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Heidi Beckman
Dr. Heidi Beckman is a clinical health psychologist who works with people who need to make an important change in their lives to improve their overall health and well-being. She is a proponent of using the science of personal change to help people improve financial habits and persist toward their money goals. When she is not working, Heidi can be found reading, sewing, or hiking in the beautiful state parks of Wisconsin with her husband. You can read more of her thoughts on her website, Pocket Change Book.

6 Money Myths Debunked – Alternative Ways to Manage Your Finances

By Heidi Beckman

couple budgetingWe’ve all been there: You hear a motivational speaker discuss personal finance, or you read the latest financial advice column in a newspaper or magazine. For a while you feel fired up, ready to transform your financial life, and maybe even become the next rags-to-riches story.

A few weeks later, however, you realize that the finance management techniques have not made a dent in your bottom line. What went wrong?

Regardless of what some so-called professionals would have you believe, many common pieces of financial advice are myths. However, if you fall victim to a money myth, do not despair. For every common money myth, there is an alternative method that will likely be more effective.

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