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7 Ways to Maximize Your Commute Time to Work


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According to Time Magazine, most Americans spend an hour a day commuting to and from work. When traffic is bad, however, you could end up sitting in the car for much longer. And in some parts of the country, such as West Virginia, New York, and California, there are extreme commuters: people who spend three or four hours a day (or more) commuting.

That’s a lot of time. It’s time you could be using to do something to invest in yourself, start a business, or simply relax. Yes, I did just use the word relax when referring to commuting.

Do you want to learn how you can transform your commute? Here are seven new options you can utilize on your way to work.

1. Take a Class From a World-Class Professor

Have you ever wanted to really understand how Einstein’s Theory of Relativity really works? Would you like to learn how to listen to – and understand – great opera?

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The Great Courses is a company that invites prestigious, award-winning professors from the world’s best schools to tape entire courses on fascinating subjects. Of course, the classes aren’t for credit. But buying one means you get to learn about your favorite subject from a professor from Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and other prestigious schools.

Some of the courses are short, with ten lectures or less. Others are entire semesters’ worth of information, with 30 to 40 half-hour or hour lectures. So you can really gain an in-depth understanding of whatever you want to study.

These courses can be downloaded onto your laptop and listened to through your iPod in the car during your commute. I’ve taken two of these courses myself and was amazed at how great they were. If you sign up for their email list you’ll get notified when they’re having a sale, which is fairly often (and can save you 70% off the price of the course).

Another option to take free college courses from the top universities is through iTunes U. Check it out.

2. Start Your Own Business

Do you dream of starting your own business? Why not work on your small business idea during your commute?

It’s going to be far easier to do this if you commute by bus or train. You could write a business plan, brainstorm a marketing plan, or even research your potential market.

If you drive to work, purchase a digital recorder and record your business ideas while you brainstorm on the road. Carpooling could also help here. Find someone to carpool with every week and while they’re driving, use that time to work on your budding business.

3. Learn a Foreign Language

Want to learn Italian? Spanish? Chinese?

There are tons of CD-based foreign language classes that are perfect for your commute time. As you’re practicing, dream of the future vacation you’ll go on to practice your new language. This will help keep your stress level down.

4. Listen to Audio Books

You might not have time to dive into the latest Stephen King bestseller, or read that management book that might help you get a raise or promotion. But if you listen to audiobooks on your commute, you could easily finish these books in a matter of weeks. is a great source for audiobooks. You can download these books to your iPod, or you can purchase books on CD through most major booksellers. And don’t forget, your library likely has a great selection of audiobooks as well.

5. Listen to Podcasts

Many of your favorite news sites and blogs put out informative podcasts. Downloading and listening to these podcasts on your commute is a great way to stay up to date on the topic of your choice.

6. Read

If you commute by rail or bus you could read during your commute. Investing in an Amazon Kindle e-reader might be a smart move because the device is so lightweight, and you can carry your entire library with you. Plus if you get a hankering for a new book, you can buy and download it right on the train!

7. Knit or Take Up Another Hobby

This is another suggestion if you’re commuting by public transportation or carpooling – you could knit during your commute. You could also sell your creations on sites like Amazon, eBay or Etsy to profit from all your work!

Final Word

Whether you’re driving, taking public transportation, or even riding your bike to work, you don’t need to think of your daily commute as a waste of time. Use the downtime to be productive and do things that you normally wouldn’t have time for.

How far do you commute and what do you normally do during this time? Feel free to add your suggestions to maximize commute time in the comments below.


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