Need To Make Some Extra Holiday Cash?

My wife and I just realized that we did not plan adequately for Christmas gifts this year. The reason is that we bought a house in October, and we’ve been putting a lot of time, thought, and money into some home projects that we wanted to get done before we started entertaining during the holidays. So, we looked at our budget the other day, and we realized that we needed to come up with some extra cash to pay for more holiday gifts.

US News has 7 ideas for making extra holiday cash if your holiday gift fund is depleting quickly.

  1. Cash in at cash-back shopping sites.
  2. I don’t like this one. The cash-back is always pennies on the dollar.

  3. Sell back your old books.
  4. This could be good if you have a ton of books. Used books stores won’t give you much unless it’s a new, popular book in great condition.

  5. Get rid of your dated gadgets.
  6. This is a very good one to do. You can dump all of your dated gadgets on your local Craig’s List and make some good money doing it. Plus, you never use it anymore, and it’s just wasting space in your house.

  7. Cash in your coins.
  8. This is a good one if you’ve been saving your change in a jar over the past year.

  9. Sell back your gift cards.
  10. Never thought about this one, because I always use them. If you have gift cards dating back from last Christmas, you probably won’t use it, so why not sell it on Craig’s List or eBay?

  11. Hold a garage sale.
  12. This will only work in warmer states. My sister-in-law is doing one this Saturday, but we live in Florida.

  13. Sell your stuff on eBay.
  14. Blah. Sell on Craig’s List. You’ll make more money, and you won’t waste tons of time shipping it.