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Scott Burns Margarita Portfolio – Guide to Asset Allocations, Pros &...

Financial expert Scott Burns created an investing model following his idea that building a portfolio should be like mixing a margarita — balanced, easy to make, and satisfying. Learn how to build the Scott Burns Margarita Portfolio using a three-part recipe designed to be simple and effective.
Talmud Book Open Reading Hand

Talmud Portfolio – Guide to Asset Allocations, Investing Pros & Cons

The Talmud Portfolio is an investing strategy based on the tenets of Jewish law. Its principles make for a viable and easy-to-manage asset allocation strategy for investors of any faith. Learn about the Talmud Portfolio, its pros and cons, and how to use the model in your investing portfolio.
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Gyroscopic Desert Portfolio – Guide to Asset Allocations, Pros & Cons

For investors nearing retirement or with a short-term time horizon, limiting exposure to volatility is a must. The Gyroscopic Desert portfolio is a prebuilt portfolio made for this by tilting toward fixed-income investments. Learn about the Gyroscopic Desert portfolio and whether it’s a fit for you.
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Pinwheel Portfolio – Guide to Asset Allocations, Investing Pros & Cons

Several prebuilt portfolios offer diversification while giving you access to the wealth-building power of the market. One of the most popular and versatile of these is the Pinwheel Portfolio. Learn about the Pinwheel Portfolio model and who should — and shouldn’t — consider using it.
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10 Home Improvement & Remodeling Ideas that Increase Home Value

Owning a home means an endless list of possible home improvement projects and upgrades. It’s important to evaluate which pursuits give you the best return on your potentially significant investment. Here are the home improvement and remodeling ideas that are most likely to increase your home value.
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Second Grader’s Starter Portfolio – Asset Allocations, Pros & Cons

Wouldn’t it be great if investing was so easy a second grader could do it? The Second Grader’s Starter Portfolio gives young investors an easy way to make their entrance into the stock market. Learn about the Second Grader’s Starter Portfolio, its pros and cons, and how to duplicate it.
Racial Justice Investing

7 Investments You Can Make to Help Fund Racial Justice

Racial inequality is an uncomfortable truth in our society, but your investment strategy can be a major force in the push for change in the United States and around the world. Learn how to use your investments to support and fund racial justice by providing opportunities to minority communities.
Dividend Etfs

10 Best Dividend ETFs to Buy Now in 2021

Dividend-focused exchange-traded funds (ETFs) let you employ the dividend investing strategy without requiring significant research and rebalancing. If you choose this approach, finding dividend ETFs that meet your investing goals is key to your success. Here are the best dividend ETFs to consider.
Best Emerging Market Etfs

10 Best Emerging Markets ETFs to Buy in 2021

Emerging markets are exciting investment opportunities but choosing individual stocks in emerging economies or industries is difficult and risky for beginner investors. Instead, many invest in diversified ETFs to gain exposure to emerging markets. Here are the best emerging markets ETFs to consider.
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Should You Invest in Cannabis? – What You Need to Know

The cannabis industry is booming, presenting a potentially lucrative opportunity for investors. But it’s not right for everyone. Learn more about the upside and risks of investing in cannabis here.
Stock Market Trading Graphs

Webull vs. Robinhood – Battle of the Commission-Free Trading Platforms

It’s easier than ever for self-directed investors to chart their own course through a complex market landscape. Both Robinhood and Webull appeal to DIY investors of all skill levels. Before deciding what best suits your needs and objectives, evaluate Webull and Robinhood on their respective merits.
Pay Stub Earnings Check Us Dollars

How to Show Proof of Income – Common Sources & Situations

There are many occasions in which you may need to prove your income, whether you’re attempting to get a mortgage, auto loan, a new apartment, or a public welfare benefit. Read on to learn how to show proof of income from the most common income sources in a wide range of situations.