Personal Finance Round-Up: Give Better Gifts This Holiday Season

give red giftThe holidays are quickly approaching, and you know what that means: holiday shopping season! How do you decide on picking the right gifts for everyone? Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but if that was really true across the board, we wouldn’t see so many fruit cakes in the trash and unopened Tickle-Me Dog the Bounty Hunter dolls at the local dump.

So do yourself and the environment a favor and think good and hard about what will truly be useful to your holiday recipients this year. And when you’re done, check out this article by Boomer & Echo titled Will the Gifts End Up at the Thrift Store? Although the author is more optimistic about where the unused gifts end up, the lesson in the piece is similar to my own thoughts.

Here are some more pre-holiday gifts for you to make use of:

Cleaning Up an ID Theft Mess [Farnoosh Torabi]
Identity theft has been on the rise the past decade and for good reason. It’s so easy in the digital age! Hack into a company with poor security and you’ve just scored thousands of names, credit cards, and social security numbers to live like a king in Nigeria. Here are some tips to help you deal with identity theft.

Does Managing Your Expenses Get in Your Way? [World of Finance]
History has shown that sometimes method gets in the way of progress. Don’t let that be the case with your financial future. These tips can help.

Get Paid to Go on a Scavenger Hunt Around Town [The Penny Hoarder]
Lost your job and tired of looking for a new one? Why not take a break and look for something else, while getting paid for your search?

Turn Off the Noise and Start Creating [Erica.Biz]
What’s that you hear outside your office building? The sound of thousands “occupying” something for the cause? Why not occupy your own life, and start creating something yourself, be it a job, a field, a trade, or a service.

6 Benefits of a Bottle Picking Business for Kids [Perfecting Parenthood]
Chores may not be the best way to teach your kids about money. How about creating a job for them outside of the home? They learn, they get fresh air, and they help society.

What Should I Invest In? [Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance]
That question plagues the well-educated, the self-employed, and the corporate stars and slackers alike. Here is a place to start.

Graphic: Do Americans Like Buying Cars? []
Recession brings out very interesting reactions from consumers, savings and even companies trying to make their way through the turmoil. How has it affected the automotive industry and our need to buy?

Is Your Partner Hiding Their Bank Balance? [Save The Bills]
Money is one of those things that is often attributed to destroying relationships. Either you don’t have any money or you have too much, and it strains your life. Sometimes it’s how people deal with money that causes problems, like keeping money secrets.

13.5 Ways to Turn Heads Without Trying Too Hard [Smashing Entrepreneur]
Every business, every college kid, and every employee is looking for a way to impress their way to the top of the flock. Here are some methods to consider.

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