy a laptop, get a free drone
  • What It Offers: Thousands of instant deals and electronic coupons at third-party merchants across a wide range of verticals, including general merchandise, fashion and apparel, home goods, entertainment, software, travel and leisure, sporting goods, and home improvement is basically a bigger version of BuyVia. It’s a massive, well-curated site and app that partners with more than 10,000 brands and merchants, including well-known retailers like Target and Walmart.

Deals generally come as discounts (markdowns) or coupon codes applied automatically at checkout. But free shipping offers and buy-one, get-one deals are also fairly common. Discounts can exceed 80%, though 50% or less is more typical.

In addition to its sheer size and generous discounts, has a fair number of unorthodox deals that make it a worthy addition to your online shopping routine.

For example, Dell once threw in a free drone with the purchase of a laptop worth $499 or more. And such eye-opening opportunities pop up on this site pretty regularly. also has a convenient email alert system, a blog with actionable savings and shopping tips, and a browser add-on that notifies users when they visit sites with active deals.

11. Meh

  • What It Is: An offbeat deals website with a paid membership option ($5.99 per month) that entitles you to free standard shipping
  • What It Offers: A selection of curated deals on consumer products like electronics, nonperishable foods, and home goods; a forum where users can post and share deal-related content

Meh is a quirky website featuring a steady stream of curated product recommendations at sharply discounted prices. A new deal appears every night at midnight Eastern.

More than most other deal sites, Meh has built a community of people who really like to save money. Its user forum is engaging and informative, and its occasional polls help you keep tabs on what other frugal folks care about right now. But if you’re just there for deals, you’ll find plenty of those too.

Before making your first purchase on Meh, you must create a free account. You’re under no obligation to upgrade to the site’s $5.99-per-month membership plan. However, if you plan to make more than one purchase per month, members-only free standard shipping is likely to pay for itself. 

12. MorningSave

  • What It Is: A website offering exclusive deals from well-known consumer brands
  • What It Offers: A new crop of exclusive deals every morning, many of which also appear on popular talk shows like “Steve” with Steve Harvey, Wendy Williams’s “Wendy Extra,” and “The Talk”

MorningSave is an indispensable deal site for early birds. Every morning, it posts a new lineup of deals from brands you recognize. MorningSave calls these deals “exclusive,” and while they’re also featured on popular talk programs, the easiest way to take advantage of them is to buy through MorningSave.

MorningSave requires you to create an account before placing your first order. If you want MorningSave’s free standard shipping without feeling pressured to binge-buy to meet order minimums, upgrade to a paid membership plan for $5.99 per month. 

Nonmembers who pay the $8.99 shipping fee can also get free shipping on anything else they purchase within an hour of placing the original order. 

MorningSave discounts routinely top 30% off list price. For even deeper discounts, head to the clearance section, which features deals north of 60% off.

13. Bargain Junkie

  • What It Is: A discount website that alerts members to new deals every day
  • What It Offers: Lots of deal alerts for various consumer products plus an unusually low minimum for free shipping ($15)

Bargain Junkie is a daily deals website that sends out a fresh deal alert to email newsletter subscribers every day. If you’d prefer not to add yourself to yet another mailing list, simply visit the homepage to see still-active deals with discounted prices clearly displayed.

Bargain Junkie stands out for offering free shipping on unusually small orders ($15 or more) with no paid membership required. Its $5 deals section was once a compelling feature, but it fell victim to inflation in the early 2020s and no longer exists as a standalone vertical. (You can still find items for $5 here though.)

14. UntilGone

  • What It Is: A repository of limited-time deals on consumer products and home goods
  • What It Offers: Everything from toys and personal electronics to higher-value merchandise like home exercise equipment and sporting goods

UntilGone really leans into the limited-time concept. Every UntilGone deal is expressly time- and quantity-limited, and preferred pricing is only available while supplies last. Sign up for the email newsletter to ensure you don’t miss a deal. UntilGone can’t control how long any given item remains in stock. 

UntilGone carries a mix of consumer products. Unlike some deal websites, it’s not heavy on lower-value goods. You can find home treadmills, vacuum cleaners, furniture, lawn care machinery, and even drones, all at impressive discounts.

UntilGone has an unusually generous opportunity for new email newsletter subscribers as well. You automatically enter a monthly drawing for a $100 gift card when you sign up.

15. SuperShop

  • What It Is: A daily deals website featuring deep discounts on a range of goods, including apparel, electronics, home goods, and health and wellness products
  • What It Offers: An easy-to-use lineup of discounted products, often at wild discounts and with free shipping across the board

Formerly known as Daily Steals, SuperShop features a grab bag of consumer products, many of which sell at a fraction of the cost of the original list price. Clearance discounts north of 70% off are common. New deals come online by the day, though the site has lots of products in its inventory and old deals seem to stick around for a while.

SuperShop is easy on the wallet when it comes to shipping as well. U.S. shipping is free on virtually all products, and returns are hassle free. Sign up for the email newsletter to get 5% off your next order.


  • What It Is: A daily deals website that’s heavy on personal electronics
  • What It Offers: Curated daily deals with an emphasis on electronics like tablets, smartwatches, and smartphones, often at discounts of 50% or more serves up a diverse array of discounted products through its website and email newsletter. The best deals come on refurbished electronics, which routinely sell for less than 50% of the original price.

Despite its daily deal angle, delivers a high volume of discounted products. If you don’t want potential finds to get lost in the shuffle, make a habit of checking for new arrivals regularly. 

Or just sign up for the newsletter and get an additional $10 off your first order of $50 or more. Shipping is free on orders of $49 or more, and has a 30-day return and replacement policy for virtually all merchandise.

17. Tanga

  • What It Is: A diverse daily and seasonal deal site featuring home goods, electronics, and apparel
  • What It Offers: Targeted daily and seasonal discounts on a wide array of products, including many with multiple color and size options.

Tanga is another daily deal site that spans nearly every consumer product category you can think of. It promises discounts up to 90%, though 50% and lower is more typical. 

Tanga segments its offers into featured deals and everything else. It says the featured group contains the very best deals available. Shipping is also free on many products, including bulky ones that competitors charge a pretty penny to ship.

Tanga has an unusual amount of inventory compared to some other daily deal sites. Many featured products come in multiple colors, sizes, and quantities, so there’s none of the “take-it-or-leave-it” vibe found on deal sites with less selection. 

Final Word

If one deal site doesn’t have what you’re looking for or the best deal on it, you’re sure to have better luck with another.

At the same time, deal websites often lack the depth that exceptionally discerning shoppers or true category experts expect.

For instance, if you’re looking for a niche-bound site that sells 300 different scarf styles or every designer handbag made in the past 20 years, all at the Internet’s best prices, you probably won’t find it on this list. 

Fortunately, these sites can help with just about every other online shopping use case, from an Amazon Prime Day bonanza to an exhaustive search for the best mattress your budget can buy.

Brian Martucci writes about credit cards, banking, insurance, travel, and more. When he's not investigating time- and money-saving strategies for Money Crashers readers, you can find him exploring his favorite trails or sampling a new cuisine. Reach him on Twitter @Brian_Martucci.

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