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5 Great Places To Look For A Job


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This past Friday we learned that the United States economy is losing jobs again. The US economy lost 125,000 jobs and the unemployment picture is looking bleaker than ever. Many Americans have grown tired of looking for work. If the current job market has you down in the dumps, cheer up! There are some places that are actually hiring. But, you’ll have some fierce competition for every job you apply for, so you need to take steps to make yourself more attractive to employers while you’re unemployed by volunteering, interning, and studying for extra certifications and certificates in your industry.

Here are the best places to look for work:

Temporary Services

Full-time, permanent jobs may be disappearing but temporary jobs are on the rise. Job applicants looking for work should visit their local temp agency. Temp agencies like Robert Half, Manpower, Kelly Services, and Addeco can help place you in jobs. Many temporary jobs often lead to full-time employment. Temporary jobs give a company the ability to audition a candidate for a few months and see if they are a good fit. The only negative to temp jobs is that they rarely offer benefits and the salary may be less than full-time employment.

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Federal Government

Private sector jobs are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Public sector jobs however are readily available. The Federal government currently has over 5,000 jobs available on its USAJOBS website. Job titles currently available range from a physician to an account records clerk. If you are looking for employment, start scrolling through the USAJOBS website today.

Midsize Technology Companies

Job applicants looking for technology jobs are in luck. A number of mid-sized technology companies are growing and looking for new hires right now. Echostar, Comdata, MicroStrategy, ViaSat, and Blackboard have openings for new employees. Visit each company’s homepage and start applying!

Online Job Boards

Everyone knows about national online job sites like Careerbuilder, Monster, and Yahoo Hot Jobs. There are also some lesser known sites where you can search for jobs as well. Sites like and offer jobs that often do not make it onto the big national job databases.

Also, don’t forget about your college or high schools. Sometimes they will have alumni job boards available to you where you may be going up against less competition.

Social Networking

You may have thought that social networks were just for having fun and catching up with old friends. Use social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook to network with other professionals in your career field. That’s why it’s so important not to have detrimental information about yourself on social networking sites. It may be time to take down that picture of yourself hung over at your best friend’s party! Landing a new job is often about who you know. It’s easier to get hired if you are recommended by a current employee. Sometimes you can be the most qualified candidate and the position will go to a friend of the boss.

In the current economic environment, finding a job is no easy task. It takes perseverance and finding the right match for your skills. Be sure to apply, apply, and apply more!  The law of large numbers works in your favor. You can increase your chances of finding employment by sending out more resumes. And don’t forget, once you’ve gotten the job, you still need to work to impress your boss a potential promotion or to use as a stepping stone to another job.

Do you know of any places that are currently hiring?

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