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20 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend (on Every Budget)

Sigmund Freud once lamented that despite all his years studying the human psyche, there was one “great question” he’d never been able to answer. It was, “What does a woman want?”

His problem, of course, was that it was the wrong question. To ask what a woman wants implies all women are alike and want the same things. But real women are individuals, each with her own interests and desires.

The right question is, “What does this woman want?” Or more specifically to the holiday season, “What kind of gift would this particular woman be happiest to unwrap?”

That’s a question her partner can answer better than anyone else. But if you need a nudge in the right direction, there are plenty of surveys and interviews with women who talk about awesome gifts they’ve  appreciated in the past — some inexpensive, some a bit more luxurious. Some of their ideas put a new spin on the classic gift ideas you’ll find in most gift guides, such as flowers, candy, and jewelry. Others are more outside the box.

With these Christmas gift ideas to get you started and with what you know about the special lady in your life, you can surely find a great gift that fits your holiday budget and brings a smile to her face — no matter your budget.

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Gifts Under $20

If you think you can’t delight your girlfriend with a holiday gift that costs less than $20, think again. In GQ and M&F surveys of women about their favorite gifts, one observation came up again and again: What made a gift special wasn’t the cost but the thought that went into it. Typical statements included, “I think it’s nice when [someone gets me] something I really need — even if it’s small” and “I want something that shows he thought about the gift instead of going out and buying the first piece of shiny jewelry he could find.”

In other words, to make your significant other happy, you must show you were really thinking about her and her particular needs, tastes, and wishes. And there are all kinds of gifts that express that idea and don’t break the bank, even on a shoestring budget.

Boy Holding Flowers Bouquet Christmas Tree

1. A Houseplant

Flowers are a classic gift, but they’re also a bit cliche. Even worse, they don’t last long. Within a few days — or at most, a couple of weeks — they’ll begin to wither. But a beautiful indoor plant can continue to brighten up your girlfriend’s home for years to come. And every time she sees it in its pot, it will remind her of you.

When you’re choosing a plant for a gift, look for something low-maintenance. A plant that’s fussy about light, water, or food isn’t a gift — it’s an obligation. A 2019 Good Housekeeping roundup offers several ideas for affordable, easy-care houseplants, including:

  • Asparagus Fern. Despite its name, the asparagus fern isn’t technically a fern. It’s a delicate, fluffy-looking plant that thrives in both sun and shade as long as its soil stays moist.
  • Aloe. This spiky-leaved succulent comes with an extra perk: Its sap helps soothe minor burns. It likes indirect light and a thorough watering every one to two weeks.
  • Begonia. This bright, showy flower needs only an occasional drink to keep it happy. Begonias come in a variety of colors and bloom from spring through fall.
  • Christmas Cactus. The Christmas cactus is so named because it blooms right around Christmastime. Its glossy green branches grow up to 36 inches, with up to 3-inch blooms that vary in color, from white to purple. This pet-safe plant thrives with humid air and indirect light.
  • English Ivy. This trailing plant looks good in various settings. It comes in several varieties, with solid green or variegated leaves.
  • Jade Plant. An excellent choice for the absent-minded, this African succulent goes dormant if it doesn’t get enough water. Just make sure it has good drainage.
  • Kalanchoe. This compact succulent produces bell-shaped flowers that bloom for weeks. It can handle temperature swings, full or partial sunlight, and long stretches without water.
  • Peace Lily. If your sweetheart tends to kill plants by overwatering, get her a peace lily, which can soak up tons of water. It’s also efficient at filtering toxins from indoor air.
  • Peperomia. Unlike desert succulents, this waxy plant can stand up to humid air and even thrive under fluorescent light. And it’s nontoxic to both dogs and cats.
  • Spider Plant. This pet-safe plant needs little care but good light and weekly watering. You can pinch off and repot its small shoots to produce lots of baby plants.

Use caution if your girlfriend has any pets. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals warns many plants are toxic to cats, dogs, or both. To be safe, stick to the ones described as pet-friendly.

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2. Her Favorite Fragrance

Close your eyes and think about your girlfriend. Is there a particular scent that comes to mind when you imagine her — a perfume she wears or a type of food she loves? If there is, something in that fragrance is sure to appeal to her. And at the same time, it shows you notice the little details about her.

In GQ’s holiday gift survey, women named perfume as the beauty product they’d prefer over all others. However, a good perfume probably isn’t something you can buy on a $20 budget. Instead, show you know her with a scented candle or lotion — the second and fourth choices on women’s list of preferences.

You can find scented candles in various types and sizes, from tiny tea lights to big jar candles. Along with their fragrance, their flickering flames help create a cozy hygge atmosphere.

Lotions also come in various fragrances, from florals like rosewater and jasmine to appetizing aromas like almond cookie. If the lady in your life likes to mix it up scent-wise, get her an assortment of travel-size lotions in varying fragrances, from lavender to ocean breeze.

3. A Coffee Treat

Believe it or not, one of the nicest presents I ever got from my husband was a $10 Starbucks card. I love mochas and Frappuccinos, but I’m too cheap to buy them regularly. With this inexpensive gift, he gave me permission to treat myself.

And I’m not the only woman who feels this way. One respondent in the GQ survey mentions that her online dating profile had included a request for coffee shop recommendations. Her boyfriend had told her about his favorite coffeehouse when they first chatted, and for her birthday a few weeks later, he brought her some of their coffee. She describes this as a “sweet and thoughtful” gift that showed he was thinking about what she likes.

If your girlfriend is a coffee lover, there are several ways to treat her to her favorite beverage. A gift card is the easiest, but you’ll get brownie points for swinging by the coffee shop yourself, picking up her exact order, and surprising her with it. Or if your lady friend prefers to make her own coffee, pick up a pound of high-quality coffee beans in her favorite roast, such as Valhalla Java dark roast. Or grab a bottle of her favorite flavored syrup so she can give her home-brewed joe that coffeehouse touch. Throw in a coffee mug in a design that suits her aesthetic, and you’ve got a complete coffeehouse experience.

4. A Good Book

In a survey of 2,000 women by SheSpeaks and PR agency Lippe Taylor (as reported by Domino), 33% said they’d like to receive a book for a holiday gift. However, it has to be the right book. In GQ’s survey, a couple of women mentioned specific books — including “a book about cats” and “a baby blue Bible” — as being among the worst holiday presents they’d ever received. Those same books could be great gifts for the right woman, but if they don’t reflect your girlfriend’s preferences, they’ll go over like a lead balloon.

To show your gal you get her, choose a book she’s really into. If she’s hooked on a particular series, such as “Harry Potter” or “Sookie Stackhouse” (the series the characters in “True Blood” were based on), your job is easy. Just get her the next book in the series. If she’s already read them all, delight her with another book by the same author or a well-reviewed book in the same genre. Check out Amazon or GoodReads for recommendations.

If she isn’t a fan of any particular series or author, choose a book based on her interests. Whatever her passion is, from baseball to quilting, search through books on that topic and pick out one that gets top ratings from reviewers.

5. A Magazine Subscription

Speaking of things to read, have you considered a magazine subscription as a gift? There are thousands to choose from, and you can get a whole year of many popular monthlies for under $20. With a new issue to look forward to each month, it’s like giving her a dozen presents instead of one.

There are magazines available on just about every conceivable subject, so it’s easy to find one that matches your girlfriend’s interests. For instance, if she has a hobby like photographygardening, cooking, or woodworking, choose a magazine on that topic. Consider Entertainment Weekly for a movie buff, InStyle for a fashion maven, or Women’s Health for a health nut. You could also pick a general-interest magazine devoted to the area where she lives, such as The New Yorker or Southern Living.

6. Cute Socks

Socks don’t seem like a very exciting gift — and if you’re talking about generic sweat socks, they’re not. But a pair of fashionable socks is a different story. If most of the socks in her drawer are dull and a bit worn, cozy new socks in a bright color or spiffy pattern are a treat that can brighten her morning every time she puts them on.

There are plenty of places to buy snazzy socks, both in stores and online. You can often find bundles in assorted patterns at discount stores like Burlington or Marshalls for bargain prices. The Socksmith store on Amazon carries socks in various whimsical designs, from dogs to portraits of William Shakespeare and Frida Kahlo. Just think about your girlfriend’s interests, and pick out a pair that suits her style.

7. A Handmade Gift

As much as I liked my Starbucks gift card, it still wasn’t the best present my husband ever gave me. That honor belongs to a picture he drew for me as a birthday gift before we were even dating. It was a big, elaborate, surreal image featuring real and imaginary creatures jamming on real and invented instruments. Seeing how much work he’d put into creating something special just for me completely won my heart.

If you want to melt your gal’s heart just as effectively, a handmade gift is the way to go. Don’t worry if you can’t draw. Anything you make yourself, using whatever skills you have, will make her feel special.

For instance, if you’re a woodworker, build her something useful, like a knife block, or something decorative, like a picture frame. If you have sewing skills, stitch her a pair of cozy slippers from an old sweater. Even an otherwise cliche present like flowers or candy can be extra special if you grew the flowers or made the candy yourself. You can find lots more ideas for DIY gifts at sites like DIY Joy.

Even if your project doesn’t look perfect, the time and effort you put into it will speak volumes about how much you care for her. As one interviewee at M&F put it, a handmade gift is “amazing and special” — a truly unique gift that only you can give.

8. Your Thoughts About Her

There’s one meaningful gift you can give your girlfriend that doesn’t cost a penny. In the words of Billy Joel, “Tell her about it!” Simply write something — a poem, a song, a doodle of the two of you together — that expresses your feelings about her. One commenter at M&F says “something sentimental” is the best gift for the holidays, and another says there’s “nothing like a card or letter that is the written manifestation of what’s in your heart.” It’s a cheap gift that’s more precious than anything money can buy.

If you’re not good at expressing yourself, borrowing someone else’s words can help. Just search for “love quotes” online. There’s a wealth of wise sayings about love and romance, from Nicholas Sparks’ “You are, and always have been, my dream” to Zelda Fitzgerald’s “Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.”

Find the saying that expresses your feelings, and write it down. Don’t try to pretend you made it up yourself. That will backfire if she knows or finds out where the line originally came from. Just go ahead and present it as a quotation along with the author’s name. Then personalize it by adding just a few words of your own, like “I never understood this until I met you.”

Gifts From $21 – $50

With a budget of $21 to $50, you can treat your lady to something special. Take your sentimental gift-giving to the next level or branch out into practical, pampering, or entertaining gifts.

Photo Book Christmas Present Tree Gifts Sentimental

9. Photos

In the 21st century, photos have become something you mainly share and view online. It’s so routine there’s no real romance in it. To make those special moments from your relationship stand out, select your favorite photos, and print them on actual paper to display. That turns them from digital files floating around with all the other junk on your social media feed to something she can physically hold and cherish. One woman interviewed by GQ said her favorite gift was a “nicely framed and signed” photo of her boyfriend on vacation, which she called “creative, thoughtful, and personal.”

To display lots of treasured memories from your relationship, select a charming photo album or scrapbook. Seeing them all laid out on the pages shows your girlfriend you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about her and what you’ve shared. One romantic option for storing your photos is the Forever It Will Stay album, which holds up to 72 snapshots. The custom wooden cover displays your names and the quotation, “I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay.”

If you’d prefer to highlight just one sentimental photo of the two of you, look for a unique picture frame instead. If her tastes run toward the shiny and sparkly, try a silver-plated frame with a mother-of-pearl inlay. For a more casual, rustic style, find a frame made from reclaimed wood in a distressed finish.

10. Her Favorite Candy

Along with flowers, candy is a traditional gift to offer your lady love. However, just like flowers, candy is a much more thoughtful gift if it’s a kind of candy she loves. Make a point of finding out which kind is her favorite, then get her a high-quality box of that brand or flavor. For instance, Godiva earns a nod from Business Insider for its filled chocolates.

If your girlfriend is the adventurous type, look for an offering that’s a little more unusual. For instance, the Chocolate Covered Company serves up a set of jalapeño peppers dipped in Belgian chocolate. Exotic truffle assortments from Vosges Chocolates include such far-out ingredients as wasabi, curry, and green olives.

Don’t assume chocolate is the only option, either. Think outside the chocolate box with something unexpected, like a retro candy gift box. Classic Decade gift boxes from Old Time Candy feature nostalgic candy choices from the decade of your choice, from the 1950s through the 1990s. It’s a way to bring back happy memories of her childhood — or if you’re different ages, give her a glimpse of yours.

11. A Home Spa Experience

On a budget of $21 to $50, you can’t afford to treat your gal to a day at the spa. However, you can pamper her with products that give her a taste of the spa experience at home. And it’s a popular choice with the ladies, as 43% in the SheSpeaks survey mentioned beauty products as a gift they’d like to receive.

Some options include:

  • Facial Treatments. One standard spa treatment is a facial to renew and refresh the skin. She can get the same experience at home with products like Era Organics Revive facial scrub and a Celavi skin mask. For an extra pampering touch, add a luscious lip balm or a jade roller that provides a soothing facial massage.
  • Body Treatments. Spas also provide treatments for the body, such as body scrubs and masks. At-home versions include Majestic Pure Himalayan salt body scrub, Superfood Marine Clay mud mask, and Hempz Coconut Fusion body souffle.
  • Bath Products. A hot soak in a tub is also part of the spa experience. Turn her home bathtub into a spa tub with luxurious bath salts from Spa Luxetique, a gift set of LifeAround2Angels bath bombs, or a milk bath soak from Herbivore Botanicals.
  • A Great Showerhead. Instead of giving your girlfriend a pampering treatment to enjoy just once, add a touch of luxury to her daily shower with a new showerhead. A rainfall showerhead like the SparkPod provides a broad, gentle stream, while a high-pressure showerhead like Aqua Elegante delivers a powerful stream, even with low water flow. There are also handheld models like the AquaDance with multiple settings, from a gentle mist to a pulsing massage. Bonus points if you install it for her yourself.

12. Framed Art

In GQ’s survey, women said their favorite idea for a cultural gift — beating out books, DVDs, and music — was a framed piece of art. It’s a gift to brighten up her home and make her think of you every time she sees it hanging on the wall.

However, if you want those thoughts to be warm and fuzzy rather than annoyed and frustrated, it’s crucial you choose a piece that suits her decor. Discreetly check out what she has on her walls already and try to figure out what those pieces tend to have in common, such as a particular style, color scheme, or subject matter. If you don’t know enough about art to make sense of her choices, casually bring up the topic and draw her out on the subject of what she likes. She’ll be pleased to be asked for her opinion and delighted when you present her with a piece that shows you were paying attention.

If you see she’s into a particular artist, you can shop sites like for prints of that artist’s work. You can find works by time-honored artists like Van Gogh and Picasso and popular contemporary artists like Hyunah Kim or the Kindred Sol Collective. If she cares more about the style than the artist, check out the selection of framed art on Etsy. You can find pieces in a wide array of media, styles, and sizes with prices to fit just about any budget.

13. A New Game

If you and your girlfriend are spending too many evenings just watching television, shake up your routine by giving her a board or card game you can play together. Apartment Therapy lists several games that work well for two players, including Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Hive, Guillotine, and the classic Scrabble.

For the gal who has all these popular games already, consider an indie board game from The Game Crafter. You can choose from original, whimsical games like Demockracy and Village in a Box. Or better yet, get her a gift certificate she can use to buy parts for a custom game you create together.

If you’d like to get some of your friends in on the fun, consider party games that play well with a crowd. Some amusing adults-only options include Cards Against Humanity, Drawing Without Dignity, and What Do You Meme? And if she prefers computer games, treat her to a Steam gift card she can redeem for any of the more than 30,000 games available on the platform.

14. A DIY Kit

Does the lady in your life have a passion for a particular creative activity? Consider treating her to a craft or DIY kit that has all the materials and instructions she needs for a particular project — or several. You can find kits for all kinds of hobbies, including:

  • Baking. The Shori Bake bread-baking kit comes with all the tools and instructions needed to make two perfect sourdough loaves. There are also kits available for tons of other edible projects, like making and decorating cakes or cake pops.
  • Brewing. There are kits available at Uncommon Goods for making beer, gin, hard seltzer, limoncello, and even absinthe. There’s also a mixology kit for creating exotic cocktails.
  • Jewelry Making. While some jewelry-making kits are designed for kids, there are also more sophisticated ones likely to appeal to grown-ups. For instance, the deluxe kit from Modda comes with beads, tools, hardware, and instructions for creating necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.
  • Woodworking. You can find kits on Etsy for a variety of beginner-friendly woodworking projects. There’s a simple wooden stool, a birdhouse, a decorative wall plaque, and a model plane that really flies, all ready to assemble. (For more advanced woodworkers, a book of woodworking plans is a more suitable gift.)

Gifts From $51 – $100

If you can afford to spend up to $100, you have the option of giving your sweetheart the gift of a memorable experience. According to happiness economists, this type of present is likely to bring her more satisfaction than a physical gift. She can look forward to her special day, take pleasure in recalling it afterward, and share the story with friends.

However, that doesn’t mean physical presents are off the table at this price point. A budget of $50 to $100 gives you plenty of options for special gifts, from jewelry to cozy pajamas.

Couple Outside In The Snow Date Night Christmas Lights

15. A Great Date With You

In survey after survey, women expressed a wish for a special outing together. In the SheSpeaks survey, 28% of women said they’d appreciate travel or experiential gifts. Nearly half the women interviewed by M&F name dates or outings as their preferred type of gift, and several of the best Christmas gifts women at GQ can remember also fall into this category.

Sadly, some of their ideas for romantic dates are a little harder to pull off this year on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are still ways to make many of them work. Possibilities include:

  • A Nice Dinner. Several women interviewed by both GQ and M&F mentioned “a nice dinner” or “a fancy dinner” as their idea of a special date for the holidays. With many restaurants limited to takeout or outdoor dining on account of COVID-19, you can adapt this idea by serving her a romantic meal. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant, then take it out of the containers and serve it on your nicest dishes. As with any date night at home, get dressed up as if you were going to a fancy restaurant, and complete the romantic atmosphere with candles and wine. Or if you really want to impress her, do the cooking yourself. If you’re not much of a cook, Cosmopolitan has suggestions for romantic meals anyone can make. It includes treats like pasta carbonara, eggplant Florentine, and Thai curried shrimp.
  • A Concert or Show. Going out to see a live performance is obviously harder than usual. However, you can always curl up together on the couch to watch a virtual or live-streamed concert. You can find available and upcoming events at Billboard, The Culture Diary, and The Shows Must Go On. Also, check local calendars of events for socially distanced performances in your area, such as drive-in concerts and outdoor plays.
  • A Class for Two. Out of 20 women interviewed by M&F, two specifically named a cooking class as an activity they’d like to share with their partners. You can still share this experience without having to enter a roomful of strangers by taking an online cooking class from a site like MasterClass or Craftsy. Both sites have classes on other topics as well, including painting, writing, woodworking, sports, music, and design.
  • A Carriage Ride. This romantic open-air activity is still open in many cities, including New York, Charleston, and Savannah. In some cities, it may be hard to afford on a $100 budget, but you can probably manage it if you choose the right service and route.
  • An Outdoor Activity. Outdoor activities, such as a hike with a picnic lunch in a beautiful setting, are perfect for the COVID-19 world. Some winter activities, such as skiing and ice skating, will be subject to a few additional restrictions, but they’ll still be available.
  • A Wine Tasting. Wine tastings are another activity that’s adapting to the new normal. An article in Wine Enthusiast explains how many wineries are now offering tastings on a reservation-only basis, holding them outdoors, and minimizing contact between groups. But that can be an advantage for a date, as having more distance between yourselves and other people makes the event more intimate.
  • A Unique Excursion. One woman interviewed by GQ said her favorite date was a “penguin encounter at the aquarium.” Many public aquariums are closed right now, although some, like the New England Aquarium, have reopened with restrictions. However, many other offbeat venues are now open across the country, including zoos, museums, planetariums, rock climbing gyms, and drive-in movie theaters. Others, such as escape rooms, are offering new virtual experiences.
  • A Weekend Getaway. Planning a romantic weekend getaway on a $100 budget is tricky at the best of times, and a pandemic doesn’t make it any easier. However, it’s doable if you choose a location within driving distance, look for cheaper lodging alternatives, such as Airbnb, and save on vacation food by bringing or cooking your own.

To plan the perfect date for your girlfriend, think about her tastes and interests. Consider what kinds of dates she’s enjoyed most in the past, and look for ways to take that experience to the next level.

16. A Relaxing Day on Her Own

No matter how much your girlfriend loves you, sometimes, she needs a little time to herself. Treating her to a fabulous experience she can enjoy on her own shows you don’t begrudge her this downtime.

Ideas for “me time” gifts include:

  • A Salon Manicure. Treat your girlfriend to a deluxe manicure — or even a mani-pedi — at an upscale salon or spa. She’ll probably have to follow some extra safety protocols right now, like wearing a mask, but the results are worth it. Either take her there yourself or pick up a gift certificate. If your budget stretches far enough, get one for yourself too, and give her the gift of a well-groomed partner.
  • A Spa Treatment. Even a $100 budget isn’t enough to pay for a full spa day. However, it can probably cover the cost of one luxurious treatment, such as a massage, facial, or body wrap. According to Fodor’s Travel, though some spas remain closed now, many have reopened with extra health precautions in place.
  • A Shopping Spree. In the SheSpeaks survey, the most popular gift women said they were wishing for — 67% of them — was a gift card. That may seem like an unromantic gift, but look at it this way: You’re giving her the experience of a shopping spree at her favorite store. And let’s face it. No matter how well you know her, she has an even better idea of what she’d love most. To put a more romantic spin on it, enclose a note urging her to buy something special and that you can’t wait to see her enjoy it.
  • A Thrilling Experience. If your girlfriend’s the adventurous type and you’re not, let her know you’re OK with her having adventures independently. Search Cloud 9 Living to find ideas for exciting things to do, such as skydiving or bungee jumping, in your area. Then on your next date, she can tell you all about her thrilling time.

17. A Sentimental Keepsake

Expressing your thoughts about your girlfriend doesn’t have to cost much money — or any at all. But if you’ve got a bigger budget to work with, spend it to express those same thoughts in a more polished form. For $50 to $100, you can create a sentimental keepsake that captures and preserves your feelings.

One product that serves this purpose is the LoveBook. It’s a customized book in which you share with your partner “all the little reasons why” she’s so special to you. It’s illustrated with cartoon characters you can design to look like you and her. The site walks you through selecting pages and customizing them to tell your personal love story.

If the stylized drawings in the LoveBook aren’t her thing, try a more realistic portrait of the two of you. Several artists on Etsy offer customized couple portraits in various sizes and formats, including digital images, art prints, and canvas prints. Some allow you to choose the setting, include a saying of your choice, or add kids or pets to the picture as well.

18. Gadgets

Sometimes, you just need the tools to get stuff done — or the gadgets to play with. Some of the best gifts women in the GQ survey said they’d received from significant others were a power washer, a new TV set, a monogrammed tool kit, a stand mixer, and a record player.

Another great gift idea in the gadget realm: wireless headphones. One woman surveyed by M&F was very clear about her dream gift: “Beats Wireless headphones! IN WHITE.” That’s not a wish you can fulfill on a $100 budget, but this headset from Vankyo might fit the bill. Or if your budget can stretch to a little over $100, Apple AirPods are a very popular choice.

19. Jewelry

It’s not just a stereotype that women like jewelry. Over 25% of women in the SheSpeaks survey expressed a wish for it, and numerous women mentioned it to GQ and M&F as well.

However, their specific comments make it clear that when they open that little velvet box, they don’t want to see a sparkly toy picked out of a jeweler’s case at random. They’re looking for a personalized gift that was clearly chosen specifically for them. One woman said she liked “those bracelets with coordinates on them from a special location.” Another said she had been thrilled to receive an heirloom gold pendant inscribed with a French phrase meaning, “I love you more today than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”

To find the perfect piece of jewelry for your girlfriend —  something that says she’s your one and only — start by taking a good look at the jewelry she already owns. If every piece is silver, she probably wouldn’t appreciate something in gold. Likewise, her collection will likely reveal a preference for certain types and colors of stones and simple versus ornate styles. Whatever you give her should look like it fits in with what she already has.

One way to make your jewelry gift personal is to get her a couple ring that combines your birthstone with hers. That sends the clear message the two of you belong together. Another alternative is a customized charm bracelet with beads and charms that reflect her interests. You could even make it an ongoing tradition to select a new charm for her bracelet each year for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

20. Loungewear

Sexy lingerie can be a fabulous gift. In GQ’s survey, it was the No. 1 type of clothing women said they’d like to receive as a present. However, if you haven’t been dating that long, a gift like this could come across as a little too aggressive. It’s also a bit awkward to buy if you aren’t 100% sure of her size. That’s where a gift card to a sexy store like Victoria’s Secret is a safer bet.

However, pajamas were nearly as popular a choice as lingerie, and they’re much easier to shop for. And in the middle of the winter, cozy and cuddle-worthy loungewear is a gift that can’t really miss. Some options to consider:

  • Plush Pajamas. These cozy fleece jammies from PajamaGram are one of the most popular sets on Amazon. They’re comfy, super-soft, and machine washable.
  • A Cushy Robe. This long, plush robe from Alexander Del Rossa will give her a warm feeling — literally — every time she wears it. Plus, you don’t have to ask for her measurements to get the right size.
  • Warm Slippers. If she’s already got a comfy robe, how about a warm pair of slippers to go with it? Both Esquire and USA Today name the Scuffette II slipper from Ugg one of the best gifts for women. They’re a slip-on style with suede on the outside and warm, soft shearling fleece on the inside. If your girlfriend’s an ethical vegetarian who won’t wear leather, choose an equally cozy leather-free alternative, such as the faux-fur-lined Chinchilla bootie from Acorn.

Final Word

The crucial thing to remember about the gift ideas in any article is that they’re just ideas. Even if the list doesn’t contain the perfect gift for your girlfriend, it can help you come up with your own ideas. So customize these suggestions to suit your significant other’s interests. For instance, you can give her fancy tea instead of coffee, marzipan fruits instead of chocolates, or any inexpensive luxury she’s expressed a desire for.

If you’ve looked at the whole list, and you’re still stumped, consider this: In many cases, the best gift you can give your girlfriend is the one she asks for. If she’s told you what she wants, take her seriously. No, a gift she asked for won’t come as a surprise, but surprises aren’t always pleasant. Having her holiday wish come true, on the other hand, is guaranteed to please her — especially because she’ll know you were really listening to her.

Even if she hasn’t asked for a specific gift, there are all kinds of hints you can follow up on to figure out what she’d like. Try checking her social media profiles to see what types of pics she’s been pinning lately, or ask her best friends for suggestions. Think about her career, hobbies and passions, and all the quirky things that made you fall for her. With all this information, you can give the best kind of gift — one that was clearly chosen for this woman, not just for any woman.

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