4 Commitment Devices to Help You Set & Achieve Financial Goals

determining financial goalsIf you’re like many people, you’ve set one or more financial goals for yourself. You might be trying to stick to a personal budget, save more for retirement, pay off your credit card debt, build an emergency fund, or buy a house.

There’s just one small problem: You want the reward, but don’t want to do the work it takes to get there. So you procrastinate and continue to spend and charge and dig yourself deeper into debt. What you may need is a commitment device, a way to keep yourself accountable in reaching your goals.

What Is a Commitment Device?

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5 Craigslist Shopping Tips for Negotiating & Buying Items Online

using craigslistThere’s a famous scene from the Monty Python film “The Life of Brian” where the hero buys a product from a vendor at an outdoor market. He asks the price of the item, which the merchant discloses, and Brian agrees to pay it.

“Wait,” the merchant says while grabbing his arm. “Don’t you want to haggle?”

Have you ever been to one of these markets? There are no written rules, but haggling is expected. Everyone knows that the listed price is just the starting point.

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