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    Working from home is the best! Nowadays, it seems most companies are open to the idea. As long as you work in the office for a majority of the week, asking your boss about telecommuting is not a bad idea.

  • not given

    We live exactly 16 miles from where DH goes to work.
    Most of those would only work in big cities. Even the carpool thing wouldn’t work, the only other guy that lives near here is the CEO and he works different, more regular, hours than my husband.
    The only one that might be feasible for us would be to buy an extra, small used car with really good mileage. If we found one that got 30mpg it would save close to $1000 a year in gas at today’s price. Maybe $1400 if gas goes up to $5. How cheap of a car would we need to find to come out ahead if he retires in 7-8 years?
    Maybe a motorcycle would be better, at least during good weather. A 60 yo riding a bicycle 16 miles to work and 16 miles back in the evening on a state highway, I just can’t see it. In the winter, even during good weather he’s leaving home before dawn and getting back after sundown, too dangerous. He’s complaining about the idiots out on the road in the morning already. Also, too much wear and tear on the old guy’s body as it is.
    Our house is paid off, no way would we be able to sell it and buy something comparable in the other town, also we would have to drive farther to shop or do almost everything but watch TV. The job has really good security and really good benefits, pension and insurance, that we’re counting on for our retirement years, plus he really likes working there.

  • http://financiallyconsumed.com/wordpress/ Hunter

    These are great ideas and , with the exception of moving, I don’t think they are all that extreme.

    Along with the wasted energy, a commute taxes your nervous energy, which is no good for on the job performance.

    Bicycling to work is an awesome way to go. It builds healthier communities in so many ways.

    To most people these are extreme ideas, because we have grown up with the car, and access to cheap energy. Te energy part is rapidly changing, and people are slow to change their ways. Changing social opinion is really tough due to thought inertia.


  • Amber

    I am a big advocate of some of these suggestions. Especially carsharing, mass transit and biking! And don’t forget walking! The point is that not one of them works alone. You have to be flexible and constantly thinking of how you can do your day more efficiently. I do not own a car but I never miss having one because I have Zipcar. But as you said, Zipcar is expensive, so for close-in trips to the grocery store or errands, I can bike.

  • http://www.compoundingreturns.com Pat S

    Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone! I’m glad to see that taking some of these steps are at the forefront in some of our thought processes. Commuting is a sneaky and significant expense, and I think it’s primarily because people take it as a given. I’m one of the lucky ones, I guess. I live about a mile from where I’m stationed in the military.

  • Hope

    Great article Pat- Commuting is expensive and it’s also stressful! I’m reading “The Happiness Hypothesis” and Haidt mentions that a long commute makes people get to work with their stress hormones high from transit. This past summer I took the bus every morning and not only did I save gas money (had a free bus pass), I also always arrived on time and read the paper on the way. It was actually a relaxing way to start and end the day.

  • Joe

    For many yrs I used to live in North Jersey and commute by train and sometimes bus to work in NYC, I used to enjoy doing it mostly b/c it was way cheaper and much more convenient than say, drive to work in Manhattan every day, (yikes)!

    I also enjoyed the part where I’d get off the train at Penn Station and walk 10-15 min. to work each way and get my work out that way…

    Than my company decided to move to a cheaper location out West and it was the end of it for most of us as public transit isn’t readily available there yet.

  • http://www.4autoinsurancequote.com/ James Shaffer

    Use a motorcycle or scooter. You can find small ones for a few grand, and the gas will make up for the insurance several times over. I full week’s worth of commuting costs me about 12 bucks in gas, and that’s using a Harley. If you have to drive a CAR, check out 4autoinsurancequote for insurance. It’s only $25/month and can definitely help you save at least some money. Every little bit helps, right?

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