• Deborah

    Using interns may seem like a great idea, but be careful to follow the federal guidelines about internships. Otherwise your company might end up in trouble. My article “What Students Need to Know Before Accepting an Unpaid Internship” (http://www.suite101.com/content/what-students-need-to-know-before-accepting-an-unpaid-internship-a259167) has some info.

  • John Galek

    VoIP is reliable and cuts out the the need for additional wiring, Maintenance contracts, and can generally show ROI in under 12 months. You eliminate the need for Huge Capital Investment and no surprising phone bills.

  • Ask Ki

    Having a “virtual office” is another great way to save by eliminating the need for a full time office. Particularly if you work from home or spend
    much of your time on the road, a firm such as Cloud Virtual Offices can provide
    everything from a professional address and phone service to meeting rooms when
    you have important client meetings.

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